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Orthaheel Relieves My Walking Pain From Plantar Fasciitis!

Updated on March 2, 2015
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SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Orthaheel shoes and inserts are helping me get around so much better now, with much less pain!

I live with a lot of pain. I have a fused spine, degenerative disk disease, two fake hips and two fake knees. I also have a lot of pain issues with my lower legs. All of this makes walking painful! Medications and therapy can go only so far. Sometimes you have to look at the body mechanics, what physically about walking could be making your pain worse.

A couple of years ago, I was watching a TV presentation of Orthaheel shoes, which were invented by an Australian podiatrist named Dr. Phillip Vasyli to help his own patients. As part of the demonstration, they drew a line from the back of the model's heel up her calf. It was crooked. The instant she put on the Orthaheel shoe, the line went totally straight! (See photo below) That convinced me to give the shoes a try. My body is always off balance and I figured anything that could straighten part of it would be a good thing.

When I first tried on the Orthaheel slippers I bought first, they felt very different from any shoes I'd ever worn. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to wear them. But I followed the recommendation of wearing them a couple of hours a day to start with. Within two days, I didn't want to wear any other shoes!

My next purchase was a pair of Orthaheel Tide thong sandals. I wore them to the exclusion of everything else all summer! I selected another pair of shoes more suitable for Fall and Winter, the Lucia shoe, and adore it. I've even purchased the Orthaheel Stacey ankle boots!

When I look at my shoe wardrobe, it makes me sick to think I don't want to wear them anymore. So I went ahead and purchased the Orthaheel 3/4 length Relief Inserts, the product I'm showing you here. With these, I can wear any of my shoes and will still get all the Orthaheel benefits!

I'll give you an example of how well these work for me. Today my back was in bad shape and I needed to go to the chiropractor. I was walking around the house barefoot, and my back was in pretty horrid pain. It hurt a lot to walk. I wasn't sure I could even make it out to my car. After getting dressed, I popped on my Orthaheel shoes and the relief was instant! I was able to go on to my needed appointment and get on with my day. Don't get me wrong - my pain did not totally go away, but it went down 2-3 levels. If you're a pain patient, you know that's a big deal.

I can never express my gratitude to the Orthaheel folks highly enough for how they have changed my life with their products! If you have back, leg, hip, or knee pain, why not give these a try? You might just be very grateful that you did!

Dr. Weil Women's Lucia Slingbacks, Black 8 US
Dr. Weil Women's Lucia Slingbacks, Black 8 US

Here are my Lucia shoes. I cannot describe how comfy they are, and the leather is very high quality.

Orthaheel Women's Stacey Ankle Boots, chocolate, Size us 8.5
Orthaheel Women's Stacey Ankle Boots, chocolate, Size us 8.5

And here are the new Orthaheel Stacey Ankle Boots I just purchased for this Fall.

Sammons Preston Orthaheel Tide (081596824 Women's Shoe Size:8, Pewter Metallic)
Sammons Preston Orthaheel Tide (081596824 Women's Shoe Size:8, Pewter Metallic)

Here are my Orthaheel sandals. They went everywhere I went this summer!


I've had Plantar Fasciitis and I wish I had known about Orthaheel back then! I believe it would have made a huge difference.

Excess pronation is what makes our legs stand crookedly! Here's a good explanation of how Orthaheel corrects it!

Here's a good review on the Orthaheel Relief Insoles.

The CEO of Orthaheel explains the benefits of Orthaheel.

What Kind Of Pain Do You Have When Walking?

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I'm so glad you stopped by! I hope that my review of Orthaheel products has helped you in some way. Please do stop and say hello before you go!

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