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10 Affordable Valentine's Gifts to Pick Up for Someone You Love

Updated on January 8, 2010

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. What are you going to get for the person (or people) that you love? There are many big things that you can get for someone - jewelry, clothing, a trip out of town. However these things aren't always right for the occasion. Maybe you just started dating someone new and don't want to go all out yet because doing so could prove to be awkward. Maybe you and your spouse have agree to a frugal Valentine's Day this year. Maybe you like to pick up little stuff for friends on top of the gift for your partner. Whatever the reason, a lot of people feel like they want to get Valentine's gifts for others but that the traditional gifts won't do. Here's a look at ten affordable Valentine's Day gifts that it's totally appropriate to buy for someone this year.

1. Valentine's Novel

The chick lit book pictured here isn't actually about Valentine's Day but rather about a woman named Valentine and the adventures she gets herself into. This is the perfect gift for a sister or best friend that you want to treat to something nice on Valentine's Day. Any Valentine's novel or book will do for this type of gift.

2. Chocolate

The most traditional gift that you can get for someone which is still sweet and affordable is chocolate. A box of chocolates is something that you can give to basically anyone in your life. Give it to your lover. Give it to your brother. Give it to the partner of your best friend. Recognize love in this traditional way and celebrate the season without spending too much money. Foreign chocolates are ideal since they're a little bit exotic!

3. Gourmet Dinner Gift

Treat the person that you love to an indulgence of all of the senses. Get them a great dinner for Valentine's Day. You can take them out to a romantic dinner on the town. You can cook for two inside of your own home. You can send a gift certificate for a great dinner to someone who is located too far away to enjoy the day with you. Food is always a treat for everyone and sharing great food with someone is definitely a way to say I love you.

4. Massage Oil

Want to give a sexy gift to the person that you love? Order them some romantic massage oil. Then give them a terrific Valentine's Day massage. Almond oil is a popular choice but of course there are many fancy oils like Kama Sutra oils or tantric oils. Spoil yourself and your partner at the same time with this little Valentine's gift!

5. Perfume or Cologne

Get the perfect scent to give to someone else. Choose a new perfume that you think she would love but would never treat herself to. Buy him a new bottle of the cologne that he always wears. Pick up a scent that you wore a lot when you first met and wear it to your Valentine's Day date to evoke memories through smell. Choose to find a great way to bring this sense alive for Valentine's Day. It's a little gift that can have a lot of meaning if you do it right!

6. Valentine's Day Clothing

Pick up an item of clothing for the person that you adore. Cheesy heart-adorned boxers, lacy red lingerie, a silly T-shirt with a Valentine's Day saying ... any of these might do depending on the type of relationship that you have with the person that you're presenting a present to. Don't forget that buying your own sexy Valentine's outfit is a way to treat your date to a nice surprise as well. Get something that can last for awhile to save money in the long run. Have fun with it!

7. Romantic Movie

Pick up a Valentine's Day DVD for the people you want to share this special day with. If you've got a bunch of single bitter girlfriends then have a movie night and watch something like I Hate Valentine's Day to give yourselves a laugh. If you've got a lover who likes to watch romantic movies then pick up a classic and settle in together for a good night. Stay in, pop some popcorn, enjoy watching something that you might not normally see. It's a great date night and one that's affordable.

8. I Love You Gift or Trinket

You can say I love you with a gift without it being taken too seriously. Any little trinket or kitschy gift that says "I love you" on it is a great little thing to give someone for Valentine's Day. Keychains, photo frames, talking stuffed animals and things like this are fun ways to express to someone that you care about him or her without having the message put a lot of pressure on that other person. Find something fun and light hearted that doesn't cost a lot of money and go with it!

9. Teddy Bear

Speaking of stuffed animals, a teddy bear does make a great Valentine's gift. This is another one of those things that you can give to virtually anyone. Get a manly bear for the guy in your life, a cutesy bear for your niece, a red heart bear for your new girlfriend. Add to it with a card, flowers, or some other little gift. Or don't. The bear will do just fine all on its own. If you happen to know that the person you're gifting likes an animal other than a bear then getting a stuffed animal that suits him or her.

10. Wine

Wine is always an appropriate Valentine's Day gift for anyone who is of legal drinking age. Get a wine that you know they'll like. Or get a bubbly which just suggests romance. Or take the person that you like to a winery for a tasting. You don't have to get all tipsy and light headed to feel in love when you're drinking wine with someone who is special to you on Valentine's Day. Live it up! Cheers!


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  • profile image

    KellyEngaldo 8 years ago

    Wonderful! I would only change the book to a poem. I think poetry is a lost art and Valentine's Day is so perfect to celebrate poetry. Great hub! One of my favorite holiday!

  • akirchner profile image

    Audrey Kirchner 8 years ago from Washington

    Great hub and great the way you put it together with the amazon lay-outs. I did not know you could do that so learned something new! Audrey