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why do we need hell?

Updated on February 15, 2011


Why is there a need for hell?



There are various theological doctrines of afterlife, especially in respect to heaven and hell. This is because while some doctrines do not even believe that hell exists because God is such a loving and merciful father that he will not send sinners to hell; others believe that hell is a place made for the devil and his followers, which are sinners. These differences in the teachings of afterlife have greatly influenced the actions, and ways of life of all religious men. Therefore, it is not a surprise that some schools of religious thought hold that one can go to heaven by killing another man and killing himself or dying in the process, for as long as it is for religious sake. It is said, we all have the right to our religious beliefs but the problem is that we always fail to recognize this fact by denying others or trying to stand against the beliefs of those that do not agree with us or conform to our belief.

I remember someone exclaiming, when he heard of a horrible crime committed by a man against his follow man, “God has a lot to judge.” The exclamation may be a fact but again we have diverse doctrine of the judgment day. Some hold that a day has been set aside for judgment while some hold that after death judgment follows. This communication is not about the diverse teachings of heaven, hell or when the judgment day is to be expected, but it is to ask, why is there a need for hell? I would not have asked this question if everyone understood the need for a hell and those that are actually expected to go to hell. Those that believe in the concept of hell may say that hell is a place met for sinners. A place all sinners are expected to suffer an everlasting punishment for their sins. It means that hell is a placer of suffering but today as we look around or listen to news about happenings in various parts of the world. We normally hear or witness women, men, and children die of hunger while in other places we hear that people are dying of obesity because they have more than enough to eat. There are innocent women and children that have no place to call their home; there are children that have no bed to sleep on so they are happy that they can at least sleep on the streets. There are women, and children that have not slept for days because of insecurity, and war which they are its victim. Some people do not even have clean water to drink. It is a known fact that inequity exists in terms of status despites that men are said to be, created equal.  Then again, some religious thought holds that men suffer because of their past sins. This school of thought are those that believe in reincarnation of the soul which is a concept not held by all religion and humanity. Like I said, before, this communication is not about proving or disproving any doctrine. The main thing is that some people are suffering greatly here on earth. Truly they may be considered sinner if we judge them based on the various religious sects because they cannot, individually, belong to the religious sects. But even if they are sinners and that is why they suffer here on earth, we know that religious men do have trials and sufferings. These suffering people do not bother or ask why there is a need for hell because they are already in hell. They often wonder, what is the need of life, if it is a life not worth living because it is a life spent in hell? That is why some asked, “What is the need of us going to hell when we are already in hell?” then I wonder how God, at the judgment day, would send such people to hell when he knew that they just came back from hell. We have various answers to this question but I know that if we try, we can alleviate the suffering of many by reducing corruption, and selfishness in government. And above all by teaching and impacting the spirit of love, unity, peace, equity, justice, and fairness in our various religious setting. This is because most of these sufferings are caused by the acts of men.




By N.K David

Author of the book,

“It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus”

Published by author house.  Available on online stores worldwide


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