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10 Christmas Gifts for Difficult People

Updated on November 16, 2011

Wine Club: The Gift that Keeps on Year-Round.


Everyone has at least one family member or friend who is difficult to buy for each year whether it's a parent, child, sibling or friend. Either they have everything, or have enough money to purchase whatever they want for themselves, or maybe they just have a different type of personality that you don’t get. There is a special gift out there for everyone. You want a gift that is heartfelt and sentimental, but also you want to give them something they can use. Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts for difficult people:

  • Wine or Beer Club – This is a great gift for people who are regular wine drinkers, or the beer connoisseur. Most clubs give you the option of signing up for one month to one year. Some offer monthly payment plans as well. Some also offer you the option of white, red or a mixture of the two. The beers are not your normal domestic, but seasonal or international depending on what you choose. This is a great gift that keeps on giving after the holidays.
  • Gift Bag of Goodies – If you don’t know of one “big” thing that special someone in your life wants, think of a few small things. The idea of this is that you’ve paid attention. This works especially well for women. The sentiment just seems to be a little more when you know that someone has really been listening to you. Look around and find out what type of perfume she wears and buy the matching lotion. Pay attention to the smells they like and buy candles or reed diffusers with similar scents. Purchase a gift card from their favorite restaurant or store. The ideas are limitless.
  • Dinner and a Movie – Give a dinner and movie gift card combined or separate for a much-deserved night out. If your friends or relatives have small children, provide a certificate for one free night of babysitting as an extra bonus. They’ll feel extra special that you are not only providing them with a date night, but also care enough to provide your time and effort.
  • Spa Gift – Spas have gift packages ranging from a simple manicure to the works for an entire day of relaxation. Give your sister or mother a gift they may not give themselves. They’ll appreciate it no matter the size.
  • Magazine Subscription – These are particularly good for parents of small children with a subscription to crafting magazine like Disney’s Family Fun or even Martha Stewart. Anyone who enjoys a little relaxation, helpful tips or even mindless entertainment once in a while will enjoy this gift. Subscriptions are generally very inexpensive, especially around the holidays, some offering buy one get one free. This keeps on giving year round as well so they’ll think of you every time they check their mail.
  • Christmas Dinner – Maybe your mother or sister always takes on the responsibility of making dinner for the family at Christmastime. Offer to make the entire Christmas meal for the family this year. This could be a welcome break for someone who has other stresses in their lives. If they insist on making something suggest they make one or two of the side dishes instead of doing the whole thing. Taking the pressure off this year might be the gift they were looking for.
  • Personalized “Something” – Personalized Christmas ornaments or stocking are always a welcome present. Other ideas include a personalized mailbox, M&M candies, photo skin covers for phones and tablet pc’s, travel mugs, and more.
  • Framed Artwork – Take your niece or nephew’s artwork and frame it for their parents. This is an easy idea that doesn’t cost a lot. Parents love to display their children’s artwork. Give them a fancy frame to do it in.
  • Letter from Santa – Send a child a letter from Santa. The letter can be personalized as much as you wish with their favorite toys and other personal information. Put a smile on a child’s face.
  • Recordable Book – If you are far away from your family at Christmas nothing will put a bigger smile on your relative’s face than a book with your child reading to them. Everyone loves The Night Before Christmas no matter how old they get. Alternatively, grandparents can record themselves reading the book and send it to the child. Military servicemen and women can record their voices for their children so they can go to bed each night listening to their parent’s voice. This is a great gift for many occasions.


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    • S McNasby profile image

      S McNasby 5 years ago

      Spa gift.... I hope people who love me are reading this list. :)

    • TheBoldBlend profile image

      TheBoldBlend 6 years ago

      Great ideas! I find that when in doubt, wine and beer are typically well received.

    • moiragallaga profile image

      Moira Garcia Gallaga 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Very relevant topic and thanks for the suggestions. I'm sure for all of us there are a handful of people who are "difficult" to find presents for.

    • miss butterfly profile image

      miss butterfly 6 years ago

      Very useful suggestions!!! I have MANY on my Christmas list who are somewhat "difficult" to shop for....and they are all family members!! Thanks for sharing. Voted up :-)