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10 Most Useful Halloween Items

Updated on October 4, 2008

Some "holiday" items are in stores year-round, but some are holiday-specific. Here are some tips on what to stock up on during the Halloween sales, and use year-round.

Jack o'Lantern from
Jack o'Lantern from

L.E.D. flashing lights

L.E.D. lights are very useful if you are planning to be out after dark. They are also helpful during the day for hikers and backpackers, and are a good addition to any first-aid or camping kit. Tri-Met, the metro bus company for Portland, OR, USA, hands out blinking lights like these to their riders for signaling the bus that you are at the stop after dark. The batteries last up to two years, even with regular use, and are standard watch batteries.

Glow in the dark paint from
Glow in the dark paint from

Glow in the dark paint

Who doesn't love glow in the dark stuff? Make a fence more visible, add a bit of flair to a project, paint stars on a ceiling, or other creative projects with these paints. You can even use glow finger nail polish for small craft projects. If there are items like keys, flashlights, or alarm buttons that you can never seem to find, add a bit of glow paint to them.

Reflective armband from Pumpkin Nook
Reflective armband from Pumpkin Nook

Reflective items

Another safety item in the Halloween aisle is reflective gear. Armbands are the most popular, but there are also shoe stickers, tie-on reflective bits, and stick-on or sew-on tape. These are a definite must for anyone out after dark, walking, working, and/or biking. They can also be added to bags and luggage to distinguish your gear from all the rest.

Tribal rose tattoos by
Tribal rose tattoos by

Temporary tattoos

Ever wanted a temporary tattoo, but couldn't find the right one anywhere? Halloween is the time to stock up, because there are tattoos for any costume and theme. There are small ones, all the way up to full-arm designs. These also make fun gifts or party favors for children.

Halloween stationery set by Century Novelty
Halloween stationery set by Century Novelty

School supplies

Everyone likes getting candy, but how about those other trick-or-treating items? Halloween pencils, erasers, and crayons are fun to use the rest of the year as well.


Play-doh is always fun, and recently it has made its way into the Halloween market as a trick-or-treating handout. Stock up on the bulk bags for parties throughout the year. If you have small children, or just like playing with it yourself, you can't beat the after-Halloween sales for prices.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Specialty lights

It used to be you could only find specialty lights at Christmas, but now they are being sold at every major holiday. Use different colors or novelty shapes to dress up your Halloween display, then save them for use at Christmas as well. You can also use them for parties, as table or wall decorations.

Jack o'Lantern candles

More and more people are using fake candles in their jack o'lanterns because of fire hazards. These candles can be used throughout the year to add a bit of light and charm to tables, displays, and parties. Use one as a nightlight, or have them in the hallway by a sharp corner.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Hair color

For those who like to experiment with their looks, Halloween is the ultimate holiday. There are so many different hair products to choose from: spike gell, colored washable hair spray, twists, wigs, sparkles, the list doesn't end.

Stage makeup

Last, but most important of all, is face makeup. Any theater group knows how expensive makeup can get, so the best time to stock up is just after Halloween. You can find "blood and guts" kits, specific colors, and additions like fake eyelashes and teeth blackout cream.


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    • Dottie1 profile image


      10 years ago from MA, USA

      Very good and useful list of ideas and items to stock up on. It's always nice to have these things on hand and not be caught without them when you really need them.


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