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Why Philippine Herbals: Philippine Herbal Plants and Products

Updated on February 9, 2011

Philippine Herbal Plants and Products

My fascination with Philippine herbals—Philippine herbal plants and products—started when I realized the importance of health and long life through herbal wellness. This was probably way back the early 1970s when I was in high school. The interest tripled when I began my stint in MLM or multi level network marketing.

Healing Wonders of Herbs

Good health, long life, and herbals are inseparable. You’ve got to go all-natural if you want to live a long and healthy life. The body was designed to take in only what’s natural—natural food—devoid of any synthetic chemicals or artificial processing. The body will naturally reject anything synthetic in the long run.

Body Daily Miracles

The body is also deigned to heal itself. When I first heard of this, I saw God’s supreme intelligence. God designed the body to perform daily repairing miracles (just imagine the work of antibodies, how white blood cells in fight off ailments, and how the red blood cells supply oxygen to the organs) we don’t see or notice. This miraculous health protection is enhanced by eating all-natural food. Herbal medicine is not really medicine because herbals do not cure diseases. They just help the body heal itself—something synthetic medicines can never help the body with.

If we go back to all-natural, we go back to God’s original plan: tip-top health. And that’s how I landed on the business of Philippine herbals, studying Philippine herbal plants and products. Why not European or African herbals? Why Asian and Philippine herbal plants and products? Well, it’s easy to see.

Budget Friendly Philippine Herbals and Philippine Herbal Plants and Products

I’m in the Philippines, in Asia, and it’s easier for me to deal with herbals locally based here. Moreover, Philippine herbals are very affordable. It’s the practical alternative for people with strictly limited budgets. Most Philippine herbals just pop up in garden corners and nooks and crannies. They even thrive in urban street corners ignored as useless weeds. Often, a strange ailment would break out, the cure for which would remain a mystery, and all along the elusive cure would be discovered to be a mere disregarded weed growing copiously in some abandoned property. Of course the titled and degreed and erudite would discard it as pure hullaballoo, even if thousands claim its healing effectiveness.

Like the Moringa

Take the Moringa, for instance. For centuries it was thought as just another green leafy vegetable you may add to your chicken soup just to have some veggie in your diet. Recently, the Moringa Craze fired up not just Philippine Moringa consciousness but other Asian neighbors’ as well. They’re planting tracks of land to it and exporting the leaves big-time. The leaves are processed into health pill and beverage forms. To think that once upon a time Moringa was almost set aside as poor man’s veggie.

Like Pancit-Pancitan

And there’s the pancit-pancitan that also suffered terribly from prejudice. They proliferate rapidly along brooks and creeks and any damp stone fence or wall. It has small red heart-shape leaves and the stem looks like sprouted mongo or noodle—hence its name pancit-pancitan, or imitation Chinese noodle in English. When brewed, it is a potent drink for cleansing purposes, especially the kidneys.

Herba Lynch

And many more Philippine herbals that pop up and thrive almost anywhere. Of course, we’re featuring Asian herbs as well to complete an oriental herbal wellness concept. HERBA LYNCH will feature these plants and products in more detailed blogs. Why Herba Lynch? I’d like to think of it as a village or hamlet of herbal ideas. Lynch is an old English word for a church in a hamlet where royalty went on Sundays. Later, lynch referred to such small and exclusive villages. Herba is anything of plants.

Keep in touch with us here on Hub Pages for herbal wellness. ;)


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      abi 5 years ago

      research topic ..

    • chrisanto profile image

      chrisanto 6 years ago from Philippines

      By taking herbal products life makes longer... a very good writing about herbal products. keep it up...