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How To "Look Good And Feel Good"

Updated on March 24, 2015
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Christine, a wife, mother and homemaker for over 30 years, has an NVQ3 in Childcare & Education & loves cooking, music, health & nutrition.


Imagine..this year you look great and you feel good!

Are you tired of feeling heavy and conspicuous on your long-awaited holiday? Are you fed up with looking at the average body on the warm, sandy beach and not feeling good about yourself? Here you can at last find some down-to-earth tips to help you gently change your lifestyle beforehand, so that you will be well prepared for easing yourself into that new swimsuit and enjoying that look good feeling as you effortlessly wander up the beautiful mountain that has been beckoning you from your hotel window. You might not aspire to be a young super model, but you can look young and keep healthy no matter what your age. Much advice today on body fitness can make you feel a failure and discouraged when you begin with good intentions, but after a while find yourself slipping back into old habits. By looking a little deeper and asking the right questions you can find the help you need to keep you on track for physical body health and fitness that will affect every part of you, your emotions and mind as well. So, remember our picture, where this holiday you look good and you feel good and let it empower you to change your life as only you can choose to do!

To Look Good, Feel Good- You Need A Goal

Do you want to get into shape for your holiday?

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It's Your Choice

Neglect requires no effort, energy or decision. It's choices that determine destiny!


Look Good With The Right Preparation

For Your Physical Body

When planning your holiday, it is worth considering whether your planned schedule is suitable for the average body or whether your enthusiasm for conquering the elements will require certain preparation. Here is your holiday physical body checklist:

  • If planning lots of walking, are your feet in top condition? Now is the time to see to the blisters, hard skin, nails, soreness etc, to give your feet the best chance possible to carry you through the scenic routes that you don't want to miss!
  • Sun, sun and more sun! Who doesn't plan this for their holiday and yet- when it comes we so often sizzle and burn. Now is the time to gradually introduce your skin to small amounts of sun each day. Take every opportunity to walk to work or sit outside for your tea break, but watch you don't burn before your holiday begins! Take care to drink plenty of water, which will keep your skin healthy in good stead for the dry climate that a sunny holiday often brings.
  • If planning a sporty holiday, begin by doing appropriate stretching beforehand. Especially important for sport such as skiing. No-one wants to incur a sports injury whilst away!
  • For all of you who are planning on wearing that holiday bikini, skimpy sundress or shorts, regular visits to the gym will tone your muscles and help to eliminate the extra fat that you really don't want to squash into your new outfit. Running or jogging will also help in the mission to acquire a figure that you will be proud to bring out into the sunshine. Failing that, invest in a good keep-fit dvd to keep you at it and give you goals and encouragement.

Look Good, Feel Great!

How long has it been since you did something you'll remember for the rest of your life?

Be Good To Yourself Or A Friend With Fresh Food

Look Good Feel The Benefit With The Right Diet

Most holidays are taken in the Summer months when there is more fresh fruit and vegetables in season. Now is the time to stock up on your vitamins and save money by buying seasonal food. It will taste better and increase your stamina for your well-deserved holiday. The vitamins will also help to increase your resistance to any foreign germs lurking around that your body may be more vulnerable to. Choose fresh salads that will save on preparation time when you could well use that extra time for your holiday preparations, but you will be doing your body a favour too. Start preparing yourself mentally and get in the mood for trying new foods by visiting your local market or delicattesan where you can often find different food to wet your appetite from other countries.

Then there is the diet! If you really want to look good for your holiday then it might be time to take stock and assess your diet. Choose a diet that will become your new lifestyle that will remain with you long after the initial few weeks. Once you feel the good, as long as you are able to eat proper food, you will be able to carry on if you know that you are being good to yourself. Keep off processed food and invest in a cookbook that will inspire you and help you to prepare some exciting new dishes. It doesn't have to be a difficult, time-consuming process! So choose a healthy way of eating and try new foods that you haven't tried before, that include all the required groups of nutrients. If you are unsure what these are, then take a look at these books that will teach you what your body needs and then set yourself the goal that your holiday presents.

A Good Read To Inspire And Aid You On Your Journey

You Are What You Eat!

Mark Bittman's Quick and Easy Recipes from the New York Times: Featuring 350 recipes from the author of HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING and THE BEST RECIPES IN THE WORLD
Mark Bittman's Quick and Easy Recipes from the New York Times: Featuring 350 recipes from the author of HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING and THE BEST RECIPES IN THE WORLD

Find out here what you can eat, including easy and quick recipes, to acquire more than just an average body and mind!

Discover what Kevin Trudeau and Mark Bittman have to offer on healthy eating and body diet!


When You Feel Good - there will be no stopping you- but first-

How often does your body complain by giving you a headache or the flu, when really you need to stop and think about your lifestyle for a while. When did you last allow yourself to imagine, dream, even pray? How often do our holidays carry on our stressful way of life, just in a different location, but we return just as exhausted as when we went! Now is the time to prepare your mind. Think about what you want to achieve in the next few weeks and months and let your holiday be a springboard into new beginnings. Here are a few resources to help you, such as a relaxation cd and massage chair! Enjoy- it's only a click away!

Let This Relaxing Music Make You Feel Good

50 Classics For Relaxation (2 CD)
50 Classics For Relaxation (2 CD)

Get yourself in the mood, in the right frame of mind. Allow your mind to empty itself of all the stress that the last few weeks and months have brought. Give yourself some breathing space before you go away to stop and relax. If you can't find the time now for yourself, then who says that it will happen even whilst on holiday? If you truly want to benefit from this holiday, remember that you are more than just a body! You have a mind and spirit too that, if not taken care of, will affect the rest of you.


Your Feel Good Song- Just Leave Your Comments Here!

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    • Wednesday-Elf profile image

      Wednesday-Elf 6 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      I'm not planning a holiday, but I AM planning to lose the 'winter weight' I've acquired and 'look good' again (or at least fit comfortably into my clothes again). :-). Thanks for this informative lens.

    • profile image

      wishgirl 7 years ago

      @WriterBuzz: Thanks for this! Have just been over to view your lens and found it very informative. Have lensrolled to mine.

    • profile image

      WriterBuzz 7 years ago

      Hi there, I just found your lens and really liked it. I gave it a thumbs-up and liked it, because the information is so relavant in today's high stress world. Thanks for providing it, and keep on lensing . . . I just did one on Migraine Headaches that might interest you .

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 8 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      Nice lens.

      Thanks for lensrolling my My Quest to Become a Loser (Weight Loss) I will roll this back as well.