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yeast infection in Pakistani children

Updated on April 13, 2013

Like any other infection, yeast infection in Pakistani children can disturb his parents a lot, as no parent can see children in pain. It is very uncomfortable for you to see your baby or toddler disturbed, irritated, or distressed, and you want to make everything better for him. As a young baby or a toddler can not describe what he feels, you have to know instinctively how to take care and cure yeast infection in your baby.

Symptoms of Yeast Infection in Babies:

Mostly in babies and toddlers, two areas are affected by yeast infection. It's either in the mouth, or in the diaper area. If the mouth of a baby is infected by yeast, then this is called thrush. These two areas are infected in babies because yeast require warm and damp environment to infect. If you found white patches in a baby's mouth, on gums and tongue, then the chances are high that your baby is suffering from thrush. In diaper area, symptoms of this infection are flat red rashes. Rashes can be worse if aggravated by friction. Your baby can be very irritating due to the yeast infection, specially during feeding time, or when you are changing his diaper.

How does your Baby get this Infection?

Your baby or toddler is more susceptible to yeast infection, if he or she is taking antibiotics or fighting off with immunized virus. It is because antibiotics can help useful bacteria to grow more rapidly. Another reason could be, In babies, immune system is developing, so they have higher chances of toddler chronic yeast infections.

It can be passed through parent or caretaker to babies. It is known that thrush can be passed to babies through breast feeding, or during the time of delivery. If you feed your baby with bottles, make sure that you clean them properly, as improper cleaning of feeding bottles is a common cause of thrush.

How can you Help your Baby?

For yeast infection on the diaper area of a baby, many pharmaceutical companies produce anti-fungal creams. These creams are suitable for the sensitive skin of babies. Before applying it on the infected area, apply the cream to a small area to test for any allergies. You can use anti-fungal cream every time you clean-up and change the baby's diaper, and the infection would be cured within a couple of days. As toddlers are highly susceptible to chronic yeast infections, you should always keep such creams at home.

If your baby is having thrush, you can use a good anti-fungal drops like nystatin liquid. Apply these drops with the help of a soft cotton ball, or you can also give these drops orally. But it is always recommended to consult a doctor before using any medication.

The use of anti-fungal medicines can cause some side effects like vomiting and diarrhea in children, so be ready to deal any such situation.

Good feeding and diaper changing habits can really reduce the chances of chronic yeast infection in your babies. Clean and sterilize feeding bottles properly, and clean the mouth of baby after every time you feed him or her. Use good quality diapers. Clean the diaper area with soap and water, and dry it thoroughly.


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