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The Miraculous Healing And Nutritional Benefits Of Wheatgrass

Updated on September 1, 2017
Fresh Organic Wheat Grass
Fresh Organic Wheat Grass

Facts About The Miraculous Healing Effect Of Wheatgrass

Wheat grass is a complete food which contains many types of essential nutrients required by our body for healthy growth.

I had personally observed the nutritious benefits and miraculous healing effects on my mum, who was a renal failure patient more than twenty years ago.

Although taking wheat grass juice did not actually cure her, but it helped to sustain her life for 16 years. She could live more comfortably and lead healthy lifestyle after being introduced to wheat grass. Like all renal failure patients, she suffered a lot of restrictions in her diet and drinking. She had to go for 4 hours dialysis process at the hospital every alternate day, for toxic waste and water to be extracted out from her body system due to the chronic failures of her kidneys. Advanced stage renal patients could not urinate and water intake through eating and drinking were supposed to be extracted through dialysis process. But there were always health constraints on water extraction and cleansing process as not every patient could stand high flow settings for blood to flow faster during the dialysis process.

She became almost bald, called for regular blood transfusion due to low hemoglobin, serious swellings and heart problems due to high amount of water retention in the body, poor appetite, insomnia, severe constipation, breathlessness, and many other complications. She was too weak to walk by herself. She was constantly in and out of hospital many times ever since she started dialysis. We almost lost hope of her recovery until she was introduced to wheat grass juice powder, which was also taken together with organic germanium tablet.

Day by day, we saw the miraculous healing effects of wheat grass when her hair stopped dropping and started growing back. Her appetite improved and the readings of her blood test amazingly showed positive results. Her bowels were cleared every morning without problem and her swellings slowly diminished after regular dialysis. She slept better and began to lead a more healthy life with less restrictions in her diet and water intake. Taking wheat grass powder juice supplemented all the essential nutrients for her, and she did not have to take any other nutrient supplement tablets prescribed by her doctor.

I became very interested in wheat grass after seeing the amazing results from my mum's unbelievable recovery, from a dying person to a healthy mum. From the reading materials which I had studied, I found that wheat grass contains lots of essential nutrients required by our body system for healthy growth and proper functioning. It would be even more beneficial to take instant fresh wheat grass juice as nutritional value is highest when freshly squeezed. Unfortunately, we could not get wheat grass to grow naturally in our tropical country as our soil and climate were not suitable. Wheat grass grown in organic soil is most nutritious.

Normally we would need to take many different types of fruits, vegetables and meat products in order to get a complete range of essential nutrients required by our body system. But wheat grass alone can almost supplement a complete range of vitamins and minerals. Being liquid, wheat grass nutrition is rapidly assimilated by the body.

Of all the valuable compounds present in wheat grass juice, chlorophyll is one of the most important. Some of the general findings have showed evidence of the remarkable blood cleansing and building abilities, its effect on the circulatory system and oxygen supply, and its role in detoxifying and regenerating the liver.

The wheat grass juice powder which had help my mum sustain a longer life was a product imported from USA. It is highly recommended to take fresh wheat grass juice regularly as a natural source of supplements for the essential vitamins and minerals required by our body system, especially if there is an abundance of organic and nutritious wheat grass grown in your home land.

Wheat grass juice is perhaps the most powerful and safest healing aid. The healing symptoms may vary during initial consumption period, depending on the health condition of the person taking it. Some may experience diarrhea, nausea, frequent flatulence, etc. But these are just temporary symptoms and are signs of wheat grass healing effect on the body system and recovery. The unique nourishing and cleansing properties make wheat grass juice an ideal factor in the fight against diseases, including heart disease and certain forms of cancer, especially those that lead to depressed immune response and the subsequent attack of the body by microbes or viruses.

This miracle plant is ready for harvest when the height reaches 7 - 10 inches within one week, and can be stored in the refrigerator in covered containers. It's quite easy to grow your own wheat grass and extract fresh juice for cleansing the body system.

But if you are not ready or initially convinced to grow them now, you may consider trying out processed wheat grass juice powder which are available in the shelves at pharmacies, drug stores and even online stores. Please understand that I am not simply trying to sell the products here, but to share my personal knowledge about the healing effects of fresh wheat grass juices so that more people will know and grow them for the benefits of providing the best health supplements for their family and at cheaper cost too.

Wheat Grass Supplement Nutrients
Wheat Grass Supplement Nutrients

Buy Wheat Grass Juice Powder Or Wheatgrass Powder

Before placing orders for any wheatgrass products, it is worth taking note of the differences between wheatgrass powder and wheat grass juice powder in terms of cost, nutritional benefits, juice color and taste. Wheat Grass Juice Powder is more expensive and the product is cited to be extracted purely from 100% dehydrated wheat grass, offering higher nutritional benefits and the taste is as pure as the green wheat grass juice which you will get when juicing the organic plant yourself. Pure wheat grass juice powder products purchased from the stores are labelled with higher composition of beta-carotene, calcium, chlorophyll and other essential nutrients for the body. For more effective healing results during the initial trial consumption stage, I would personally recommend buying pure wheat grass juice powder instead of normal wheat grass powder or those sold as compressed tablet form.

Multiple Sclerosis patients who have to go on wholesome vegetarian diet can also consider taking organic wheat grass juice to supplement their deficiency for essential nutrients.


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    • snlee profile image

      snlee 6 years ago from Asia Pacific Regions

      right, the nutritious benefits are really amazing....

    • jhosler profile image

      jhosler 6 years ago

      WOW, amazing information, thank you for sharing this.

    • snlee profile image

      snlee 6 years ago from Asia Pacific Regions

      Your are right, natural wheat grass juice is most nutritious. Guess wheat grass is grown in abundance in your country!