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5 Top Birthday Party Ideas for Preteen girls

Updated on September 18, 2015

For us lucky ones who are in the process of raising a preteen girl we all know how she may be experiencing the preteen mood swings and want nothing to do with us and all of a sudden its all about her friends.. But despite all that we love our child and want to win her over with a fun, creative and different birthday party that will surely make her like us again. Okay maybe that was a little much, but at least we can pull off a great party!

1. Spa Day with friends

If your teen is like mine, she loves to be pampered, so why not have a spa day with friends. A couple of my daughters friends have been having these parties lately and it's a big hit. Have your daughter gather her friends and go to a local nail and pedicure salon and have the girls get their nails done. This will be a hit and why not join them and get a little "you" time while your at it! It's by far a win-win situation.

2. Movie Night

This is similar to number one but can still be just as fun. Why not ditch the hassle of a party at home and the clean up afterwards and take the kids to the movies? After all going to the movies is the "cool" thing to do. Toss in some popcorn, candy and a drink and your set! Do make sure to choose an age appropriate movie and check with parents to make sure they approve as well.

3. Go to a cooking class

There are a lot of local cooking classes available for kids. This would be a great way for your teen to hang out with her friends and learn a new recipe. My daughter loves being in the kitchen with me, which is the only way we bond lately. Cooking is always fun especially when you get to eat it after wards, thus avoiding the issue of where to take the girls to eat!

4. Painting Class

For those creative and artsy gals, why not go to a painting class. This is a fun way to get the girls together and still have some creative fun. Some places will even host birthday parties. The greatest part is you don't need to worry about goodies bags, each girl can simply take home their art work!

5. Slumber Party

Who doesn't enjoy an old fashion slumber party?! You can bring out all the tricks for this and show the girls what it was like "back in the day" when girls would actually talk to each other in person instead of on their cellphones. Slumber parties are always fun and you can incorporate 1-4 party ideas. For instance have the girls help make cookies or the birthday cake.Maybe you can have an art station and have everyone create some artwork for the birthday girl or a spa station to pamper each other. When its time to calm the girls down just throw in a DVD!

Preteen and teen girls can be difficult to please but think about the things they are into such as friends, food, fun, makeup, etc. and then think about what you can do to incorporate her friends and have a successful birthday for her. I hope these top 5 ideas help and inspire you so far they have worked for me, good luck!


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