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10 Realistic Resolutions to Keep This Year

Updated on January 21, 2015

Happy New Year!

The word resolution has several different definitions and meanings, but the simplest way to define resolution refers to resolving a problem or situation. A resolution involves planning a course of action determined and decided on for different positive results. Resolutions can pertain to life problems, math problems, and even future problems.

Making resolutions for the new year started with the Babylonians and the Romans. They would make promises and commitments to their gods for the new coming year to increase their life fulfillment. During modern times people often make new year resolutions, but they are never accomplished or followed through with which results in failure. Since new year resolutions are made only to ourselves, they seem to not be a high priority. Resolutions for any new year should be realistic and attainable, while not generalized and generic, to become logical and hopeful. Writing down resolutions for the new year can ensure that they will not be forgotten about and offering rewards to oneself for accomplishing them are great ways to have a successful year of resolutions.

New Years Resolutions

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The Year of 2015

This is the year of 2015, which is the year of the sheep/goat/ram in the Chinese zodiac. Many people do not keep their new year's resolution within the first three months because they have returned to old habits and stale routines. Resolutions, for the new year and in general, should always fix a problem and be utilized. Do not return to your old way of life, especially if it is not a beneficial way of living. This year is truly going to have many changes for many people, especially within the government, the environment, and the way the world operates. So why not welcome the changes into your life and make some reasonable resolutions that are easy to keep.

This is the year of 2015, which promises much more favorable times as compared to the previous year. Many astrologists conclude from the conditions of 2015 that the processes that have been unfolding and spreading chaos for the past few years are finally wrapping up; both political and economic situations in the world are starting to stabilize. Many people’s quality of life is getting higher and the crisis that has been tormenting many counties for the past several years is finally promising to be over. In other words, the year of 2015 is a crucial one!
Resolutions for this year can increase and encourage many different aspects of a person's life to become more fulfilled and days will seem to be better spend, with many accomplishments. With time flying by so fast, don't let this year just drift by. Resolutions are always the solutions to problems.

10 Realistic Resolutions to Keep This Year

This hub is about resolutions, but also a list of the 10 best realistic resolutions to keep this year. Since resolutions are so generalized and forgotten about, why not turn the solutions into questions that can be answered simply and easily. This means instead of making a resolution to solve a problem or situation, why not answer the question of how to arrive at a specific resolution, like which steps to take and what changes to make.

Below is a list of the most realistic resolutions and the importance to keeping each one, with tips and information on how to arrive at an accomplished resolution instead of a forgotten one.

1. Increase Happiness This Year.

Many people go through each year unhappy and miserable. Not many people smile and enjoy their life. Why not make a new year's resolution this year to increasing happiness in your life? Your happiness will encourage other people around you to become more happy as well. Happiness should be included in everyone's daily life because that is what makes life more enjoyable. Some simple ways to make yourself happier this year include:

  • Practice smiling more often.
  • Do some volunteer work.
  • Meditate to reduce stress.
  • Go for a brisk walk outside for some sunshine and fresh air.

2. Get More Sleep This Year.

Studies have shown that people who get an average of 8 hours of sleep each night are less stressed, less emotional, and are healthier than people who skip on their hours of sleep. Adequate sleep can help to improve mood, lifestyle, and overall health. More hours of deep sleep increase skin cell rejuvenation, which makes for healthier and younger looking skin. Sleeping is also a way to boost the immune system, which leads to less sickness and a decreased risk of diseases. There are many benefits to getting more sleep this year, so this should be a new year's resolution that is not forgotten about.

3. Spend Less Time on the Internet This Year.

People who spend numerous hours on the internet, including Facebook, tend to be more overweight, unhealthy, and more depressed than people who are more active within real life. The internet is highly addictive and seems to be everywhere, but limiting the number of hours you spend on the internet is very beneficial. A person who limits their internet usage can be more happy, more healthy, and more content with life than a person who spends many hours online.

4. Have Sex More Often This Year.

Having sex more often this year may sound like a silly new year's resolution for a person to make, but it can actually be more healthy for a person. During and after sex, certain chemicals are released into the brain to make a person feel more happy, satisfied, and more content. The effects from having sex more often can also include improved health by burning unwanted fat and calories, but also by allowing a person to become less sexually frustrated. A person's mood is improved and so it's there mental clarity.

5. Make New Friends This Year.

By making some new friends this year, people can enjoy a variety of new people, new opinions, and new ways of thinking. Making new friends this year is a realistic resolution that is great for thinking outside of the box to become a more social person. You never know who your new friend could be and how they could inspire you. Making new friends is always exciting and fun. Don't limit yourself to the number of friends you can have, the amount should be limitless.

6. Go Out More Often This Year.

Going out more often this year is a wonderful resolution to get you off the couch and out of comfy clothes. When a person goes out more often, they tend to have more self confidence and more self esteem than a person who sits home most of the time. Going out can enable a person to smile, laugh, and to have a good time. No matter where a person goes, getting out of the house will always help to lessen depression, improve mood, and help to relieve stress. Some great ideas for going out are:

  • To watch a new movie at a theater.
  • To a bar or nightclub for a few drinks.
  • Join an exercise class.
  • Go out to eat at least once per week.

7. Stay Out of Trouble This Year.

Staying out of trouble this year is a great resolution that we all should make. This includes not getting any traffic tickets, not getting into trouble with a spouse or partner, and most definitely not getting into trouble at work. Being good this year may seem like an impossible new year's resolution but it can be done. Offer yourself a reward at the end of the year to encourage such positive behavior. This resolution is guaranteed success and more happiness in your life when accomplished.

8. Spend Less Time at Work This Year.

Many people tend to be workaholics and put in long, numerous hours at work. A person who works many hours is found to be more depressed, unhealthy, and more unhappy in their life. When there is a balance between work and personal time, many people can benefit from it. Family relationships, friends, and even personal enjoyment are not suffering from neglect. Be sure to put in normal hours at work, but having excessive work hours is very unhealthy for any person.

9. Drink More Water This Year.

The normal amount of water for any person to consume is about eight 8 ounces glasses per day. Drinking more water this year has many benefits for a person, inside and outside. Water is healthy and all natural, and a valuable resource. Drinking juice and soda contains high amounts of high fructose corn syrup and sugar, which is unhealthy and damaging to the body. Some of the many benefits from drinking water include:

  • Healthier skin.
  • Healthier organs.
  • Proper hydration.
  • Less sickness and diseases.

10. Love Yourself More This Year.

The famous saying is "Love yourself before you can love anyone else." This means that you should love yourself first, that way you have the ability to properly love other people. Caring for yourself and your needs isn't selfish, but making sure that you are taken care of also. This means taking the time to make yourself happy and properly making sure that you are healthy. Many people go through life worrying about other people, but then their own needs and wants suffer. Their health may be poor and their happiness is not where it should be because other people always come first. Put yourself first more this year for a more satisfied and fulfilled life.

Happy New Year Resolutions!


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    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale Adams 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks for reading and I hope that you have a wonderful 2013 new year!

    • maheshpatwal profile image

      maheshpatwal 5 years ago from MUMBAI

      Cristale you have a very nice perspective about new year resolutions... Most of the time we all tend to set our goals too high which ultimately become unattainable. Ideas mentioned by you are attainable and can be stick to throughout the year. Great ideas to start the new years on very good and hopeful note........