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21 Ways To Help You Lose Weight and Get in Shape

Updated on October 13, 2015
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Edward Happer is a registered dietitian and health blogger providing clinical counseling. He writes under name of Bilaras on health blogs.

With everyone nowadays crowding in fast food restaurants it comes as no surprise when people look for quick ways to lose weight. People have become so obsessed about keeping their waist slim that many individuals resort to using cheap products that promise unrealistic amounts of weight loss in minimal time. It is believed that people in the USA alone spend in an excess of a billion dollars every year buying weight loss products that by the end of the day don’t do them any good .The human body is very intricately designed and needlessly tampering with it can bring on many unfavourable changes. Most people feel adopting a healthy lifestyle and changing their daily diet is too big a step to take in order to lose weight. So naturally people look at unnatural ways to lose weight, the most popular of these is buying cheap weight loss pills. It is important to note that such pills can have detrimental effects on your health, they do help in absorbing 25% less fat from your food, but their cons greatly outweigh the pros in the long run. Many people who have prolonged usage of pills complain of severe skin reactions, nausea, dizziness and in some extreme cases people have also reported to suffer from strokes. Consequently it is wise that we avoid these pills as much as we possibly can and adopt other ways to reduce your weight, here are some of the following that will help you lose all those pounds.

21 Ways to lose weight
21 Ways to lose weight

1. Apple and Weight Loss

They say an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but new research indicates that among other things an Apple also helps you keep in shape. Studies across the world show that Apples have antioxidants, these help in reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome or as it is more commonly known a “round belly”. Research also tells us that people who tend to eat an apple over other snacks to satisfy their hunger tend to eat much less in the day, this obviously means that because your calories are consistently down throughout the day you will lose weight steadily. For people that have a sweet tooth, resisting chocolate and pie when you have the craving is nearly impossible, so for them eating an apple is not only a much healthier option but its sugar levels help you to get rid of you’re craving. Apples also come in many different colors each having its unique flavor, not in the mood for a green apple? Well you always have the option of getting your hands on a red one, apart from being delicious Apples are also a great way to lose weight quickly.

2. Eggs and Weight Loss

Many of us wake up early in the morning to the smell of fresh eggs crackling in the frying pan, the aroma although inviting, is not something that many link to weight loss. Well the fact of the matter is that eggs do indeed help you in losing weight, so put down that bagel and start eating a plate of eggs in the morning. The reason that eggs are such a viable option for people looking to lose weight is because an egg is packed full of proteins. This helps you stay “full” for a longer period of time; this theory was proven by a study conducted by a Carolina University that tested this on a number of obese women. Results showed the women that consumed eggs with toast as breakfast went on to eat less for the next 36 hours then other women involved in the study. It is commonly known that spikes in blood sugar levels leads one to food cravings, proteins in eggs help maintain the sugar level and in turn help you from having unnecessary cravings.

3. Mushrooms and Weight Loss

People think that a healthy meal equals something which is barely edible, but that certainly is not the case when it comes to mushrooms. These micro fungi have proven to be just as fulfilling as a regular burger, research showed that people actually felt more satisfied after eating a meal full of mushrooms then they did after eating a burger. Mushrooms have considerably lower levels of calories then a typical burger which help to make it a great and fulfilling option to lose weight.

4. Avocados and Weight Loss

This probably is the most peculiar option from this list, why would eating raw fat help in reducing fat? Well believe it or not, it does. But mind you only when it is taken in the right amount, eating a single or even half an avocado a day has proven to help people stay hunger free for a long time. Now rewind to your 6th grade science class, there you learned that fiber is very important to keep your body and digestive system healthy. That is the reason why avocados are such a good option, they are packed full of fiber and protein that ensure you stay fit for a long time.

5. Olive Oil and Weight Loss

Extra virgin olive oil is yet another great option to reduce those numbers off your weighing machine, olive oil which is a mono unsaturated fat helps in burring calories. This study is Australia proved that people who consume olive oil burn much more fat then people that choose not to.

It is important to note that diet pills that promise you weight loss are usually if not always useless, they not only harm your body but addiction to them has also been widely reported in people. Due to this reason it is paramount that you exercise and eat healthy food so that you live a long and healthy life.

More useful weight loss tips

6. Foods that release the fat

One of the sure ways to lose weight is to eat foods that release the fat. In this way, you will be indulging in foods that give you a feeling of fullness and they stop you from binging in to foods that contain high calorie. Examples include honey, eggs and shrimp.

7. Water, water, everywhere!

Water is God’s gift to mankind. It contains the necessary minerals and nutrients that keep our body functioning perfectly throughout the day, and the most amazing catch for the people looking to lose weight? It has no calories! It forces you to keep away from fattening soft drinks, which have calories packed on.

8. Record your food

Keeping a food journal is a clever way to look at your relationship with food. You can come to know at what time of the day do you tend to indulge the most in foods, and what is your guilty pleasure. You can even record your calories and figure out how to cut out snacking on unhealthy foods.

9. Meals in portions

Nutritionist and dieticians today agree that food should be eaten in small portions every two to three hours. This distributes the calories throughout the day, and helps the person stay in control of their hunger and binge eating feeling. Skipping meals or waiting for five to six hours before eating can cause the next meal to be overeaten.

10. A weight loss support group

Weigh loss is a struggle against a lot of things, like food, exercise and your overall attitude. Doing it alone makes it easier to slide away from the eventual goal, so keeping a support group or being a part of one, is a very effective idea.

11. Replace everything ‘white’

By this we mean no more white rice, white flour, white eggs or white bread, all of these things must go out of your kitchen before you begin to lose weight. The simple carbohydrates mixed with added sugar, makes it a disaster and a very known possibility of weight gain occurs.

12. Stop wearing lose fitting clothes

This is way to gain more of a psychological strength then anything else. When you begin to lose weight, you need to get in touch with your body, hiding it in layers will not help. Form fitting clothes will help you understand how the fat is distributed and you will be forced to find out ways to reduce them. Lose fitting clothes, hide the fat for your mind, and do not allow that.

13. Vegetables!

Add vegetables to your favorite fattening foods and enjoy the taste and the accompanied health benefits that vegetables provide. Like add carrots, tomatoes and broccoli to your pastas and your sandwiches.
Switch to everything low fat or fat free
Low fat and fat free is a perfect way to begin. For example switch from your ordinary milk to skim milk or fat free milk, this allow you to indulge in milk which is high in calcium and will keep the bones strong, but in low in calories.

14. Eat at home

Eating at home allows you to stay in control of what you’re eating and how it is being prepared. It also will help you limit yourself because restaurants have so many options to choose from, this will lead you to stay away from temptation as well.

15. Eat slowly

After twenty minutes of your stomach being full, your brain will finally give you a signal that you do not need to eat food anymore. So eat slowly, drink water in between bites, have a pleasant dinner conversation and enjoy what you are eating. This is not only stopping you from overeating, but also will give your brain a chance to catch up with your stomach.

16. Reduce salt in take

Less salty foods means healthier foods, it also keeps issues like blood pressure in check. Salt have a delicious and almost unique flavor, but it can be replaced with many alternatives. For example, try using lemon instead of salt. Less salt means water retention, bloating and swelling.

17. Eating fruit is better than drinking its juice

It is said that for one small box of apple juice that is available in market, a person can eat an apple, an orange and small portion of a watermelon. So eating the fruit is the healthier option and spread out the calories and allows for a more filling experience.

18. Lead an overall active lifestyle

Sleeping in bed all day and going out for exercise for one hour in the day will not help matter. You need to stay active and alert for the entire day. Think of it in this way, for every half an hour make sure you take about 30 steps at least or take a brisk five minute walk after every couple of hours.

19. Walk before dinner

The main purpose of this exercise is to cut down on the appetite and reduce the calorie in take. Research shows that walking before dinner for 15-20 minutes will significantly cut down the craving for food and a person is likely to achieve the feeling of fullness early on.

20. Almonds replace sweet snacks

It is true that sometimes after dinner we crave a chocolate or an ice cream, something sweet to give you the feeling of dessert. But the best solution for this craving is almonds. These nuts are healthier and replacing them with sugary treats is an excellent idea. They contain moderate fat within them and aids in weight loss.

21. Close kitchen doors after dinner

Midnight snacking is a worst idea when one is following a dieting routine. Foods should not be consumed as a snack or a meal after dinner. You will need to program your mind to understand that after dinner snacking will pack on extra calories and even distribute the sleeping pattern and hinder the progress of the next day.

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    • ahmed abelgaid profile image

      ahmed abdelgaid 

      6 years ago from egypt

      perfect Tips.. thanks Haris

    • ZRMoore profile image


      6 years ago

      These are some very good tips and they will work if used. I think many people can benefit by using these tips to lose weight.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I work over night, and I always get the munchies at about 2-3 am , what can you sudgest I eat at that time?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I am on day 6 of the lose 10 pounds in 7 days plan and feel great, I wanted to read this article to get some ides for continued weight loss, I want to lose another 10 pounds on a slower plan and I am stumped on one thing, your article says no "white eggs"...I raise chickens and there is absolutely no difference between a brown and white egg. Why does it say no white eggs.


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