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Fairy Costumes For Halloween

Updated on November 4, 2015

Halloween Fairy Costumes

If I could be anything other than the Witch that I am, it would be a Fairy. I would then be called the Halloween Kitchen Fairy because I am sure I would still love to cook and bake Halloween recipes. And there would probably be lots of Fairy recipes and cupcake ideas I would share with you. But right now, I want to take a look at some Fairy costumes for Halloween. So...get out the Fairy Dust and let's get looking!

You can find one of these lovely costumes in womens, womens plus, teens, girls and baby no matter how big or small or old or young you are...there are even a couple of fairy costumes for can get the costume you want this year for Halloween.

Fairy Costumes For Halloween Come In All Shapes And Sizes
Fairy Costumes For Halloween Come In All Shapes And Sizes

What Are Fairies?

What Kind Of Fairy Costumes Are There?

Fairies are magical creatures who have special powers. You can find many stories and explainations and even names for these small beings. The are called Sprites, Fay, Faerie, among others. They are depicted as good and evil depending on which version you are reading. I like to believe they are good...all the Faries I ever met were amazingly kind and sweet creatures. And they were all beautiful, even the dark ones. Yes there are dark fairies, but they aren't dark as in evil...they are the fairies who protect us in the night. At least, that's what I believe!

What kind of Fairy Costumes are there? Looking at this lens you will find woodland, blossom, gothic and dark fairies. You will also see some of the fay you are familiar with like the Tooth Fairy, the Fairy Godmother and Tinkerbel...and her friends, Silvermist and Vidia. As you can see there are many different kinds of if you see one you don't recognize don't be alarmed!

The Littlest Fairy Costume For Kids - Look At This Beautiful Baby Fairy Costume

What could be sweeter than a Baby Fairy?

FashionWings (TM) White Feather Angel Wings for 6-18 month Baby, w/Halo, Poster
FashionWings (TM) White Feather Angel Wings for 6-18 month Baby, w/Halo, Poster

Look at this beautiful and soft baby costume. The lovely, feathery wings, the halo and your precious baby...put them together and you have the sweetest baby Halloween costume I have ever seen.


Pick Your Favorite Costume From This Page

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What Is Your Favorite Fairy Costume?

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Halloween Costume Fairy Wings - You Need Wings For Your Fairy Costume Ideas

Fairies have wings. Some are dark, some are light, some look beautiful and brand new, others might look tattered and torn, some are large and some are small, but all fairy costumes start out with wings. I happen to think that all these wings look beautiful, each in their own way. You can see what I mean in these Fairy Wing Pictures.

Fairy Costumes That Include The Wings - Get A Costume Set For Halloween

Save money and pick a costume that has everything included. It's more expensive to buy costumes ala carte...get one where all the accessories you need are included. An expensive addition to a fairy costume is the cost of the wings, but with these outfits the wings are included! There's a picture of everyone's favorite fairy, Tinkerbell, included in the gallery below.

Dark Fairy Costumes - Girls Like To Dress Up In Fairy Costumes

There are many popular Teen Halloween outfits with a fairy theme. The Dark and Gothic Look have been very popular the last couple of years and that trend will continue. You can see why with the costume pictures below. I think they are amazing.

Girls Fairy Costumes - There Are Many Different Types Of Fae Costumes

Some girls enjoy the magic they feel when the dress up as a fairy. I just happen to be one of those girls! I am a grown up girl with children of her own, yet I can still feel those magical vibes when I am near anything that is sprite like. Everyone knows who Tinkerbell is, she is a Disney character from Peter Pan.

The Woodland Fairy Costume

The Woodland Fairies are usually dressed in fall colors. They live in the woods and forests and the colors they wear help to keep them hidden from strangers. Many wonderful and famous stories include these Woodland Sprites, one of the most famous is William Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream.

The Blossom Fairy Costume - Spring Blossoms Inspired These Costumes

You can see how spring blossoms had to have inspired this costume look. The light, beautiful colors are all found in the flowers of spring. There are outfits for every size girl!

Baby Fairy Costumes - Look At These Adorable Baby Costumes For Halloween

If you have a little girl who fits into baby or toddler size costumes, you have got to see these outfits. The Baby Fairy Costumes are simply beautitful. Pick from colors like pink, blue, lavender and green and dress your little girl up like the sprite she is.

Who Doesn't Know The Fairy Godmother? - It's A Fairy Godmother Costume For Halloween

Everyone knows who The Fairy Godmother is...right? It's a famous character from many old stories, including Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. The Godmother is the one who helps and watches over these princess characters. And it's a fun Halloween costume too.

The Tooth Fairy Costume For Adults

Here it is, that famous character who is know for coming and collecting all the teeth that fall out...and if you've been good, he usually leaves a gift of somekind...sometimes it's even money! You can see pictures of the Tooth Fairy costume for men or for women and you can also find the Movie. It's a fun film for a family movie night.

The Tooth Fairy - The Tooth Fairy Is A Costume

The Tooth Fairy is a movie starring Dwayne Johnson, Julie Andrews and Ashley Judd. Johnson stars as a hockey player who must serve as a Tooth Fairy as punishment for his rough on the ice behavior. He is knicknamed the Tooth Fairy because of all the teeth he has knocked out of other players mouths. It's a fun film with a great cast...and it's a funny costume idea too.

Adult Fairy Costumes - Adult Costume Ideas For Halloween

I have listed every kind of Fairy Costume there is and now it's time for the adults to find some for themselves. Are you like me? Do you always get your kids costumes first and wait until the last minute for one of your own? Well, here's a fun selection, in fact, they are my favorite grown-up costumes with a fay theme. So go ahead, get one and be a Sprite!

Fairy Costume Reminder!

Remember To Pick up your Fairy Halloween Costume Today!

Barbie Fairy Makeup Tutorial

Here's a makeup video to show you how to create a fairy look with makeup for Halloween. This particular look is for the Barbie Fairy can use this or use any part of it to create a beautiful look for your Halloween costume.

Coat Hanger Fairy Wings - Make Homemade Fairy Wings

Costume Fairy Wings - How To Make Fairy Wings

Fairy Wing Templates

These templates are for the instructions on how to make your own cellophane wings from the video above.

You will need:

A spray glue like Elmer's Craftbond 4-Ounce Adhesives Spray Glue

3 pieces of poster board, any color

Fiskars Fingertip Craft Knife

Set of knife replacement blades

Clothing iron

Any kind of cellophane - NOT SHRINK WRAP - Shrink wrap will not make a good wing

Extra Supplies

Tissue paper

Rubbing alcohol


Acrylic craft paint

Stiff paint brush


Spray paint - the paints may cause small wrinkles in the cellophane

Spray glitter

Coat hanger

Metal snips/garden snips

Epoxy/hot glue

The spray glue and cellophane will last you several sets of wings.

Tell me which fairy costumes you like best and why, or tell me what one you really did not like and tell me why! You are already here, why not just stop in and say "Hello"!

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