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10 Reasons to Look Forward to Autumn

Updated on November 26, 2017

Warm Jumpers

Nothing beats a warm, soft, snuggly jumper, especially when it's paired with comfy leggings and your favourite pair of boots.

I love summer dresses as much as the next woman, but there's something about the first chill in the air that makes me delighted to break out my autumn wardrobe. The weather may be getting colder, and the mornings might be dark and chilly, but it's a great excuse to indulge in a few cuddly wool jumpers and chunky cardigans.

Warm jumpers are second only to snuggling under a cosy blanket, preferably with a sleepy puppy.


Apple Everything

When I say apple everything, I mean apple everything. There's no excuse not to be excited about the arrival of Autumn since it means apple season is finally here. Apple picking, apple eating, caramel apples, apple pies and even just going into the supermarket and ogling the displays of crisp, rosy red apples are all great autumn activities.

I love drinking hot spiced apple cider in the evening whilst enjoying a good book. I like adding apples to sweet and savoury recipes - they are a great addition to stews as well as cakes. Oh, I forgot to mention applesauce - I LOVE apple sauce. I'm not the only one who just eats it with a spoon, right?


My favourite holiday of the entire year. There is no excuse not to be a fan of Halloween. You have:

  • Goofy costumes
  • Pumpkin beer and alcoholic cider
  • Parties with friends
  • Adorable Halloween outfits for puppies and children
  • Apple bobbing and caramel apple decorating
  • Carving pumpkins
  • Watching The Nightmare Before Christmas

Anyone who is down in the dumps about the end of summer NEEDS to get on Pinterest and look at the abundant and delightful Halloween costumes, crafts and goodies which can keep you occupied indoors as the evenings get shorter and long summer walks are no longer an option.

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Bonfire Night (5th November)

Anyone in America heard of this wonderful little festival? If not, go and google it - it's yet another reason why autumn should be your favourite season of all time.

In England, we celebrate the fact that some guy didn't blow up our entire parliament several hundred years ago on the 5th November. I don't really know why, but it's worth doing even if you don't care about the history.

5th November is all about fireworks, bonfires, delicious festival foods and more fireworks. There are hundreds of huge celebrations all over England - and you might even find some in America. If not, make your own - invite your friends over for sparklers, booze and a crackling log fire and find yet another reason to love autumn. Think of it as November's answer to 4th July.


Which season is your favourite?

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Gorgeous Scenery

Admit it, you were getting a bit tired of all that summer sunshine and oppressive heat anyway, weren't you? As soon as the leaves start turning, you know that autumn is truly here - and that's a fabulous thing!

The first month I ever spent in America was October, and I was stunned by how gorgeous the scenery was - the sheer vibrancy of the reds and oranges was enough for me to decide there and then to forsake my homeland. Well, that and a few other things (like my husband). But mostly the leaves.

Autumn is the best time of year to go to a state park or national park and enjoy some of the most spectacular views America has to offer. That goes for the rest of the world, too. Autumn is hands down the most beautiful season.


Baking Pies

Don't love baking? At least you can appreciate the array of delicious treats on offer in supermarkets and bakeries.

Fan of baking? Then cheer up, it's pie season! Pies are my absolute favourite thing to make and eat. Sure, summer has its own delicious fruits for pie-making, but who wants to bake pies when it's hot outside? The crisp autumn air is perfect for baking pies.

The classic is warm apple pie, possibly drizzled liberally with caramel sauce - but why stop there? Enjoy the end of the summer bounty with peach, blueberry and strawberry pies, and embrace pumpkin, sweet potato and blackberries as other pie filling options.

If you can eat it, you can put it in a pie - so make sure you celebrate autumn by doing just that.


Pumpkin goodness comes in many forms...

  • Pumpkin coffee
  • Pumpkin beer
  • Pumpkin cookies
  • Pumpkin pasta sauce
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Pumpkin patches
  • Pumpkin carving

All Things Pumpkin

My husband used to hate pumpkin. That was before I came along and brainwashed him with my crazed pumpkin love. Now he can't get enough of it - in beer, muffins, cookies, coffee, and pretty much every other edible form it comes in. Pumpkin is my new favourite thing about autumn.

Pumpkin patches are amazing, and a great activity to do with friends or family. Carving pumpkins is another great autumn activity. Making your own pumpkin pie spice, pumpkin syrup for coffee and drinks, and pumpkin puree for, well, everything, are all awesome things to do in autumn.

Am I the only one who just recently discovered pumpkin beer? I'm totally buying 12 cases and drinking it all year round.

Yeah, me and my husband are pumpkin freaks!


Crisp Walks

Summer evenings are the perfect time for a lazy stroll, but autumn comes with its own charms - crisp air, crunchy leaves, a brisk, richly scented wind and, of course, cosy scarves, jumpers and boots.

One of the best things about autumn is going outdoors and enjoying all the season has to offer. I love just heading down the street while the trees are changing, but if you can go one up and spend the day in the countryside or at a state park, even better!

Cosy Evenings In

Oh yeah - no more 'it's so nice out it's a shame to stay indoors'. Autumn is the time to fully embrace the inside of your own home. Get out the blankets, put the kettle on to boil and set about choosing your favourite DVD. Chilly evenings were invented for movie marathons.

As much as I love outdoor activities, early nights bring with them the excuse to snuggle up on the couch and enjoy being warm.

My husband and I have taken to getting into bed an hour early and watching an episode of our current TV show. A few times we've even taken blankets out onto our roof and enjoyed the cool evening from the warmth of our toasty cocoon. Forget sticky summer nights, welcome the cosy evenings in.



It might be an English thing, but did anyone else have to do that weird thing at school where you had a 'Harvest Festival', but they shouted at you if you brought in any actual vegetables? It all had to be canned goods so they could send it to underprivileged people in other countries.

Cans or not, it's a great idea to help others. Personally I prefer sharing the actual harvest - zucchinis, squash, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and all the other wonderful things which are harvested in autumn.

It's a great season for food - warming soups and stews, delicious pie (it deserves a double mention since I always eat a double serving) and plenty of yummy vegetables. Autumn is a great season for anyone who loves to cook. And if you don't love to cook - give your harvest to someone who needs it!

What do you love the most about autumn?

Share your favourite autumny things to do!


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