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What Is the Carnivore Diet (Meat Only Diet) and How It Helps You in Weight Loss

Updated on January 16, 2020

Since the dawn of civilization from the first cavemen, eating meat was their daily diet. Predators like lions and wolves eat a meat only diet.

This is what the carnivore diet is all about, without it civilization wouldn’t have progressed and flourished. Also no lion and wolf is considered weak because they eat meat only.

Therefore the carnivore diet just means a diet comprised of only meat. You are only allowed to take fish, bacon, eggs, butter, beef plus any other meat food you want or like. But during this diet you should not eat vegetables, sugar, fruits, bread, rice, carbs, and any other plant based food.

What can you drink during this meat diet? Remember that sugar is not allowed therefore drinks with no sugar are ideal. Therefore water, coffee, and green tea are great but do not take alcohol.

What you will get with the carnivore diet is that you’re consuming proteins and fat only therefore there are no carbohydrates.

Why does this help in losing weight? Carbohydrates are usually counteractive when you are trying to lose weight, become slimmer or lose body and belly fat.

You have a hormone called insulin that’s triggered once you eat anything. But what carbohydrates do is trigger the production of more insulin therefore high insulin in your body when taking carbohydrates.

When taking proteins and fat insulin is produced but low insulin in your body. Why is insulin important? Fat burning happens when insulin levels are low therefore when you have carbs this process is halted.

So low insulin equals fat burning/weight loss while high insulin equals no fat burning/no weight loss.

Will all these zero carbs make you hungry or starve? First you won’t starve or die when you have zero carbohydrates and take a meat only diet. The carnivore diet does something amazing which is having proteins and fat.

Fat in this diet is great for your body as it will help you feel full and satisfied after a meal. What happens after eating carbs like bread? You will be hungry after a couple of hours.

When you are full (satiety) a hormone called leptin is produced which communicates to your body that you are satisfied and there is no need to eat any more.

Being satiety is very important in weight loss as being overweight has a direct correlation with the amount of food consumed.

With fat in your diet the hormones leptin is produced therefore you won’t feel hungry for the next couple of hours. You cannot take the carnivore diet without fat and to avoid this be sure to use butter as it’s a great source of fat.

Therefore a high leptin level equals reduced appetite.

With the proteins it’s very hard to digest therefore the body will burn more calories as it digests the protein.

A high protein intake can make you burn 80-100 more calories per day. As one study found out when 19 overweight individuals increased their protein intake to 30% of calories.

It led to the participants losing an average of 11 pounds over a period of 12 weeks. These happened by only adding protein to their diet and were no restricted to eat carbs or other foods.

If you can lose 11 pounds by just adding proteins without restricting other foods, what will happen when you go on an all protein diet (meat only diet) with no carbs?

You can finally say goodbye to that belly fat that never seems to go away.

A study of 2 men namely Vilhjalmur Stefansson and Karsten Anderson who went on the carnivore diet in 1929. Stefansson had actually lived in the Arctic’s among the tribe of Eskimos and followed their only meat diet for 11 years.

When he returned to the U.S colleagues didn’t believe that he only survived eating meat alone. He therefore allowed a study to be conducted on him and Karsten Anderson for 1 year as he followed the carnivore diet.

The results showed that both men survived the whole year with a meat only diet. As for their weight they lost between 5 – 10 lbs for the first 30 days of the study. They didn’t gain any weight but their weight loss (5-10 lbs) remained constant the entire study.

Stefansson many observations on life living with Eskimos showed that they had no obesity as obesity is caused by eating carbohydrates. Also the Eskimo of the Arctic lived in excellent health on a diet of 100% fresh seal meat and fat.

The carnivore diet is not the most popular form of weight loss diet. Vilhjalmur Stefansson did write a book namely The Fat of The Land to educate and enlighten on this diet.

The diet seems extreme and has always caused controversies but it properly the fastest way to become slim again.

If you are serious about weight loss on this diet you can check this book The Carnivore Diet Handbook and also do check out this video from YouTube.


An all meat only diet doesn’t seem pretty to most people but it one of those diets that have been practiced since the dawn of man. Things like obesity were rare at that time.

Starting out on this diet won’t be easy as the biggest hurdle you’ll have to overcome is your mind. Giving up carbs like sugar is never easy as you have formed the habit of consuming them.

But by having protein and fat as your diets you will feel satiety. When you feel full you won’t have to take that piece of bread or that bowl of rice.

If explorers like Stefansson survived for 11 years on this meat diet it means that it’s safe. I am not telling you to go 11 years on such a diet but till the time you have the body you want. If you achieve your weight loss goal with this diet you can take as many carbs as you like but don’t overdo it.

You will become slimmer fast that your family and friends will become concerned. But assure them that you aren’t starving yourself but only taking an only meat diet.

Also I recommend you buy meat from your local butcher as most meat from the grocery store lacks the necessary nutrients that will help you on this path.

The meat only diet is right for you.


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