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Indian Naturopathy 'Water-Therapy'

Updated on September 4, 2019
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Hello friends, Myself Himanshu Nautiyal from India, I live in Uttarakhand, which is situated in lap of Great Himalayas.

Photograph by Anuj (
Photograph by Anuj (

Water is Life

Water dominates the surface of Earth and is essential to life on our planet. It is a significant liquid that behaves anomalously. As we all know “Water is life” We can’t imagine life without water on the earth. Our existence depends on water in several ways, It would not be wrong to say that our whole civilization is built on the use of water. Water has always been emphasized for its nutritional value, but its other healing benefits shouldn’t be overlooked.

Why we need Water?

As we know 60% of Human body is made from water alone. The brain is consist of 75% water. Without proper water intake, the clarity of your thinking can decrease and you may be in a state of fatigue. So to be healthy we need to drink sufficient quantity of water every day.

My First experience

I was suffering from diseases like Sciatica and Gastritis. I always experience abdominal pain located in the upper-center part of the abdomen, and sometime it radiate to the back, I had lost a lot of weight. I could not digest any food, even if it is mung bean slang. Often I had to go to the hospital due to stomach ache. Many a times had to be admitted to the emergency. I had been facing this disease for so long that now doctors were also recognizing me. On seeing me, they instantly used to inject me stomachache medicine. I got a lot of treatment, wasted millions in treatment, showed all the famous doctors of Dehradun but to no avail. I was completely disappointed. My weight had reduced by about 18 kg. I had become so weak that you will not recognize me today if you see my photo of that time.

Eventually I got the right treatment: In a Whatsapp message I read that drinking four glasses of lukewarm water every day cures all diseases. I decided to try same. You would not believe that within two weeks I got sufficient relief. I continued this, I would wake up every morning and drink about four glasses of lukewarm water. Initially it would have taken me about an hour. Because I could not drink together, I would put four glasses of water in front and drink it while sipping slowly. Today I have been doing this for over a year and now I recover my full weight and am fully healthy today.

Along with me my wife, who was struggling with the problem of Neurological disorders, became healthy by drinking four glass of water daily with me. Seeing me healthy, many people asked about this treatment, so I told them about this experience and they also got a lot of relief from it.

I am really thankful for the message that help me to got rid of this long illness. This incident in my life forced me to understand the importance of water.

How To Be Healed Using Water.

One thing is clear here that if you drink four glasses of lukewarm water every morning on an empty stomach, you can never fall ill. One more thing that is my personal experience is, always sit and drink water slowly. Always keep calm by drinking water and feel that you are recovering. It will help the water to manifest your wish.

Two important things to always be healthy.

  1. Always sit down and drink four glasses of lukewarm water in the morning.
  2. Walk at least four kilometer meters every day.

My Second Experience

I notice that in our Hindu traditions, water has been included in every religious activity. Similarly, there is another incident, which opened my eyes about water. I live in the Rawain region of Uttarkashi district. Here a type of poison is talked about. Which is given to anyone through food, then he becomes ill, in some cases, even slowly the victim dies. Many such cases have come to my notice in which someone has been given this kind of poison. There is no strong evidence of this, but here it is a common thing. Since this poison affects very slowly, the victim finds it only after a few days, then he cannot even complain about it to the police.

I also considered it to be a rumor. But I was convinced when one day I saw a large crowd of victims standing in queue for treatment of poison. I also met the person who was healing them. I saw that he was chanting some mantras in a glass of ordinary water and gave it to victim and ask him to drink it. He was doing this treatment for free, and was not taking any money from anyone. He was treating victims for social service. On asking the people, it was found that they are also recovering from this water. Even today, he treats people suffering from poison for free on Tuesday and Friday. Here I was told that people from Himachal Pradesh also come to them for treatment.

Here I do not want you to have superstitions. But what I want to tell is the truth. This is the incident that inspired me to learn about the spiritual and medicinal properties of water.

How water propagates information is a more subtle phenomenon. This is quite an amazing behavior, it means that water can “see” and “hear”. Does water have consciousness? this has not been known yet but surely water carries consciousness !

Spiritual significance of Water :-

Here in India people take a oath with water in their hands before worshiping, it is the part of worship. It is necessary to understand the importance of water here.

  • In India people consider the river Ganga an embodiment of the goddess Ganga. This makes the GangaRiver both a symbol of life and a place where one can wash away spiritual impurities, thereby drawing closer to the sacred source of life. People often keep Ganges water in their house to avoid any kind of negative power. It is also a specialty of Ganga water that it never spoils, and always remains holy.
  • Water has been associated with spiritual protection in all over the world. Water can be ritually blessed and serve as a spiritual symbol of God’s protection over a person or group touched by this Holy Water.
  • Water has been vital for religious symbolism and ritual throughout human history, many members of the world’s religions neglect to respect water as a finite natural resource. Many members of religious communities and likewise many people who doesn’t belong to any religion, are in need of an inner, spiritual conversion to appreciate the value of water.
  • Observing the flowing stream of water or an ocean can calm the anxious mind. Perhaps one of the reasons we feel so comfortable in the water and listening to the sounds of flowing water is because it mimics the fetal state. From beginning, we develop while floating in the embryonic fluids of our mother’s womb. Floating on the surface of a warm bath or pool can draw us into a state of total comfort and relaxation as we subconsciously return to feeling completely nurtured and protected, just like we did before birth. When we surrender our need to be physically grounded and allow the water to hold us, we also lose our need for rigid self-control and total self-reliance.

Conclusion :-

The water we use even today. That did not originate today is the same water which has been present on this earth since ancient times. We drink the same water that God Krishna would have drank, or say that the Lord Jesus drank. This is why water helps us to manifest things in our lives. When a farmer irrigates his fields with water, the same water helps the farmer to manifest the crop.

Friends, this topic is too big to understand. But we have come to know that water helps us in manifesting anything in our life whether it is material things or our health.

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Photograph by Anuj ( by Anuj ( by Anuj ( by Anuj (
Photograph by Anuj (
Photograph by Anuj (
Photograph by Anuj (
Photograph by Anuj (
Photograph by Anuj (
Photograph by Anuj (
Photograph by Anuj (
Photograph by Anuj (

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