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5 Cheap Christmas Gifts for Nerds

Updated on December 1, 2013

Got a geeky guy? Can't think of a gift? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse

If your beloved geek is a gamer, then this mouse is a must have. Nothing is more frustrating to a gamer than when their keystrokes don't send or their mouse doesn't respond properly. Nobody likes trying to fight off orcs when they're suddenly stuck looking at the sky!
The Razer is a dual sensor mouse, meaning it uses both an optical and a laser sensor allowing it to be calibrated to any surface. The buttons on the left side of the mouse are adjustable, allowing it to fit into the hands of any gamer comfortably. And to top it all off, they used a braided cord! This prevents it from tangling up as easily as a standard mouse, ensuring full motion freedom at that critical moment.

Gallium is a silvery metal that many mistake for mercury, because of their shared properties. With a melting point of only 85 degrees, you have yourself a chunk of metal that will slowly melt into a liquid while being held in your hands.

Mercury isn't too popular thanks to it's toxic properties. With gallium, you don't have to worry about this. Play with it as much as you want! I can imagine making a cast out of one's favorite Warhammer figurine. Bring it to a game and show your friend this cool new collectors figurine. Turn your back for a second and watch them freak out as it suddenly melts in their hands!

Dazzle your friends by turning a puddle of oil into a...hedgehog? Ferrofluid uses iron nano-particles and oil, causing a liquid that will react in the presence of a magnetic field turning into a spiky little...spiky thing.

Ferrofluids are actually used fairly often for many applications from computer hard drives, to MRI scans. Unfortunately, these applications don't make for good play toys.

My personal favorite. This toy actually provides function, allowing you to see a bit better at night while filling your glass; as well as giving you a visual temperature indicator. Awesome. Who doesn't want a faucet that dispenses glowing water? I sure as hell do.

Special Note: Prepare to see rising water bills as your guy begins finding nonsensical reasons to turn the faucet on.

We love our soda. Whether we're mixing up a batch of Rum and Coke or just need some Mountain Dew to make it through the night, we're never excited when we run out (Or when we have to clean up all the cans). Introducing: SodaStream. Yes, this thing does actually work. It uses no electricity and comes with a big Co2 cartridge that can be exchanged at vendors all over the place for about $15. They have their own line of soda syrups, one to match every flavor of soda out there, as well as an energy drink and some flavored waters.

While you probably won't be too happy with him if he's up at 2am making soda, (It does make a pretty god awful sound, but only for a second) you will love not having to carry out bags of soda cans or lugging home soda from the grocery store. On average, the SodaStream soda's will cost you about 25 cents per 12 ounces (a standard can) of soda, including the Co2 used.
For the really savvy, I also learned a method of acquiring a 5 gallon box of Pepsi syrup. Had to modify the measurements a bit, but I now make real Pepsi even less money.


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