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Great Gift Ideas For Your Friends And Loved Ones With Chronic Illnesses

Updated on January 25, 2017
Gina Welds-Hulse profile image

Chronic illness warrior and natural health coach and advocate, Gina helps others thrive beyond the challenges of chronic illness.

Christmas decorations are down, and up come the Valentine's Day decorations. Some stores may even have those green decorations symbolizing St. Patrick's Day.....but for purposes of this hub let's focus on Valentine's Day.

"What do I buy the person who seems to have everything?" Holiday gift giving gets even trickier when it comes to buying the perfect gift for someone who has something they don't want – a chronic illness. So instead of picking up another box of chocolates or mug and cocoa set from your local drugstore, consider the following gifts. These products range from funny and unique to practical and necessary – most of all, they're perfect for anyone suffering from a chronic illness, such as cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, migraines and so on. No matter which gift you choose, your special someone will appreciate the thought and love involved.

Below is a list of gift ideas that will let your sweetheart feel special, while helping to reduce the stress of living with a chronic illness and support health.

Dammit Dolls

Dammit Dolls

For those of us suffering from chronic illness, moments of frustration occasionally happen. I seem to have a lot of those lately, since my surgery just 8 weeks ago. Being in pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can be daunting, frustrating. Luckily, Dammit Dolls (and some great pain medication) come to the rescue!

“Whenever things don’t go so well, and you want to hit the wall and yell, here’s a little dammit doll, that you can’t do without.

Just grasp it firmly by the legs and find a place to slam it. And as you whack the stuffing out yell ‘Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!’”

Dammit Dolls are a fresh twist on stress relief dolls, come in a variety of colors and include a funny and uplifting poem on the front. Best of all, you can pull the doll's hair, throw it against the wall or whack the crap out of it when illness is stressing you out.

  • stress toy for adults
  • perfect gag gift for a colleague, family member, student, friend, or for yourself
  • handmade of high quality material
  • durable enough to sustain a mean squeeze
  • owner is encouraged to bang it off of your desk at home or at work
  • relax and take a moment to take out your frustration on the The Dammit Doll
  • You'll love the laughs your Dammit Doll gag gift will bring to friends, colleagues and family!

A Spa

What I wouldn't give for “Twenty-four hours in a hotel suite. Jacuzzi, dinner in my room, sweet plush bed and glorious, uninterrupted sleep! And a killer massage.”

Okay, so you can’t afford the $3000 hot tub, but if your loved one is able to get into the tub (many people can’t, so double check) give the gift of a bathtub jets spa.

Amazon sells the Conair Thermal Bath Spa Mat for under $100.

Features include:

  • Soft, cushioned air mat turns bath into bubbly massage spa
  • 8-foot flexible air hose
  • Power canister motor features hi/lo/off switch
  • 6-foot power cord with ALCI safety plug
  • 1-year warranty

Time and Help

What do I want for Valentine's Day, or any time of the year, actually? “A maid. I know that sounds selfish, but I’m really struggling to keep up with chores, and I don’t really have any one to help."

The less functional the person is, the more they would probably appreciate the gift of time and help.

Can you help with:

  • grocery shopping?
  • Gardening?
  • Cleaning the gutters?
  • Putting up the Christmas tree?
  • Putting away the Christmas decorations?
  • Sweeping?
  • Dusting?
  • Preparing meals?

Think about what they might need done and make that your gift.

If you don't have time to help, you might consider hiring someone, such as a housekeeper or landscaper, to come do a really thorough job or tackle a daunting project.

Gift certificates to do a chore that fatigues him or her, such as those from Molly Maid Service or these other house-cleaning services, washing dishes, doing laundry, mowing the lawn, or childcare, are great gift ideas for those with chronic illness.

Make sure to follow through!


Beauty products such Triderma

Radiation and chemotherapy can be hard on skin, sometimes causing itching, peeling and redness. Triderma's unique healing skin cream can help minimize radiation's skin-damaging effects and possibly reduce the need for breaks, so you can stay on track with treatments. Made with Certified Virgin Aloe and botanicals, this cream is a must-have for anyone undergoing radiation.

Chemotherapy treatment is also used for many people who suffer from the autoimmune illness, lupus.

When Selena Gomez announced that she had been diagnosed with lupus, many people were shocked to hear that the young singer was taking cancer-fighting drugs to treat her condition.

However, the use of chemotherapy medications for systemic lupus erythematosus, or SLE, is already familiar to people with this autoimmune disease.

Triderma's specialized formula contains natural botanicals that are proven to help heal and help prevent:

  • damaged skin
  • redness
  • burning
  • skin discoloration

It is also formulated to help provide minor itch relief.


Warming Items Such as Fishbellies

Most of us are cold a lot of the time, and when we get chilled we can have a hard time warming up. These days, you can find a lot of things that heat up.

There are, also, a lot of microwavable products are on the market, such as mocrowaveable neck pillows or "rice bags."

Some other great ideas include:

  • blankets
  • slippers
  • scarves
  • a fun umbrella
  • gloves
  • a pair of ear muffs
  • can of spray defroster, if your loved one has to be places when the car windows are going to frost
  • heating pad
  • warm socks
  • hand warmers
  • cozy neck wrap.

If you’re creative, give her a hot water bottle and make a liner that will make her laugh. During those cold winter months this will be a nice reminder of your friendship. A few new throw pillows can liven a place up too. Buy something soft and comfy to lie back on or prop a leg up on.

Warm socks, a cozy bathrobe, plush slippers or other warm clothing may be a good choice as well.

The big things to consider with this kind of gift are:

  • Make the fabric is ultra-soft and the product itself isn't heavy against the body.
  • Be sure the product is easy to care for (i.e., machine washable) so it doesn't take work to use it.
  • With electric products, check to see if the heat turns off automatically so it doesn't become a hazard if they fall asleep, or if brain fog strikes and it doesn't get turned off.
  • Items that use water, such as heated foot baths, could be too heavy or require too much cleaning.

Fishbellies is an ideal gift for anyone suffering with chronic pain or achy body parts. Fishbellies is an eye-catching microwave corn bag that can be used as a heating pad or freezer cool pack. This product is 100-percent cotton and filled with the largest surface area corn kernels to hold heat for hours. Did I mention they're also beautiful?

Cast aside your hot water bottle and bag of frozen peas! Pamper and soothe achy body parts with Fishbellies. Zap in the microwave and use as a heated neck wrap or to warm up on a cold night due to the weather or a rift in your relationship. Perfect post surgery or post workout, for back pain, neck pain, labor pains, arthritis, shoulder pain and sports injuries. Store in freezer and use for migraines, vasectomy, wisdom teeth, boo boos, bug bites, hot flashes or to help reduce swelling. Fishbellies are the perfect "get well" gift to cheer your loved one, and measures 29" long x 8.5" wide.

Keepsake box

A keepsake box or memory box, typically made from wood, is used for storing mementos of a special time, event or person. They are often created or purchased to mark life's major events like a christening, wedding, birthday, or First Holy Communion. They may also be given for sad occasions of bereavement, such as the stillbirth of a child, when a keepsake/memory box helps with the grieving process. This sort of a keepsake box may be personalized with a person's name, design or picture.

We know you're going to be showering your girlfriend with lots of love notes on that special day. Why not get her a pretty gift box to keep all of her notes of encouragement.

Remind her to get it out and read things when she is feeling down.

Start to fill up the box yourself a few weeks before giving it to her. You can clip articles, comments, scriptures, funny photos. If you wish, put them in envelopes that say, “When you’re feeling like no one understands” or “When you need a good laugh.”

Let her friends know that it would be encouraging if they would start sending her items or notes to add to it in the new year too!

Protein and Rehydration Powders such as DripDrop

DripDrop is the first medical-grade rehydration powder, developed by a Mayo Clinic physician and available over-the-counter at CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade and more. I know firsthand the importance of hydration when dealing with a chronic illness and how a simple product like this may have saved me from many hospital visits. DripDrop is a precise ratio of salts, potassium, sugars, etc,. with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They come in handy packets you can mix into any water bottle. Take it from me, a simple gift like this to your loved one will be greatly appreciated. Hydration is a major player when dealing with chronic illness.

Practical sleepwear like this is great for anyone with a chronic illness.
Practical sleepwear like this is great for anyone with a chronic illness. | Source

Practical Sleepwear

Over the time that I have been diagnosed with lupus, I have met many other lupus warriors, as I like to call ourselves. One of the common complaints is that of "sweats." One dear friend speaks about having to get up frequently during the night to change clothes due to sweating.

Designed by a breast cancer survivor with the chronically ill or cancer patient in mind, Lusomé is an incredible line of sleepwear that

  • keeps night sweats away.
  • crafted with dryLon, moisture wicking fabric
  • keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep
  • a proprietary technology that pulls perspiration into the fabric surface where it evaporates
  • it helps prevent overheating and damp bedclothes from a variety of health issues.

Women will appreciate the practicality of this gift, in addition to the luxuriousness and beauty of the Lusomé line, but it is not for women only. Lusomé also has a line of practical sleepwear for men.

Bathroom Aids

This might not the most glamorous gift to give someone, but anything that lessens the time spent sitting on the throne, in addition to helping with elimination, will go on my list.

You've probably heard of the Squatty Potty. Recently there has been a lot of discussion about bathroom posture.

Shortly before Christmas in 1978, the leader of the free world came down with a severe case of hemorrhoids. The pain was so bad that President Carter had to take a day off from work. A few weeks later, Time Magazine asked a proctologist named Michael Freilich to explain the president's ailment."We were not meant to sit on toilets," he said, "we were meant to squat in the field." He's probably right.

Michael Freilich isn't the first doctor to suggest that sitting on toilets might be unhealthy. By the 1960s and '70s, the idea was relatively commonplace. Architect Alexander Kira argued in his 1966 book The Bathroom that human physiology is better suited to the squat. According to Bockus's Gastroenterology, a standard medical text from 1964, "the ideal posture for defecation is the squatting position, with the thighs fixed upon the abdomen."

My youngest son has been squatting for a while. When asked he does it, his response was, "It's much easier and it just slides out so much faster." In our home we don't use the squatty potty. We have been using a simple stepping stool that doubles to help my son be able to see in the mirror when he is brushing his teeth.

However, the whole idea of elevating your body into a squatting position has been verified. So, if you have a loved one who you feel could benefit from this device, this would be an ideal, much appreciated gift.

If you would like to leave the bathroom fresh for the next visitor, there is the Squatty Potty Bathroom Spray that is made of:

  • 100% REAL GOLD NANO-PARTICLES - Attract and attack odors, killing them on contact
  • NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS - Trap odors above and beneath the water line which leaves the room smelling fresh
  • MADE IN USA - Formula created by Squatty Potty using high quality, non toxic ingredients
  • AVAILABLE IN 5 UNIQUE SCENTS - Citrus Squeeze, Mystic Forest, Tropical Dropsicle, Fruity Booty & Pinch of Vanilla
  • LONG LASTING - Each bottle is good for 200 trips to the porcelain throne

More On Why We Should Perfect Our poop Pose

Educational Books Or Magazine Subscriptions About The Related Health Condition

One of the best gifts that I can think of is knowing that a loved one took the time to learn about the illness that I am dealing with. It shows that he or she cared enough to learn about my illness and my journey with chronic illness.

If you have a loved one who is battling a chronic illness, buy the best book you can find about his or her health condition and commit to reading so you can better understand how to support your loved one’s journey and discuss it with him or her. Again, make sure to follow through. One book that really helped me and my family was the Lupus Encyclopedia.

If the person is newly diagnosed or is really struggling with symptoms, an easy-to-understand book might help. A lot of good books are out there, but so are a lot of bad ones.

  • Avoid those that claim to hold the "cure" or promise good results—nothing is proven to help all of us.
  • Stick to major publishers and widely distributed books.
  • Check online for reviews from readers.
  • Skim parts of the book to see if it's approachable and not weighed down with too much medical jargon.

Other ideas are a magazine subscription. You can find that and other great ideas for friends and family with chronic illnesses here:

10 Great Ideas For People With Inflammatory Illnesses Like Lupus Or Rheumatoid Arthritis

Wrapadoo Hair Aid And Accessory

Wrapadoo. After reading some incredible testimonies from cancer patients and those suffering from Alopecia, I just had to include Wrapadoo. This specifically designed and patented fitted towel is perfect for anyone experiencing loss of hair or warmth from chemotherapy side effects, etc. Crafted with two layers of baby blanket softness and knit cotton, Wrapadoo can help make a woman feel feminine and luxurious even during the worst of times.

About the Product

  • 2-In-1 hair styling towel & shower cap
  • No head flip or twist required
  • Healthier, longer lasting blow-outs, anti-aging hair protection, less stress and breakage
  • Enhanced, enriched deep conditioning treatments and overnight masques (even lice removal)
  • Soft, comforting warmth, lush, plush and lightweight

DVD membership such as Netflix DVD Club


Time Fillers

Many of us spend a lot of time in bed or on the couch, and things that fill down time can really be valuable to us. Ideas include:

  • Adult coloring books with markers or colored pencils
  • Small, hand-held video games (especially brain-training games)
  • Puzzle books (don't forget mechanical pencils)
  • Books (for those with good cognitive function)
  • E-reader
  • Hobby/craft supplies for activities they enjoy

Is your loved one a movie buff? Give the gift of movie rentals via postal mail through a service ($7-15 a month) for a year. This is one of those presents where you will get a call back to say "Thank you" for again and again.

If you're willing to keep up a subscription as an on-going gift, these can be great options:

  • Video-streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime)
  • By-mail movie rental subscription
  • Magazine subscriptions


Give The Gift Of Music

Give a compilation CD of songs that will encourage your loved one when encountering a challenging day.
If you know someone who is 18 years or younger, there is an organization, Songs of Love, that will actually write a song for an ill child. See . Also, consider buying books on CD if she loves to read but can’t always focus long. Or get her a shower CD player to help make the transition to the shower easier on those sore mornings.

Research has shown that music has a profound effect on your body and psyche. In fact, there’s a growing field of health care known as music therapy, which uses music to heal. Those who practice music therapy are finding a benefit in using music to help cancer patients, children with ADD, and others, and even hospitals are beginning to use music and music therapy to help with pain management, to help ward off depression, to promote movement, to calm patients, to ease muscle tension, and for many other benefits that music and music therapy can bring. This is not surprising, as music affects the body and mind in many powerful ways.

I've put together a great list of encouraging songs to help you get started.

Sleep Aids

Sleep is always an issue for people who suffer from a chronic illness.

People diagnosed with chronic illness must adjust to the burden of the illness itself, as well as to the treatments for their condition. The pain and weakness that chronic illness patients experience have a large impact on their daily lives, including sleep.

Patients often have trouble sleeping at night because of their illness, and are sleepy during the day. The illness may affect a person’s mobility and independence, and change the way a person lives, see himself or herself, and/or relates to others.

How does a massage to the nervous system sound? If your loved one is looking for a non-pharmaceutical sleep and relaxation aid, consider a Dreampad. Dreampad stands apart due to the unique way a user hears music. Music is sent as a vibration, which travels internally and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (our nervous system's relaxation response). This product may just help your special someone deal with anxiety and insomnia.

The Dreampa delivers music through gentle, calming vibration which only you can hear. This process brings about a relaxation response from the body and mind which has been aptly described as a “massage to the nervous system.”

The Dreampad reduces anxiety and improves sleep for multiple populations: from children and adults with light sleep issues to those experiencing developmental difficulties and trauma.

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Address auditory sensitivity

Essential oils can also be used as sleep aids. Some of the best essential oils for enhancing sleep are:

  • Lavender
  • Valerian root
  • Chamomile
  • Clary Sage
  • Sandalwood
  • Ylang Ylang

Here is a great essential oil blend for Sleep

  • 3 drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops roman chamomile essential oil
  • 1 drop ylang-ylang essential oil
  • 1 drop clary sage essential oil
  • 1 drop marjoram essential oil

Gifts Of Fun Memories

Anyone suffering from a chronic or terminal illness can always use encouragement. Considering almost everyone carries a cell phone or tablet, what better way than to use that as the perfect "pick me up" tool?

Casetify lets you take your favorite Facebook photos (or photos saved on your computer) to design a one-of-a-kind case. Designs can be created in a variety of ways, with filters and other extras. It's an ideal way for your loved one to regularly be reminded of fun memories and the special people in his or her life.

  • A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST - Featured On E! & Good Morning America, Casetify iPhone 6 Cases Are Backed & Trusted By Celebrities Such As Hilary Duff, Jamie Oliver, Lionel Messi, Kobe Bryant And Snoop Dogg.
  • FASHION MEETS FUNCTIONALITY - Celebrate Your Individuality With Our Extensive Collection Of Interchangeable Back Plate Designs To Match The Occasion. You Don't Have To Keep On Changing Your Phone Cases Anymore, You Can Simply Change The Design Of Your Cell Phone Cases By Changing The Back Plate. The Best iPhone 6 Case Out There - One Case, Endless Possibilities! - Check Out Our Back Plate Designs Here:
  • PERFECT FIT - Designed Specifically For Apple iPhone 6/6s (4.7 Inch) ONLY, Our iPhone Cases Serve Both As An iPhone 6 Case & iPhone 6s Case. Unlike Other iPhone 6 Phone Cases, You Won't Have The Hassle Of Realizing Your Phone Doesn't Fit The Case You Ordered Online.
  • SLIM-FIT PROTECTION - Our New StandardTM Hybrid iPhone 6 Protective Cases Have Been Drop Tested From 4-ft High Onto Concrete, From Every Angle. Our iPhone 6 Bumper Case Offers Adequate Protection, Without The Extra Bulk.
  • METICULOUSLY ENGINEERED - Crafted Out Of High-Grade Soft Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) & Hard Polycarbonate (PC), Absorbs Shocks & Is Scratch Resistant. Raised Bezels Protect Both The Front & Back Of Your Apple iPhone, Precise Cutouts Provide Complete Access To All Buttons, Camera, Speakers & Ports.

Other gifts of fond memories may include:

  • Taking your sweetie to the place you met, or where you fell in love. Make sure to plan ahead for factors like weather and healthy food along the way.
  • Creating a handmade scrapbook of your good times together, and leave room at the end for more photos!

Therapy In A Bottle Hemp Massage Cream


Luxury Massage Accessories Or Functional Body Products

Hemp-tastic massage or other functional body product from Therapy In A Bottle are:

  • great Doctor-approved and recommended
  • made with all natural, organic ingredients
  • safe
  • functional
  • effective
  • alternative to prescription medications
  • gift ideas for anyone with a chronic illness

Please, check to ensure that your loved one is not allergic to any of the ingredients first.This luxurious oil blend produces a warm sensation when applied to skin, and finishes off with a cool, refreshing feeling. It's a perfect treat for anyone suffering from:

  • Arthritis
  • Migraines
  • Joint pains
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus
  • RSD
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Muscle and joint conditions
  • Nerve disorders
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Sports injuries
  • Back and neck pain
  • Headaches (migraine, tension, cluster, sinus)
  • CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
  • Post surgical incisions
  • Dry skin
  • Psoriasisb
  • Bruising
  • Skin discolorations
  • Insect bites
  • Cuts, scrapes and burns
  • TMJ
  • Stretch marks
  • Wrinkle prevention
  • Tattoo care
  • Nail care
  • Helps to reduce inflammation through arnica, calendula, bergamot and more
  • Contains coconut and hemp seed oil to moisturize
  • Contains black pepper and menthol to heat and cool

Basket Of Goodies

Short on time? Check out where you can order the perfect gift basket for a friend who has diabetes, a thyroid issue, cancer, depression, chronic pain or other health concern. They fill these gift baskets with appropriate food goodies, CDs, books, teas and more.

Here are some gift basket ideas:

Gift Basket Idea #1 – A Day At The Spa
Everyone can use a relaxing massage and some stress free down time. This basket is great for anyone struggling with achy joints and muscles. Be creative, and have fun with it!
You will need:

  • Basket (most dollar or discount stores carry these very cheap, or even thrift and second hand stores carry baskets, so look around you’ll be surprised)
  • Gift Card for a massage
  • Eye mask (whether it’s just a scented one or a cold eye mask, these are wonderful)
  • Hand Lotion
  • Bath salts
  • A pillar candle or some small tea light candles with a holder (these are always easily found at dollar stores or discount stores)
  • Bubble bath
  • 1 Bottle of non-alcoholic champagne
  • 1 Champagne glass.

This is always an appreciated gift, and if you are looking to keep the cost as low as you can, omit the massage gift card.

Gift Basket Idea #2 – Frozen Food and Grocery Mania!
For most who are ill, cooking and grocery shopping can be two of the most dreaded chores. A great gift idea is a box or plastic bin filled with either frozen food or grocery items or both. You can even get a few people in on
this to share the cost and do an even bigger shopping and cooking spree.
Here are some ideas.
Frozen food such as:

  • Lasagna
  • Pasta sauce
  • Pizza
  • Soups
  • Stews
  • Cakes
  • Pies
  • Bead

These are just some ideas to get you started.

Medical Alert Accessories

How does giving peace of mind to your loved one 24/7, no matter where he or she is located, sound? With GoSafe, users are protected with six location technologies that can pinpoint their exact location (even in areas where GPS isn't available, such as parking garages or occasionally indoors). It also has state-of-the-art AutoAlert fall detection, which can sense a fall and call for help if the user cannot do so. Philips is the only mobile personal emergency response system to utilize a "hybrid" locating approach, so you know your special someone can connect with help as soon as they need it. To learn more about empowering seniors and those with chronic illness to "get out and go," check out this informative video.

Information about this wireless auto-alert system:

  • For homes with a landline phone, get fast access to help 24/7 with the nation's No.1 medical alert service that has saved more lives than any other medical alert service and been recommended by more than 200,000 healthcare professionals
  • Most widely adopted and proven fall detection in the U.S.. AutoAlert automatically calls for help if it detects a fall, enabling fast access to help even in the 30% of cases when seniors can't or don't push their button
  • Waterproof, comfortable, discreet Help Button can be worn in the bath/shower and under your clothes.
  • Monthly subscription service required at a discounted cost of $42.95/month with no activation fee and no long-term contract. Regular cost is $44.95/month. For more service information, visit or call 1-800-981-6137.
  • Lifeline system also requires the home communicator that is shipped directly by Philips with the activated monthly service.

Cloud Evo Vaporizer


Give The Gift Of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy and essential oils have been used for the management of pain since the time of the ancient Egyptians.

These days, scientists know that the pain-killing -- or analgesic -- effects of pain are the result of a number of different factors. One important factor is the way that complex blends of chemicals affect brain areas related to mood, memory and behavior. The active ingredients of some essential oils may affect serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the brain. These three neurotransmitters are directly related to pain, fatigue and emotional well-being.

The Cloud Evo vaporizer is the perfect gift for those taking medicinal marijuana or who prefer to use natural herbs/essential oils to treat anxiety, acid reflux, pain, congestion and more. The unit gives you complete control over dosage and achieving the precise temperature. This advanced, high-end all-glass vaporizer is ideal for someone with chronic/terminal illness who is looking to relieve specific symptoms through holistic remedies.

Another great humidifier or diffuser is the InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Ultrasonic Diffuser.

Some of the best essential oils for pain-management are:

  • lavender
  • frankincense
  • chamomile
  • peppermint
  • cinnamon
  • clove
  • marjoram
  • rosemary
  • ginger

There are a few others, but these are my go-to essential oils for pain-relief and management.


Healthy Treats

When you're sick, you may feel too tired to make a meal. One way that you can help a loved one with a chronic illness is to help them stock up on prepared foods that can be easily popped in the microwave, such as frozen lasagna or pot pies.

Another way to help is to help your loved one keep nutritious snacks on hand such as

  • nuts
  • sliced vegetables
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • whole grain breakfast cereal
  • yogurt
  • dried fruits such as apricots, prunes
  • applesauce

If your loved one is a fan of smoothies and healthy treats, it's time to introduce him or her to Rockin' Wellness. I became a fan of this superfoods/nutrition shake when I noticed certain Lupus symptoms begin to lessen (such as fatigue and pain).

These shakes are tasty, healthy superfood blend that makes you feel great, providing assistance in:

  • energy
  • focus
  • mood
  • total body help

This shake is formulated with:

  • hemp seeds
  • chia seeds
  • flaxseed
  • green tea
  • probiotics
  • cacao
  • goji berries
  • maca root and more

It is also:

  • non-GMO
  • gluten-free
  • vegan
  • dairy-free
  • soy-free

Another great healthy item to introduce to your loved one is bone broth. Bone broth collagen by Doctor Axe is a great item that:

  • Promotes healthy gut function
  • Supports vibrant, firmer, glowing skin
  • Encourages greater mobility and flexibility
  • Supports healthy bones and joints
  • Promotes strong, healthy muscles
  • Supports a healthy weight and metabolism, due to its satiating effect on hunger
  • Encourages deeper and more restful sleep
  • Promotes healthy brain function
  • Contains Types I, II and III Collagen from real food sources
  • Tasteless flavor allows for mixing in your favorite hot or cold beverage

Coupon Ideas

One of the easiest and perfect gift is to create a Valentine’s Day coupon. This idea can be used for anytime of the year, if you wish, but is a great one for the Day of Love, that we call Valentine's Day.

It is the perfect gift option for everyone from your mom to your sweetheart. The best part is, it is super easy and free!

Here is what you need:

  • Printable Valentine’s Day Coupon or you can simply make your own by cutting them out of cardstock
  • Heavy Paper Stock (plain computer paper works too!)
  • Scissors
  • a ruler
  • craft knife
  • cutting mat
  • glue (optional)
  • your words or gift ideas to write on each coupon

Here are some great ideas for:

For Him

  • Foot or body massage
  • A double feature at the movies— his choice
  • A round of golf
  • A night out with the guys
  • Beer or wine making class
  • Tickets to a sporting event of his choosing
  • Lawn mowing or yard work
  • Clean the garage
  • A game of strip poker
  • Car wash, inside and out
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Session with a personal trainer
  • Lessons for a hobby of his choosing (i.e. guitar, flying, Spanish)
  • A sweet note reminding him that you are committed regardless of the health struggles
  • 20 things you love about him

For Her

  • Bubble bath complete with relaxing music and candles
  • Do the dishes for a week (or month)
  • Walk in the park
  • Picnic in the park
  • Marathon of her favorite TV show
  • Day at the spa
  • Shopping trip to her favorite store (you can carry her bags)!
  • Professional house cleaning or organizing
  • Make the bed every day for a week (or month)
  • Control of the TV remote
  • Walk the dog or scoop the litter
  • A weekend trip to a destination of her choice
  • A few sessions of fitness classes of her choosing (i.e. Zumba, Yoga, Weight Lifting)
  • Home cooked dinner prepared by you
  • Sleep-in coupon, while you get the kids out of bed and take them to an event until noon.
  • A sweet note reminding her that you are committed regarding of the health struggles
  • 20 things you love about her

For Kids

  • Stay up past bedtime
  • Choose dinner for a week
  • Movie in the theater
  • Play date with 3+ friends
  • New video or board game
  • Trip to the ice cream parlour
  • Skip chores for a week
  • Extra story at bedtime
  • Out to lunch with mom or dad, one-on-one
  • Full bag of candy at the candy store
  • Ice skating or bowling
  • Pick out a new pet
  • Free pass on veggies or that meatloaf that they hate

Other Great Gift Ideas For Your Loved One With A Chronic Illness

Medication organizers - $1.50-$10. Help your loved one keep track of all their medications. Available in all shapes and sizes (daily, weekly), these tools will give the whole family peace of mind that the right pill is being taken at the right time.

Pill cutter - $3. Many pills and tablets need to be halved or quartered. These handy devices offer precise cutting with minimal effort.

Pill punch - $8. “Many medications come in a multipunch card that those with arthritis have trouble manipulating,” said Clark Chrisman, a Gottlieb pharmacist. “The pill punch easily pushes the individual pill through the sealed packaging."

ID bracelet - $7 and up. A simple piece of jewelry alerts healthcare professionals to important medical information such as allergies to penicillin, congestive heart failure or diabetes.

Grabber - $28. A sturdy clawlike hand tool that can be used to retrieve a box of crackers from the top shelf or a slipper that got kicked too far under the couch.

Adjustable cane - $27. A cane that compresses to a 5-inch-long stick, much like a collapsible umbrella. It’s small enough to place in a purse or coat pocket and quickly can be assembled to provide support.

Medicool - $45. Keeps insulin or other medications cool and organized.

Rollator - $160. A luxurious walker with high-quality wheels and brakes, a basket for shopping and a handy bench to stop and rest.

Accessible bathroom aids - $27-$100. Hand-held water sprayers, toilet-seat benches and bathtub safety rails may look insignificant in their box but install them in the bathroom and you have created a safe haven that will be used, well, regularly.

Flowers -Prices may vary depending on the plant. Who doesn’t love beautiful flowers? First check for any scent sensitivities.

The Greatest Gift....

The greatest gift you can give to a chronically ill loved one is kindness, understanding, and love. Be a friend, be aware, offer help. Open your heart all year round, not just during the holiday season.

Feel free to comment and leave your own gift ideas for others to share!

© 2017 Gina Welds


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