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season for all

Updated on December 13, 2010
while on a trip to Florida
while on a trip to Florida | Source
Cleveland Elementary School Tampa,Fl  1955
Cleveland Elementary School Tampa,Fl 1955 | Source
Fresh back from WW2
Fresh back from WW2 | Source
Died August 2010,pre Kidney Transplant
Died August 2010,pre Kidney Transplant | Source

Once again we are faced with an issue of weather or not to let the fat man come down the chimney. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just turn the clock back about 40 years or so and let our children see just what we did at Christmas.

With all the different religions fighting for the top spot in December it feels like we have sold out to the extremist. Christmas was always a holiday for kids and grownups alike. Now we have to ask our boss if we can have a little Christmas party and who will it offend.

Do we need this type of behaviour in our lives anymore, no I think mine and your ancestors have paved the way with blood and sacrifice in at least four wars. I don't think that Americans mean to eliminate any other tradition for anyone else for what ever celebration that is proper for them. However I really don"t care who is offended by life and beliefs in Christmas. We will never come together as a whole country if we can't even agree on Christmas. So many people has simulated the American way of life to become as American as any of us.

My friend when you look in the eyes of a grandchild or your own child and you see no predigest of others at all I can't help but feel these are learned traits picked up from very hurtful parents or other adults in these kids life that just have no good feelings for others at all. We must all figure out how to give a child a fair chance to experience for them selves a life build by then for them. Things are changing for sure and not always in our favor.

Let us all rediscover Christmas in your own religion respectfully without any bias to others. We all walk in different shoes coming from very different backgrounds and family beliefs. Sometimes we just need to let go of those feelings that harbour our deep seated memories that may have torchered us for years.

This may be the year that all of us will either come to find ourselves or enter upon a great and difficult venture to salvage our country. I do hope we can all get on the same page and fight for our lost freedoms and way of life. We need to show out kids how to be strong, love and fight for whats rights by a standard associated by the general public. The south has a strong belief in family and religion as well as most other communities in the country. We must find in our hearts what binds us as a civilization and a people . We need to feel import to our family and true to our ancestors who molded us into the fine people we are today before the attempted change of the human structure or political correctness brought upon us by the will of others.

In closing I'm here to say that with the influence of my Norwegian ancestors I would not be the man I am today. I'm sure this is true for every household and community in the country. Let no man or woman be lead my the nose into a lifestyle not spiritually associated with our own past.

In closing let this Christmas be an awaking to all of us and stand up and be heard for we are all good people and we do deserve the respect of each other. I have been giving a new lease on life that I could not have done by myself without the help and gifts from so many here in our town.

               Merry Christmas from me and my family to all my extended family in Dawsonville,Ga


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