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Bleeding in the Toilet? Perhaps You Have Piles?

Updated on August 28, 2013

What are Piles?

Piles or commonly known as hemorrhoids are not uncommon among the general population and indeed about 6 out of 10 persons that you meet on the road might have or suffering from it. Although piles are very common, most people simply do not know exactly what they are. Some even thought that they are cancerous cells that happen to grow down there but they certainly aren't.

Generally, piles or hemorrhoids are painful condition that develops in the rectal area. This condition is caused by the veins in the anal and rectal area that has become swollen and sort of inflamed. With the case worsen, it will eventually lead to bleeding, itching and pain especially when you are passing motion. In some cases even, sitting down on a chair will cause a lot of pain. Depending on which part of this area is affected, there will be different method of treatments to deal with. Piles vary in term of sizes and the degree of pain/discomfort that they cause. The intensity of these symptoms also depend to the progress that these piles has made.

Even if the symptoms that they develop are minor, it does make sense that you immediately pay a visit to your doctor or at least do a research on medical resources that can help you to get rid of them. Hemorrhoids do not go away if you do nothing to them; at least they don't heal entirely on themselves. So the moment you experience of suspect that hemorrhoids are developing, go and seek help. Well, even getting some ointments could do a lot on the piles.

Schematic Demonstrating the Anatomy of Piles
Schematic Demonstrating the Anatomy of Piles | Source

Types of Piles

Hemorrhoids can be classified into three different types, depending entirely on which area that they occur:

  1. External piles: They are found outside of the anus and you could always feel them by putting your hand around that area. You will feel the pain when you use a little force to press on them. Besides, they might also affect how you sit and walk, as they can cause plenty of pain and itching. This type of hemorrhoids could be treated with using topical ointments and warm baths. Occasionally, they can develop a blood clot and which can make them becoming quite large and extremely painful. In this case, you might need the doctor to remove the blood clot or even the entire piece of hemorrhoid in certain circumstances. Switching to high fiber diet and using a medicated pad might keep them in check.
  2. Internal piles: This type of hemorrhoids are located inside the anus and usually they aren't painful. However, they can cause bleeding frequently and which it is advisable that a check be done with the doctor. This is due to that many other illnesses that could have the same symptom.
  3. Prolapsed piles: This is actually an internal hemorrhoid that begins to bulge or fall out through the anus. The good news about this type of hemorrhoids is you know it as a hemorrhoid (unlike internal hemorrhoids) and they can go back up on their own or by simply using your hand to push them in manually. They might cause you a bit of pain and discomfort but they are tolerable. Prolapsed hemorrhoids might fall out again when you are doing your business in the toilet.

Suffering from piles
Suffering from piles | Source

Get rid of Piles

Treatment for piles varies depending on the condition of the sufferer. Past researches have found out that hemorrhoids seem to come from a genetic predisposition to this ailment. However, in most cases, the conditions is usually brought on by certain conditions that caused by the individual. And because of this, different treatment is used depending on the circumstances of each case. Normally, people would seek treatment for hemorrhoids with their local pharmacist first which whom should be able to provide help.

The person should start looking at the circumstances that aggravate the condition. For example, some people develop piles due to their jobs that require them to sit for long hours on their desk. Sitting around too much playing games and watching television lead the same thing too. So it is highly recommended that if you must sit on your place for long period of time, you should try to get up, do some stretching and have a walk as much as possible. This will not only good for your muscle but also alleviate the piles condition.

On the other hand, some people develop piles because of the way that they go to the toilet. Pushing too hard will exacerbate the condition and recent research has also found out that sitting can increase the pressure around the rectum area which again promote piles. Unhealthy diets also could lead to developing of hemorrhoids because of constipation.

Surgery is recommended as a treatment for piles, but only in the most chronic conditions. In most normal cases, a help from the physician is not even necessary. A consult with the local pharmacist will do, as he or she would be able to recommend a treatment. Quite often, the pharmacist will recommend some pills or creams/ointments for you to try out for a few day or week. Should the condition does not improve, he might then recommend different treatment or medication.

By the way, each individual should always try to figure out why they develop hemorrhoids in the first place. Change your diet if necessary (most common one) or get up and do more exercise. You should exercise for at least thirty minutes a day because it helps your blood circulation and prevent blood being clot up there. Besides, by providing this information to your pharmacist, he might get an idea on which type of ointment that is suitable for you and of course coming up with a healthy diet for you.

Don't panic if you found out that you have piles as there are many methods to deal with. Besides, hemorrhoids are not life threatening other than causing pain and discomfort.

Venapro - Natural Colon Health Supplement & Hemorrhoid Relief
Venapro - Natural Colon Health Supplement & Hemorrhoid Relief | Source

Hemorrhoidectomy (Hemorrhoid Surgery)

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  • Ahdilarum profile image

    Ahdilarum 3 years ago

    Applied ointment and got cured automatically.

  • WalterPoon profile image

    Poon Poi Ming 4 years ago from Malaysia

    A very informative hub. My dad had prolapsed piles (now only I know!), and I thought all piles are prolapsed! He visited quite a number of Chinese physicians but they couldn't help him and I never once thought of finding out more about it, thinking that it is something that even doctors find it hard to treat. Thanks for the enlightenment!

  • Minnetonka Twin profile image

    Linda Rogers 4 years ago from Minnesota

    My pleasure Ken-wonderful article. Still can't get over the word 'piles' referring to Hemorrhoids. Who Knew? LOL

  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 4 years ago from Malaysia

    Thanks Linda, oops... about the typo, I should run through it again. Thanks a lot for letting me know.

  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 4 years ago from Malaysia

    Thanks Q, Devika!

  • Minnetonka Twin profile image

    Linda Rogers 4 years ago from Minnesota

    You did a very good job explaining this condition. I had never heard the term 'piles' to refer to hemorrhoids. Thanks for educating me. Also, just wanted to let you know you have a couple typo's. Very helpful and educational article. Hit many buttons and voted up.

  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    An interesting health information about piles, you have certainly presented an informative hub, with a diagram and the explanation is to the point.

  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 4 years ago from Malaysia

    thanks for dropping by, Jo!

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    Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

    Good informative article, well done!