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10 Amazing Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Updated on July 31, 2010

An item for his hobby

Men often have expensive hobbies like fixing up cars, playing guitar and playing with electronics just to name a few. If you look deep enough however, there are small, inexpensive items that every hobbyist needs. For example a guitarist can never have enough guitar picks, and an extra SD card why be just what the doctor ordered for a photo buff.

Take him on a date

Feeling a little sneaky? A gift certificate at a restaurant or concert tickets will create a fun night out for both you and him. Be careful however, he sure to pick a restaurant or band that isn’t one of your top picks (probably more like “not bad” in your world) but he loves. This will express to him that you put his needs first when you buy him a gift. He will love you so much for it that you will be sure to have a blast.

Personal care and grooming items

Is his Gillette shaver looking a little long in the tooth? Some men tend to hang onto items far past the “expiry date”. Identifying a grooming item that needs to be replaced and acting on it is a much appreciated gesture. Shaving sets, boar hair hairbrushes, nose hair trimmers and shower gel are among the most popular choices.

Tickets to the game

Is your husband obsessed with a particular sport? If so, pack two tickets to the game into his stocking and expect great results. Consider local sports teams as it will be cheaper and cuts down on commute. This could potentially be a great time for you as well if you like watching sports with your man.

Toys for computer geeks

There are three items any true tech geek needs. An antistatic wrist strap is one of the most important as it ensures that he won’t accidently fry the components of his computer when he has the case opened up. The second is a nice toolkit designed for working with computers and gadgets. Hi-tech items tend to use tiny screws and these kits have everything covered. Lastly, a USB flash drive is a handy device geeks can’t get enough of for moving data from one computer to the next.

Cheap fashion accessories

Leather driving gloves, scarves and wool socks are timely gifts that a man can put into action right away during the winter months. Sometimes looking at accessories your man already loves can be the best source of inspiration. Perhaps he uses extremely worn out driving gloves and hasn’t replaced them because in his mind, “they still work fine”. Giving him a new pair of gloves that look similar (or are a little nicer) shows that you notice what he likes, not what you want to dress him up in.

Music and movies

Did his favourite band just release a new album? Buy him a hot new release before he gets it for himself later. Perhaps he has movie he watches often on VHS and hasn’t got around to upgrading it to Blu-ray. If your guy likes home theatre at all (and most do), he will appreciate the improved picture and sound and also the fact you are paying attention.

Small tools

Home improvement do-it-yourselfers are huge on tools. If your man salivates when looking at the Home Depot or Lowes catalogue, this suggestion is a no-brainer. A multi-purpose screwdriver, Allen key set or Leatherman multi-tool are nice ideas if they are something he needs. Keep in mind that you may be getting him something that does a job he already has covered. If in doubt, get him a gift certificate at his favourite hardware store.

Cigar stuff

Cigar cutters are popular gifts and are great if needed however an even better bet is often a cigar. There are tons of choices out there so stop by a local cigar chop and ask for advice. If you know what type of cigars he prefers it may be best for you to stick to that brand. Connoisseur types will appreciate it more if you buy a good cigar he hasn’t tried yet or smokes rarely.

Keychain stuff

Manufacturers have found a way to attach nearly everything to a keychain. Yes, there are some tacky ideas out there but there are also great ones. Remember that men love utility. If there is something that is handy on rainy days or every day, chances are he wouldn’t mind having it on his keychain. This ensures he won’t forget it when going out. Keychains relating to hobbies are the best choices out there.


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