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A water purifier will make sure your water is safe to drink

Updated on October 16, 2011
Water that is purified removes 99.99% or all bacteria and contaminats. Do you know what is really in your Glass of water?
Water that is purified removes 99.99% or all bacteria and contaminats. Do you know what is really in your Glass of water?

A water purifier will make sure your water is safe to drink

Many people are concerned about the safety of their drinking water. Clean, fresh drinking water is getting harder are to come by. In order to be sure that your water is safe to drink it’s a good idea to use a water purifier. There are many reasons for the growing concern over water purity and safety. As a rule many people are concerned about pollutants and contaminants in the public water system.

Severe droughts have yet many areas of the country. Chemicals such as asbestos, lead, mercury and dioxin have been found in many reverse streams and lakes. Dangerous bacteria like cryptosporidium, salmonella and e-coli have also surfaced.

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

More than 70% of this planet surface is water, however only 1% of the earth’s water is able to be used as a source or drinking water. This means our access to fresh drinking water is extremely limited. Many people are turning to water filtration devices in order to provide healthy drinking water for their family. What makes a good water filtration devise? This depends on what you need in a filter system. If you want to eliminate a chlorine taste room there are several common water filters rule like brita and pur. These may eliminate unpleasant odors and tastes but do not take care of the hidden dangers that could be lurking in your drinking water.

If you want to filter out dangerous chemicals, bacteria and other impurities it’s important to move to a multi stage water filter. These filters have several layers of filtration that water must pass through. Each layer has a specific function and filters out different size impurities. There are filters that go beside on the faucet, sit next to your kitchen sink, some that fit underneath the sink and others that filter your entire house. These range from $20.00 to several $1000 dollars.

I recommend a Berkey water purification system. It has been independently provedn ans tested to remove 99.99% or all contaminents, bacteria, parasites, pathernogens and diseases.

How do you choose the best water purifier?

Many companies make miraculous claims about what their filters can do for your water. Watch out! There are many scams out there. Go online and look for proof of their claims. Ask for specific test results by an independent laboratory. The good news is, there are many effective water filtration systems out there. The one I recommend the most highly is the Berkey water filtration system. You can see the independent test results online. These are the same water purifiers used by the Red Cross, Unicef and other disaster relief agencies. Many people all around the world don't even have access to safe clean water.

The berkey water pruification system

The reason I recommend the Berkey, is because it has a very powerful filtration device and it works without electricity or water pressure. Many people forget that during an emergency, if your house loses power, your water may not work. The Berkey water filter has been rated by independent laboratories to filter out odors, bad taste, contaminants, bacterial and chemical pollutants. You can literally put standing pond water in one end and have drinking water come out the other. No electricity required. You can imagine how this will filter regular city water. There are many other standing water filters but none have the outstanding value that the Berkey delivers. It comes in many sizes and is very portable. You can take it on camping trips rule and even vacations!

Water is the elixor of life

Water is the most important liquid you can drink. Nothing replaces fresh clear drinking water as far as your body is concerned. Every organ, muscle and cell in your body needs water to survive. Water is the medium for every chemical reaction you have in your body. Your blood is primarily made of water. Every nutrient, hormone, antibody and even oxygen moves through the blood stream in a water medium.

safe water out doors

Every system in your body functions in water

Without clean safe water - your body shuts down- fast!

Your organs need safe clean water to digest and process your food. Your brain needs adequate water to think properly and stay focused. Children especially need adequate water to develop healthy bodies and minds. You shouldn’t have to spend any more time wondering if the water you drink is safe for you and your family. A Berkey water purifier provides the life sustaining liquid you and your family needs every day.

Water Purifier for peace of mind

Instead of buying cases of plastic bottles and wondering what’s inside them, create your own fountain of youth with a Berkey water filtration system. Your family’s health may be dependent on it. You deserve fresh, clear, healthy drinking water at home and wherever you go. Water is the magic drink for health, longevity and happiness. Get a real water purifier and enjoy fresh clean water and peace pf mind.


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