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Top 10 Perfect Christmas Gifts You Can Give

Updated on December 29, 2017
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Rostom has been writing for some time. He likes to share his interests hoping you like and enjoy his articles and comment if you like.

Guide lines.

This article is divided into what I called four P's

  1. Preamble.
  2. Plain but real Christmas story.
  3. Plan of preparation and listing the gifts.
  4. Purchasing the gifts.

Christmas Gifts.

Gifts. | Source


The holiday season is the best time of the year where family, friends, and relatives meet to spend happy times. At this time of the year, everyone meets to celebrate the Christmas and to exchange the gifts. The Christmas day usually begins with home-cooked feast followed by all the goodies, sweets, and pies the family prepares with love. After eating until full, it's the time to open the presents where the kids, family, relatives, and friends sit around the Christmas tree eagerly waiting to open the gifts hoping they get what they wish for if not originally on their Christmas gifts lists in advance especially the young kids as well as we all do.

And therefore to avoid any awkwardness or undesirable moments by giving presents to persons which are not suitable for them or gifts do not express their personalities you must prepare a plan containing a list with a flowchart of appropriate gifts and who you should give these gifts to, and make in your consideration that this plan must be within the limits of your budget so you can finally make sure that everyone is happy and satisfied.

"Love the giver more than the gift."

— Brigham Young

Plain but real Christmas story.

Before starting putting the plan on how to buy the best presents for Christmas and presents wrapping. I need to share this awkward but a funny story about what happened to me when I bought the same gift twice for the same person!

I felt bad because I didn't pay attention and that person felt like I didn't care about it, although the gifts are not valued by their price tags, but that made me think twice before buying any gifts, that's why there is a plan need to be set but eventually I apologized to that person for my unintended mistake and fixed the issue.Therefore I come up with this list of 10 best gifts you can give at Christmas.



Plan of preparation and listing the gifts.

In order to give presents to whom you care about, a plan of simple steps you need to follow:

  • Start by knowing how many presents you need to get and the number of people you are giving them presents.
  • Put your budget limit for the gifts so that everyone gets a present that is valuable yet not exceeding your budget.
  • Some close friends or family members like your parents have a special place in your heart so that you may concern more about what are you going to give them at Christmas.

  • Make a list, let us say you are planning to get ten gifts for ten people with a budget of one thousand dollars, this means each present must not exceed one hundred dollars.
  • I know that sounds the opposite of what I said in the previous step but it's important. Make a flow chart for the prioritized people like parents and close friends where each one them can get a gift that exceeds 100 dollars by 30+ but still in your budget.
  • Now it's the time for deciding how to get the perfect presents for the people in the list and flow charts that you have made.

The last step will be discussed in more details next (i.e. Purchasing the gifts).

By following the previous simple steps you can guarantee a happy Christmas day where all are delighted and pleased by the presents you bought.

Christmas tree.


“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.”

— Charles M. Schulz

Purchasing the gifts.

10 Best Gifts You Can Give At Christmas

  1. Fragrances:

    Selecting such a gift and give it is not an issue because everyone loves a good smell perfume, but some people may have an allergy to perfumes, hence be careful when selecting certain perfumes and try to know the person you are giving him this gift if he prefers certain odor.
  2. Clothes:

    When picking a piece of article you'll have to consider the person's style where if it is casual or semi-casual also guessing the person's approximate size in case you are buying him shirt or pants. You can find a shirt or a jacket from person's closet and try to find a similar size that also could help.
  3. Accessories:

    This type of gifts is one of my best selection of gifts because it has much variety. You can buy a wallet for men, Also you can add a nice belt with tie clips so that it can be one nice set. While for the ladies a scarf or a nice pair of comfy shoes also a branded purse would be a classy touch. Ladies also love bracelets. Hand watches for both men and women would be a great idea.
  4. Souvenirs:

    This gift may not be expensive but it is very precious in its meaning than any other gifts. Because it stays in memory for a lifetime. This gift could be an old photo that expresses your relationship with the person you are giving him this gift, You can collect photos and make a movie clip or album and give it as a gift. Also, you can make a C.D for both of your favorite songs and give it to your partner. Also, a simple letter wishing him happy holidays attached with old photos for a certain occasion that had a special meaning for you both especially if that person is far away. Also, a customized sculpture for that person would be a beautiful souvenir.
  5. Electronic Devices:

    Those gifts are mostly directed to the millennials who are more involved in the high technology gadgets. They will appreciate a new phone, electronic games, and laptops. Cameras can be nice gifts for people who like photography. These type of gifts has many options to choose from. Gift cards are a nice gesture to add if are planning to give someone a new phone.

  6. Planning a vacation:

    This type of gift is really an excellent choice because it doesn't require much thinking of what you should get you can just book a surprise trip to Hawaii or Maldives Island and although it may cost more money than any other gifts but it worths. You have to plan for this trip at least by a month before Christmas so that everything has to be ready and on time.

  7. Restuarant reservation:

    If the previous gift is out of your budget limits, a restaurant reservation will be a good gift. You can plan to celebrate Christmas with all your family, friends and relative in a nice restaurant where it has a variety of delicious food which everyone can enjoy and it has beautiful stunning views.
  8. Hotel/Spa booking:

    Ladies can really enjoy this gift. They can spend their leisure time in Spa or hotel for relaxing from chores if they are housewives or from works if they are working employees.This gift expresses your concern and appreciation to them.

  9. Christmas/ New year Outing:

    Since it's Christmas, what is better than skiing? Aspen and Vail and many other great cities can be your next destination if you are planning for a surprise gift for close friends or family.

  10. Home appliances and decorations:

    The last gift on the list of the top 10 Christmas gifts is home appliances and home decorations. It can be a kitchen machine, coffee maker, blender or a home theater would be nice or anything that can accomplish the household functions but not expensive. House decoration can be a nice gift such as a vase, colorful painting, rug, stand lamp, a collection of scented candles and wooden sculpture.


Perfumes. | Source


Old photo souvenir.
Old photo souvenir. | Source

Home Decorations.

Sculpture of birds.
Sculpture of birds. | Source
Vase. | Source


Family skiing.
Family skiing. | Source

Spa treatment.

Spa. | Source

Home appliances.

Home theater.
Home theater. | Source

Gift wrapping hacks.

What did you buy for Christmas this year?

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    • Toma noor profile imageAUTHOR

      Rostom Noor 

      17 months ago from Kuwait

      Glad you liked the gifts idea.

    • anikathakur profile image

      anika thakur 

      17 months ago from New delhi

      Excellent gift ideas. We used these ideas in another festivals also


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