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weight lose and exercise during and after pregnancy

Updated on February 6, 2014

Weight lose, dieting and exercise during pregnancy and after child birth

Women tend to gain excess weight during pregnancy and after birth. They will tell you is just natural for a woman to gain weight during pregnancy and after birth.

Men try to understand the excuses given for women to be overweight during pregnancy but, are put off by the numerous excuses that abound for women to gain weight after giving birth. And this had led to so many break-ups in marriage after the woman gave birth to first issue.

There is this couple that live in my neighbourhood that recently filed in for divorce simply because the woman cannot control her weight after child birth. This is the same couple that will always hold hands whenever they are going out in a manner that people always envy. But, look at what excess weight gain had caused. The woman failed to apply the necessary caution after child birth.

My singular reason of writing this is to make recommendations on the kind of exercise and dieting that women should engage in after child birth so as to save their marriage. Having in mind that it is not good for a woman that is pregnant or that just gave birth to partake in strenuous and rigorous exercises.

(Please note that the content of this article is not intended to replace medical advice that you must seek after child birth)

  • Walking/ strolling (morning and evening). Morning and evening walk is a form of exercise that is often time neglected. Technological advancement has made us to have almost everything at our finger tips thereby ‘encouraging us to be a kind of lazy’. Some people’s job does not allow them to leave their seat as soon as they get seated in the office. And this goes a long way in contributing towards weight gain. So, women should endeavour to walk on a regular basis. You can ask your husband to help in making this a reality by accompanying you.
  • Dancing. Dance to some nice tune as this is an exercise that is mixed with joy and happiness which will also go along way in reducing stress and anxiety associated with pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Clapping. You can make it a point of duty to clap for about 10-15 minutes every day. To make it easier for you, you can combine this with dancing so that you get the same effect you get from dancing.
  • Eating of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are undoubtedly the best source of minerals and vitamins that help nourish the body and help other foods to digest easily. They can even serve as food if taken in the right quantity. An added advantage of eating fruits and vegetables during and after pregnancy is the fact that you baby will be healthy and bouncing which the wish of every mother.
  • Warm bathing. Warm bathing is a very good method of toxic from your system in a natural way. It helps remove some oil like substance on the skin that some times block the pores and thereby not allowing enough unwanted elements to be removed from the body in the form of sweat. But, make sure the water is not too hot; else, you get your skin burnt.

  • Taking hot and spicy drinks. Occasional intake of hot and spicy drinks is good not only to pregnant women and nursing mother but to everyone as far as weight loses is concerned.
  • Cooking with spices. There are some local herbs here in Nigeria that one can use to make food and keep weight gain, stress and hypertension at bay. Some of those herds are; ginger, uda, uziza, ehuru (seed and leave), garlic, etc.

Meticulously follow the guides/ tips in this article and watch that weight you gained during pregnancy and after child birth disappear. You cab visit my blog for more information on weight lose and stress issues.

To your successful weight lose campaign during pregnancy and after child birth.


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