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6 Best Homemade Christmas Gifts Ideas

Updated on November 11, 2017
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts | Source

Homemade Christmas gifts are more special over store bought expensive gifts as they come from the heart. The affection and efforts you put in making a gift at home will surely surprise your loved one. Your friends, family, teacher, neighbors would be amazed to receive handmade gift because it reflects that the person really cares for you. These are good Christmas gifts, which are personal as well as beautiful. Here is a list of 6 gift ideas from my side that make your this festival celebration merrier.

Homemade candles are perfect Christmas gift
Homemade candles are perfect Christmas gift | Source

1. Homemade Candle is a great Christmas gift

A beautifully crafted candle is a good gift idea for your friends, parents or neighbor. If you wish to make a candle for Christmas gift, resources are easily available in market. You can purchase all the ingredients to make a candle from a craft store. The things you will need are:

  • Paraffin or candle wax,
  • candle wick,
  • colors,
  • glass jar or container.

The first step to make a gift candle at home is to melt the wax at low heat. Add color and fragrance to it when the wax get heated. Scented oils are used for fragrance. Let it cool a little bit before pouring it to the jar or container. You can use an old pickle jar or an empty talc container. Before pouring the melted wax, adjust the candle wick in the middle of jar with the help of a rod or stick. Let the melted wax cool down and set for one day.

Your handmade Christmas gift is ready to unfold its light and love. I personally like the fragrance of jasmine for candles and it is also one of the most popular perfume scent oils. If you are confused about selecting a fragrance , you can give it a try.

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2. Fabric painting is a cool gift idea

A self painted pillow, cushion cover or T-shirt would be a nice thought for homemade Christmas gift. You need

  • fabric,
  • fabric paints
  • and brushes.

Fabric painting will represent your affection and care for your loved one. This art opens up endless opportunities to play with the brushes.

For fabric painting, you will require cotton or cotton mixed polyester fabric. Write a Christmas saying or message on the fabric. Paint it with your chosen fabric colors with the help of brushes. You can also draw or trace any Christmas picture like Santa coming your home, Christmas tree, Christmas decorations.

A painted shirt, cushion or bed sheet with Christmas best wishes will express your warm wishes and love. Christmas gift will get more personalize with fabric painting idea.

Gift a plant that lasts long
Gift a plant that lasts long | Source

3. Grow potted plants to gift this Christmas

A flowering potted plant grown at home would be a graceful Christmas gift idea. Colorful flowers which are easy to take care and that lasts many months would be perfect for Christmas.

  • Christmas cactus,
  • Christmas fern,
  • poinsettia,
  • tulips,
  • winter camellias,
  • winter aconite are some plants name that spread cheeriness in winter season.

You can transplant a pre grown plant at home or can grow them by seed to gift it to your friend as a Christmas gift. If your friend is a health freak, you can gift him an self grown herbal plant.

Bring decorative pots, potting mix and plants at your home. Grow flowering plants or indoor plants that are beautiful and vibrant. The ability to be easily carried is the best thing about a potted plant. Lovely looking potted plants are best Christmas gift for parents and grandparents.

Handmade woolen Gifts are Best
Handmade woolen Gifts are Best | Source

4. Knit scarf is a great handmade traditional gift

What could be a better gift than a hand knitted woolen cap or shawl in the winter festive season? If you know knitting then there are numerous options to make a gift for Christmas eve such as

  • caps,
  • scarf,
  • shawl,
  • bags,
  • purses. The best thing is that crocheting patterns are available free online.

Handmade knitted sweaters are really warm, so it could be a perfect gift for your kids and grandchildren. This Christmas season learn knitting or crocheting to gift a handmade sweater to your little one.

Fragrance Pyramid
Fragrance Pyramid | Source

5. Special fragrance for special ones

Homemade fragrance instead of market bought perfume would make your friend feel special. The recipe of homemade perfumes is simple. It is a special Christmas gift for special ones.

You can create your own perfume for Christmas gift with the help of essential oils. First of all,

  • choose carrier oil that has no color and fragrance of its own such as sweet almond oil or jojoba oil.
  • You have to add essential oil or fragrance oil to this carrier oil in a ratio of 20:80. If you have 80 drops of jojoba oil then 20 drops of your favorite fragrance oil has to be added.

Take three kind of essential oils as per your preference. You have to add the three essential oils in a particular order such as first

  • 10 drops of base note (sandalwood ),
  • 5 drops of middle note (lemon grass)
  • and last the 5 drops of top notes (rose, jasmine).

Now, add around 6 tablespoons of full grain alcohol or good quality vodka to the previous mixed oils. Shake the bottle well. All this oil mixing should be done in a dark, dry bottle.

Keep the bottle in a dark place for one to three weeks. Transfer you homemade perfume for Christmas in a decorative bottle to gift it to your loved one.

6. Homemade food for far living family members

Everyone loves receiving homemade food on Christmas. It could be

  • jam,
  • pickle
  • Christmas cake,
  • cookies,

or anything that you can prepare with love. This is a gift that can make your son or daughter feel alive on Christmas. If you are a daughter or son, you can surprise your mother with your baking or cooking expertise. This would be a best gift for mother on Christmas.

I love to bake fruit cake for my mother and kids on Christmas. They all love this gift.

No doubt, homemade products make great Christmas gifts. They are natural as well as inexpensive. Making your own gift is a novel idea that the receiver will surely appreciate.

© 2014 Neha Sadana


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    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Wonderful suggestions, Neha!

      I always prefer home made gifts for loved ones. They have a personal and emotional touch with them.

      Nice hub, voted up!