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Best Zumba Dance Shoes - Ryka Studio D - #1 Instructor's Choice

Updated on February 3, 2011

Zumba Dance Shoes for Safety

Zumba Fitness Dance exercise is a great way to lose weight and get into shape. It's fun, it's inexpensive, and it works! But like most exercise programs you sometimes need specific gear to do it safely and correctly.

With Zumba Fitness that important piece of gear is the shoes. And as with any product, you can pay top dollar for the best gear, or you can be a smart shopper and get the same "best gear" without having to pay full retail.

The Ryka Studio D dance sneakers are the #1 shoe recommended by certified Zumba instructors, and this shopping guide will give you direct shopping links to the lowest prices on the Net.

Zumba Dance Shoe Features
Zumba Dance Shoe Features

Best Zumba Dance Shoes Features

Zuma dance instructors stress the two most important features a good Zumba dance shoe must have:

  1. Minimal Traction - NOT no traction like slick-soled dance shoes, just not a lot of traction like regular sneakers or running shoes. Zumba dance fitness exercise routines include a lot of lateral, (side-to-side), and spin movement, shoes with too much sole traction will make these movements harder and could actually easily cause twists and sprains.
  2. Foot Support - It is very important that your Zumba shoes provide the right kind of support and cushioning for your feet. This includes good arch and sidewall support, and good impact cushioning. The arch and sidewall support will protect your feet from "rolling" in the shoe during your routines, and the insole and sole cushioning will evenly spread the impact forces caused by the up & down and weight-shifting moves in the exercises.

Of course there are several good brands that fill these needs, but the Ryka Studio D line is the brand that use and recommend as their #1 dance exercise choice.

ebay Buyers Protection Program
ebay Buyers Protection Program | Source

Why You Should Check Out ebay First

Of course you can go ahead and pay the $65 to $95 retail price that you find at retail stores, and most online sites, or you could check for your size @ $36.50 for the same brand new, in-the-box shoe on ebay.

A Note About the New ebay

Today's ebay is not the "fleamarket" of its early years. There have been a lot of changes. Striding to become the largest and most trusted online market place, ebay has instituted several new programs designed to guarantee the buyer that:

  1. Your purchase is fully guaranteed
  2. You are buying from reputable, established sellers
  3. if you purchase is not what you expected - you get your money back!

Just look for the "Top-Rated Seller" icon by any listing and you will know you are buying from a respected vendor.

Ryka Dance Sneakers for Zumba

Ryka Dance Sneakers for Zumba
Ryka Dance Sneakers for Zumba

The Ryka Studio D Dance Sneaker

The Ryka Studio D Dance Sneaker has all the features Zumba instructors recommend, plus the reputation for quality and style that comes with the Ryka brand.

Here is the company promo blurb about the Studio D's features:

The Studio D XT is a studio shoe for high-impact gym workouts, such as aerobics or dance. The combination leather-mesh upper provides lightweight breathability and features HF welding and etching for support. A Nitracel sockliner allows high rebound and resiliency and the Archto heel TPU shank provides torsional rigidity

A note about the fit:

This style tends to run small. For an accurate fit it is recommended that you go a 1/2 size larger than your normal shoe size.. For example, if you normally wear a size 7, we recommend purchasing a size 7 1/2, or even an 8 if you plan on wearing heavier socks

Check ebay For a Ryka Studio D in Your Size

Sexy Zumba Fitness Clothing
Sexy Zumba Fitness Clothing
Zumba Fitness Dance Shoes
Zumba Fitness Dance Shoes
Zumba Fitness Workout DVD's
Zumba Fitness Workout DVD's
Wii Zumba Fitness Game
Wii Zumba Fitness Game

More Zumba Fitness Dance Resources

More than just looking good - it is important to wear the right type of clothing for your Zumba Workout

Zumba routines include a lot of sliding steps, and the proper type of exercise sneaker is important for safety and performance

Go beyond the Wii Zumba Fitness with these Zumba Fitness DVD sets, including the Official Zumba set that includes 2 Zumba wands

Have your Zumba Fitness routine in your own living room, anytime you want. You gotta see this one.

Zumba Fitness Dance

Zumba Fitness Dance DVD's Workouts
Zumba Fitness Dance DVD's Workouts

Zumba Fitness Dance Clothes and shoes

Sexy Zumba Fitness Clothing and the right Zumba dance shoes will make your Zumba Fitness Dance exercises more fun and enjoyable. And you can warm up with them using your Wii Zumba Fitness game to practice in your own home. Don't forget to get the right Zumba shoes to go with your yellow Zumba cargo pants. And if you want more you could always add the official Zumba Fitness workout DVD's.


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