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What Is Hot Yoga?

Updated on January 9, 2016

Hot Yoga

Everyone seems to be just so busy nowadays. Those who are working in the office are struggling to meet deadlines and finish reports on time. Those who are staying at home have a lot of house chores to battle with. How can one distress amidst the stressful things surrounding them? Well, hot yoga and detoxification will come to the rescue.

What is Bikram Yoga?

What is Hot Yoga and Detoxification?

Hot yoga is also popularly known as bikram yoga. It is now becoming one of the popular ways to distress and detoxify. Gyms and spas are now offering hot yoga as part of their detoxification offerings. Hot yoga is a great way to detoxify, de-stress and remove toxins in your body.

You might be wondering why it is called “hot” yoga. Well, its because the yoga exercises are performed in a room which has a temperature set pretty much like a sauna.

Is Yoga Effective?

Throughout the centuries, yoga has been considered to be effective in detoxifying the body. As mentioned, spas and natural health treatment centers are already including yoga as part of their services being offered because of its growing popularity among health buffs.

Yoga can even treat or alleviate chronic liver diseases such as hepatitis C. Thepower of yoga can be traced back to past centuries and it is an amazing fact that up to now, yoga is still being treated as a form of exercise that not only improves the physical aspect but the emotional and spiritual aspects as well.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga for Beginners

De-stressing and Detoxifying

If you think that you are already full of pent-up emotions, stress, tension and other negative vibes, yoga may just be the answer to your problems.  Yoga detoxifies and de-stresses you in an “active” way.  Unlike going to the spa, where you just sit or lie down and be massaged, yoga will get you moving.  According to some avid fans of yoga, performing yoga exercises is just detoxifying and de-stressing with the additional benefits of exercising and stretching.

Let’s Talk About Skin

The skin is said to be human’s waste disposal system.  Why?  Because the skin is equipped with millions of skin pores that help in removing the wastes from the body through sweating.  The human skin cannot be likened to the liver or kidneys because they are much more powerful in extracting wastes inside the human body.  However, our skin can still be considered to be an effective organ for removing toxins through the body in the form of sweating.

Have you ever noticed that those who just came from the gym have this flushed looked on their faces?  Their skin seems to be glowing and they have a different aura.  Why is this so?  It is because of the fact that they came from an activity that made them sweat profusely, ridding their body and skin toxins and other unnecessary wastes from inside the body.

Hot yoga can give your skin glowing effects similar to that of those who just came from the gym because hot yoga can make you sweat out the toxins from your body.

Detoxification can definitely take place while you are practicing hot yoga.  Sweating that is brought about by hot yoga opens the skin’s ability to convert toxins from fats to water-soluble compounds that the body can easily excrete.

Hot yoga can induce more detoxification than normal yoga because it involves high temperatures.  When the body is exposed to high temperatures (not to high for the skin to burn), the body’s first reaction is to sweat.  Sweating then facilitates the excretion of toxins out of the body.  Ammonia, urea, excess salts and sugar can also be eliminated through hot yoga.

Hot Yoga Setting

Exercises for hot yoga are performed inside a room heated to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  This temperature is hot enough for a body to sweat.  The yoga instructor will then guide you through a yoga program filled with specific positions enough to make you sweat out the toxins in your body.

A Wonderful Healing Regime

When you perform yoga, you are not only exercising, but you make your muscles strong and supple.  In Japan, the old people do not really age drastically because of their Zen yoga and meditation.  Yoga can also help in cardio problems as well as arthritis, stress, depression, etc.

Breathing Techniques

Each yoga position should be performed with proper breathing techniques to get optimum results.  These breathing techniques also help you to reach the maximum limit of your body’s flexibility.  When you practice the proper breathing techniques, you will be able to perform the position(s) properly.

If you are a first-timer, you might want to seek the help of yoga instructors to aid you in the first two or three sessions so that you will not have a hard time performing the yoga positions required.  Learning the proper breathing techniques as well as knowing how to perform the positions properly will prevent you from compromising your posture.

Yoga is Good for Metabolism and Circulation

Yoga aids in maintaining the healthy metabolic rate and circulation in your body.  When you practice yoga regularly, your body’s circulation is boosted giving you more energy and stamina in the long run.  Hot yoga can also accelerate the result of other detoxification programs because it works with two vital variables in detoxification – exercise and sweating.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga

Meditate, Relax, Reflect

Practicing yoga does not only detoxify your body, it also detoxifies your mind and nourishes your soul.  We all know that yoga can also come in the form of meditation, right?  When you meditate, you calm down your senses and tune in to your inner self.  This will help you in regaining a calmer and clearer perspective in life.

Some even refer to yoga as food for the soul.  The calming effects of yoga has lasted throughout the centuries and it is one of the secrets for staying young and feeling a sense of inner peace amidst stressful environments.

Remember that when the body is stressed, the mind and soul are also affected.  That’s why when you feel that you are already burdened with the heavy baggage of tension and stress, never hesitate to seek the comforting and rejuvenating effects of yoga.

De-cluttering Your Mind

Yoga is a great way for you to learn to relax and de-clutter your mind.  Everyday activities may just seem to take its toll in our minds, and there will really come a time when you will say to yourself “that’s it, I’ve had enough”.  When you feel choked up with stress and your mind is already about to blow up, yoga will be the best cure for that.

Studies have shown that people who practice yoga can easily get themselves out of a stressful mood rather than those who do not.  Yoga will help you learn how to relax your mind.  Practicing hot yoga and detoxification is surely one of the great gifts that you can reward yourself after a hard day’s work.

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  • Cheri Schultz profile image

    Cheri Schultz 8 years ago from Midwest

    Alot of good information. I love love yoga, I do yoga, and I teach yoga. I just wish there were alot more people who could read your hubs and realize how life altering yoga can be! Great job