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Weider Home Gym: Weider Crossbow Fitness Equipment

Updated on September 16, 2014

Weider Crossbow Home Gym: A Review

A few years ago, my husband was taken with the sense that he needed to get into shape. Having heard of Bowflex, he began to research, and was struck by the prices being a little higher than he wanted to pay, though the technology appealed.

As he looked at Amazon's listings, he noticed the Weider Crossbow Fitness system, and while different in design, it was comparable in the use of various sized tubes to provide resistance. The prices were less, and he made his decision: Weider Max, it was. Ordered through Amazon, the delivery was efficient, and within days, we were assembling our Crossbow Fitness Equipment.

Following is my review of the system to date, as it pertains to various members of the family.

Weider Crossbow Home Gym

An interesting weight system

As I mentioned, the Weider Max Crossbow Gym is unique, as it provides resistance through tensions on various sized tubes, and for increasing or decreasing resistance, one adjusts the number of tubes, and the sizes of tubes engages. The "lifting" is actually pulling, with a pulley system which works in conjunction with the tubing. A fold up bench is part of the construction, allowing for various workout positions and exercises, and ankle attachments are provided for standing leg-work. The base is sturdy, and there are wheels, making the unit portable, though once assembled, it will not fit easily through a door.

Putting The Weider Crossbow Home Gym Together

You should assemble in the room you intend for its use, although we have since moved ours, with a little creative thought. Assembly wasn't difficult, but did take most of an afternoon.

The system is easy to use, and while it does take up a bit of space, is not a space hog.

You will want to locate the system so as to have adequate space for the bench to fold out, but we found this easily do-able in our small master bedroom.

Exercise Literature and Media

A poster and DVD accompany the system, both providing convenient reference for various exercises.

Your fitness regimen will depend on your own motivation and consistency. You can buy the best equipment, but if you don't just put your mind to it, you won't make any progress. Weider is easy to use, and both my husband and I have had success with it in terms of improving our shape. However, there have been seasons of apathy, when it comes to fitness, and that is not attributable to the equipment, but to one's personal commitment. Your fitness program will depend on you; if you are committed to improving your shape and your health, the cost of a Weider Crossbow Home Gym is well worth it.

One of the nice side benefits in the last few years, as my children have gotten older, is that the Weider Gym provides easy access and safe exercise options for the older kids. My son uses it for weight training, while my daughters have begun to use it as they focus more on personal health and exercise options. The system is easy to use, and when you are finished, it folds up just as easily.

More Weider Gym and Equipment Choices

Weider provides many more exercise options. Whether you want something more intricate, or less complicated, you will appreciate quality equipment that targets your area of need. If you are resolved to get fit, good equipment can be an impetus to chase that goal. Following are further selections from Weider's line of fitness helps.

Another outstanding personal fitness option is the Weider Mini Stepper, which provides a compact source of exercise. I have a mini stepper, and it is used by several members of the family. My daughter stores it in her room, and it provides a great source of indoor exercise during a study break. It also works well when one of the older kids is watching television, and wants to expend a little energy. This is a great gift idea for the college student whose storage is limited, or for the family in a small dwelling. The mini stepper is very versatile.

I love this gym because it doesn't include heavy weights that need constant adjustment. There's no danger of a weight falling on my foot, and the system is easy to adjust for greater or lesser resistance. Have you tried the Crossbow Home Gym? Leave a comment about your experiences.

Weider Crossbow Home Gym

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