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Womens Health Issues - Top Causes of Post Sex Bleeding in Women and What you Can Do About It

Updated on February 26, 2008

After you have had sex, discovering that you are bleeding can be a scary thing for both you and your partner. However, although it is not discussed very often, bleeding after sexual intercourse is a relatively common occurrence, and many women experience it at one point or another in their lives. Just because it happens a lot does not mean it is something you can ignore, though. The causes of post sex bleeding can range from being simple and no big deal to being something serious and the sooner you can narrow down the cause of your bleeding, the better off you will be.

In fact, before taking a look at the possible causes for bleeding after sex, it is important to know that you should never make a diagnosis for this kind of problem on your own. Even if you think you know exactly why you have bled, a doctor should always give the final say on the reason, and the treatment, of post sex bleeding.

One of the most common reasons women experience post sex bleeding is because of a sexually transmitted disease. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are both notorious for leading to bleeding during and after sex because they can cause inflammation. These sexually transmitted diseases are easily treated by antibiotics and very common, so don't hesitate to approach your doctor if you think you have either or these - or any - sexually transmitted disease.

Trichomoniasis is another disease that can cause sexual bleeding. This disease is usually transmitted during sexual intercourse, but because a protozoan causes it, it actually can live and be transmitted via hot tubs, swimming pools, urine and even tap water.

Yeast infections are also behind a lot of cases of bleeding after sexual intercourse. If you know you have a yeast infection, it is best to abstain from sex until it clears up. Your yeast infection can easily be transmitted to your partner (who can then re-infect you the next time you have sex, and back and forth). Sometimes a condom can help in the transmission of yeast infections during sex (though not always), but even when using a condom, bleeding after sex when you have a yeast infection is very common.

Uterine polyps and cervical polyps can both cause post sex bleeding. You may not know if you have either of these until you visit your doctor. Cervical polyps are easier to deal with - they extend out from your cervix far enough that your doctor can remove them in the office. These kinds of polyps are usually painless and symptom less. Uterine polyps require a little bit more attention. They can cause spotting and cramping between your periods and need the remove surgically. Both of these kinds of polyps are benign almost 100% of the time.

Fibroid tumors within the uterus also can cause vaginal bleeding after sex. Again, it is unlikely you will know you have fibroid tumors unless you doctor goes looking for them. They are usually symptom free and almost always benign. Sometimes, these tumors are removed surgically, and sometimes they are left alone. However, if you have fibroid tumors, you cannot take birth control pills, as the estrogen will feed the tumors.

Although relatively rate, vaginal tearing can also cause post sex bleeding. If you believe you have experienced some kind of tearing during intercourse, you need to seek immediate medical attention, because you may be bleeding internally as well. Internal bleeding that goes unchecked could be fatal.

As you can see, post sex bleeding can be easily treated, but shouldn't be taken lightly. Don't avoid seeing your doctor and get these symptoms in check.

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    • profile image

      misti 3 years ago

      When ever i did sex its blooding everytime ! Dose it any problem plz tell me

    • profile image

      Maria 3 years ago

      Me and my boyfriend had sex with a condom and right after i went to the bathroom and when i wiped there was a little blood, and just took a quick shower, the next morning i went to the bathroom and wiped but there was no blood but later that night there was a little blood. I don't feel any different, the first night i was a little sore now i feel perfectly fine. my friends say after rough sex they bleed for a few days but then its over so its not a big deal, do you think its anything serious?

    • profile image

      chelsea 3 years ago

      Me and my boyfriend had sex today and the condom got stuck in me and when I pulled it out it was blood all on it and I'm still bleeding. Should I go to the doctor?

    • profile image

      Jamie 3 years ago

      So I had my period two weeks ago and I had sex with my husband once it was over and since I been spotting then Friday I was walking and felt like I was peeing my pants and I looked down and I was covered in blood then it stopped and went back to spotting and the my husband and I had aex last night and when I woke up I had blood on my pillow I use for between my legs I went to the er and they said I have irregler bleeding and I I could have fibroids and I need to make an appointment with the obgyn to be checked out better has anyone had anything like this before

    • profile image

      Yvette 3 years ago

      I just has sex last night. When I came home and went to the restroom I notice I was spotting a little bit so I just shook it off and when to sleep. As I woke up this morning I notice I was bleeding a lot more. It feels like I just started my period but I already had it last week, so I'm wondering why I'm bleeding

    • profile image

      cheezysmiles 4 years ago

      Recently I opted to get extremely inebriated and have great, passionate, and rough sex with my rather large partner. I have been overseas and practicing forced absence for about 3.5 years… this does not mean I have not been sexually active in this time. When I go on leave every 6-8 mos I usually meet up with a long time “friend” or “ex” to help me return to the mission. Anyhow, my sexual life since I have been back is not frequent but I have done it. During my recent excursion something extremely traumatic happened and we looked down and we are both covered in a massive amount of blood. GREAT! I was extremely traumatized and quite numb. We cleaned off and I remember him saying a few times that I should mention this to a doctor. The amount of blood was insane!!!! Okay, so after the “Carrie” film episode I am about to schedule a doctor’s visit. I know what they will do at the doctor and I am seriously 100% sure that I am ripped pretty bad. It has been 2 days and I am making the apt I just want to be healed before a pap (that shit hurts). I feel as if they ram that cold metal machine in me they may rip me more. In the meantime the advice I seek is in regards the amount of blood, seriously it seemed like sooooo much. I at first took into consideration that my cycle may be in order. This is not the case. I’m not a young buck I am 31, I just have a few questions before I go marching into the doc’s office. I do understand that we need to utilize more lube during drunken escapades. I wasn’t thinking at the time and now I just want to heal quickly.

    • profile image

      Erica 4 years ago

      I've noticed that the past couple of times I've had sex and gone to the bathroom to wipe myself and there's been a very small amount of blood.. i thought that maybe i shouldn't have sex for a couple of months but despite the wait it happened again last night. I've had a pap test done not long ago so I have no idea why this would be happening.

    • profile image

      Gen 5 years ago

      I'd say so, I've had this before where we've had sex unlubricated and without a condom and ive had pink spotting with a bit of blood when i wipe. I'd say that if it's not cleared up in a few days then go to the doctor and don't have sex in the meantime but if it's not sore after a couple of days and there's no bleeding it will be the rough sex that caused it.

    • profile image

      Rae 5 years ago

      My boyfriend and I just had sex early this morning around 1am. He was very rough with me and when I went to the bathroom after I got home I noticed a couple of really light pink spots in my underwear and after I wipped there was a little bit of blood. I just went to the bathroom again and there was still a little bit of blood. I'm kinda sore/tender down there right now but not to a point where I can't sit. We didn't use lube or a condom so is my bleeding just a result of un lubricated rough sex?

    • profile image

      Lucy 5 years ago

      Angela- Thanks for your reply. I think a visit to the doctor wouldn't hurt. The problem has mostly gone away. But I've started the pill recently and I have a bit of pinky blood that lasts a few hours again. I thought it might be something to do with that but I'll go to the doctor and check then report back. I think my mum had a cist there too so it might be likely.

      Rhi- I has this problem the first time I used a toy with my partner, I think we did it too vigorously because it hasn't happened since we take a bit more care. Also there are a lot of toys out there that aren't made of very good material (I did a lot of research on this before I bought one). It's not that uncommon for people to be allergic to some of the materials used to make the toys. It could be that you're having an allergic reaction after using it and I don't think there'd necessarily have to be any blood for this to be the case. For your health you should use toys that are 100% silicone (providing you're not allergic to it) and make sure the toy is phthalate free. Other toys can start degrading once you start using them and can absorb fluids which you'll keep putting back into your body. It may not be an allergic reaction though so I'd still say to go and see your doctor.

    • profile image

      rhi 5 years ago

      my partner and i have just brought toys into our lives and i like it but i get a sore belly the next day theres no blood but it feels like period pain im a bit worried that we have damaged something does there have to be blood for there to be something wrong

    • profile image

      latoya 5 years ago

      when i have sex with my boyfriend it bleeding durning the time is there a problem

    • profile image

      Angela 5 years ago

      Lucy I've been through what you have been through and I strongly suggest you go to the doctor. I went to the doctor and found out I had a cease growing and it caused a lot of blood down there.

    • profile image

      Lucy 5 years ago

      I had sex with my boyfriend yesterday, sometimes I have a bit of blood when he has used his fingers, I think either because it's a little too vigorous or because his nails (even though they are short) are a little sharp or angular because of the way he's cut them. Anyway after having sex with him yesterday there was more blood than I've ever had through the use of his fingers. That blood is normally pinky and is there after I go to the bathroom but there is nothing the next day. This was actual red blood and I still have it today. The quantity is much more and I noticed it coming out of my vagina as I was urinating. We were reasonably vigorous when we had sex, we used fingers also. I don't really want to go to a doctor but I'm a little worried that it's more than just rough sex that has caused this. I have just finished my period but I'm certain it's not that. There's no pain, just blood.

    • profile image

      Laura James 5 years ago

      Lovely hub for women..I love it very much..Wonderfully written relevant topic..I find it very useful.. Informative as well..Thanks a lot for sharing..:)


    • midnightbliss profile image

      Haydee Anderson 5 years ago from Hermosa Beach

      Good information. Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      Ami 6 years ago


      This has happened to me 4 times in the last six years. The doctors never know what I'm talking about. Basically, immediately after mildly rough intercourse with my boyfriend I start feeling excruciating pain in my lover abdomen that soon become a radiating unbearable pain that makes me want to throw up and pass out and sweat all over! The feeling seems to be worse than childbirth, and so I immediately jump in a warm bath and take a tylenol. I didn't go to the hospital today, and wonder if I should. Very serious complications from this can be a blood clot formation - which also has happened once before to me! I have PCOS and was told last time that I had a hemorrhagic cyst. But can that rupture from sex?? In A LOT of pain right now, and wish this wasn't such a rare situation.

    • profile image

      jean 7 years ago

      I have the same problem. I felt a little tear internally at the bottom of my vaginal and it bleeds internally. I never been with anyone as big as him before either. I thought it was normal to bleed but now the bleeding seems to be far worst and I'm starting to get scare because it hurts more n more everytime we do it. I decided to stop for a while until I can figure out what is wrong with me and hopefully go see a doctor today.

    • profile image

      Rae 7 years ago

      Hi Amber,

      I'm recovering from something very similar. I actually had to have one of my fallopian tubes removed from internal bleeding after sex. I've been trying to find cases like mine and I only found two, yours and a 12 year old virgin bride who actually died. Did you have to have surgery too? Have you been able to have sex since without injury? Do you feel like you have to be especially careful now? I'm scared of this happening to me again. I didn't think that we were being especially rough but it was someone new in my life who'd like to be with but I think he's been scared off by this crazy thing. He is larger than anyone I've bben with before but everything I've read says that his larger size shouldn't matter. I do remember it hurting when I was on my stomach and he was behind me. I'm just looking for answers. Anyone out there with a similar experience? I'd sure like to hear from you.

    • profile image

      AMBER 7 years ago


    • healthgoji profile image

      healthgoji 9 years ago

      Interesting topic - I would also think that poor lubrication would also be a cause.