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Yoga Poses for a Flat Abdomen: Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Updated on October 5, 2014

What is Yoga? Yoga for Flat Abdomen

Yoga is one of the oldest systems of personal and spiritual development, which originated in India about 5000 years ago. In modern world, yoga is useful in rejuvenating and energizing the body, improving stamina and helping maintain a well toned body structure.

Yoga is often used in combination with meditation to ensure a complete relaxation of the body, mind and soul complex. Mudras are a yoga technique using the fingers; and are believed to attract positive energy and help control anger and irritability as well as instill calmness.

Yoga therapy is also very effective in aiding weight loss. Yoga has been found to be decidedly effective in getting rid of belly fat quickly and toning and shaping the abdominal muscles.

Cat pose helps in toning your abdomen
Cat pose helps in toning your abdomen

Yoga to Lose Stomach Fat: Cat Pose

There are various yoga postures that act specifically on the abdominal muscles and help in losing belly fat. Cat pose or ‘Majarisana’ is the best work out to lose belly fat. The Cat Pose is done as a sequence of two postures. It is important to establish a steady breathing pattern that will match the body movements. The steps of the technique are -

  • Kneel on the floor.
  • Now, inhale and dip the spine down, so that the buttocks are raised. Pull the belly inwards and raise the head up. The elbows must be kept straight.
  • Exhale and round the spine. Let your head fall in between the arms, such that the chin presses in to the throat.
  • Do at least 10 sets of inhalations and exhalation of the cat pose.

Yoga for Flat Abdomen: Camel Pose to lose Belly Fat

Ustrasana or the Camel Pose is considered the fastest way to lose belly fat; it gives the muscles of the abdomen a very powerful stretch. It tones up the muscles and promises you washboard flat abs! What’s more, it also exerts a beneficial influence on the spine, improving its flexibility appreciably; it also limbers the shoulders and the hands. this is how you do the Camel pose -

  • Kneel down. The tops of the feet should be on the floor. Place the hands on the hips.
  • Gradually, arch your spine backwards, and reach for the heels of the feet.
  • Roll your shoulders back and suck the belly muscles inwards.
  • Tip the head back.
  • Hold the pose and count 10.
  • Gradually, come back to the initial position and sit down on the feet.

Lose Stomach Fat Quickly: Yoga for Flat Abdomen

Several researches in recent times have pointed towards that fact that Yoga helps in sustained weight loss. There are two basic reasons for losing stomach fat:

  • Firstly the practice of yoga improves digestion, eliminates constipation, reduces water retention and improves blood circulation, all of which help in controlling the appetite and improving your sleep patterns. These factors improve the way the body metabolizes fats, carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Secondly, yoga practice, like any other exercise regimen improves endocrine functions and also tones up the muscles, which in turn is responsible for a well toned body.


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    • renee21 profile image

      renee21 2 years ago

      Great hub! I love yoga!

    • florajohns profile image

      florajohns 5 years ago

      Nice hub yoga is best for weight loss and meditation. Yoga can change not only in your physique, but also in your personality that have great confidence and has great inner mental strength as well. Thanks for Sharing.