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laser eye surgery gone wrong

Updated on January 10, 2013

laser eye surgery gone wrong

laser eye surgery gone wrong
laser eye surgery gone wrong

When most people hear about laser eye surgery they think that this is great they will be able to correct their vision, and have their eyesight restored to perfect working order. This is certainly the case for lots of people, and laser eye surgery can really help.

There are a small number of cases though were people have problems. One such problem happened to my mother.

She walked into a local eye store to see if she was suitable for the surgery, and she spoke about her displeasure about having to wear the eye glasses. The surgery recommended that she should be ok after they ran a number of tests.

She proceded then to book an appointment, and when day came about she was given special drops to numb the eyeball. She was then taken into the room were it was to get done, and with her frozen eyeballs bolted open they advised her to keep very still which she done.

After she was layed down they shone the laser into her eyes, after they take lots of small measurements preciously, and if the measurements are not precise enough they can leave you blind. However, the laser is then shot round in the circle of the cornea to to make sure that the circle of your eye is flattened slightly, thereby fixing the problem of you having to see without the glasses, short and long distance.

Each eye is done independant of each other, and once that was finished, she was taken to a dull room with a soft light in it. The nurse then comes and checks that everything is ok with your eyes. My mother was advised to wear dark glasses for the rest of the day, which helped her eyes rest properly.

Your initally given drops to help your eyes adjust normally again. This is normal practise to help keep the moisture natural. She found however that her eyes were very dry, and she went to another optician to get a second opinion about her eyes, and they told her that she would have to wear glasses since she had problems when she was driving.

This was obviously quite ridiculous, however she persevered, and continued to complain to the original surgery that carried out the operation. They only advised that this sometimes happens to peoples eyes.

They have now sown her up with a contract and a full refund, and she now has a lifetime supply of eye drops to place into her eyes, as these help moisturise her eyes.

It seems that her eye canals are now blocked up, and i have recommended that she wears a pad which when heated up and held against the eyes helps sooth the eyes and help unblock the canels. Its called a heat pad, and has helped her. It relives and pain and treats blepharitis, dry eye syndrome, meibomian gland disfunction and eyelid inflammation.

She will have to continue using the eye drops, but if your thinking of laser eye surgery you should be careful, and look at an alternative such as simple eye exercises.


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