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10 Things To Do On Valentines Day

Updated on December 29, 2013



Valentines Day

Valentines is a very special day but yet can be so over done at times. Stores sell Valentines candy and clothes and go over board on so many things. People spend way too much money on their significant others yet miss the whole "spending time with each other" thing. And why do you have to give and show more love on this day? I think that it gives us an opportunity to show the one that we love that we care and remind them that they mean the world to us. It's really not a bad thing, right?

I think it's kinda romantic to really put some effort in making a very special day for our loved one.

Here are some ideas on what to do and what to give on Valentine Day.

Valentines Day ideas:

1. Romantic Dinner:

Go on a romantic dinner date with your love and show them a nice time. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg on a meal. Maybe go somewhere you two met on your first date or somewhere you love going together. Make it special and memorable.

2. Special gift:

Spend a little extra on your significant other this year. Buy them that necklace that they have been eyeing on or give them a social kind of jewelry which has your names engraved or a special date on it. You can also give them a special gift like fix up a broken necklace that has been sitting around that a great-grandmother has given. Make it special and show that you care.

3. Special date:

Go on a special date. Maybe go see a play at your local theater or romantic ballet. Maybe just walking around in a nice park and spending one on one time will be memorable. Show them that you care just by doing small things.

4. Getaway trip:

If you have a little more money why not go on a weekend getaway trip. Get a nice hotel and spend the weekend together, just the two of you. Go biking or hiking or spend it indoors, if it's cold, and get a nice Jacuzzi indoors. Having some nice events planned near by would also work.

5. Couple Spa Day:

Get a lovely couples spa package. I love this idea. Spend some quality time with your loved one while getting pampered with massages, facials, etc.

6. Outdoor Trip:

Plan something outdoorsy. Go ice skating at your local outdoor rink. I am sure that most places have a nice big outdoor ice skating rink. Bring some cocoa or buy some there. It would be nice to get out of the house and get a nice breath of fresh air.

7. Dinner and movie:

During Valentines Day, movie theaters usually have a romantic movie playing so go get dressed up and see a movie together. Sneak some nice snacks in your bag to munch on. After the movie go out for appetizers or a nice meal.

8. Stay at home date:

Sometimes being at home is better than going out. Make it a special night and cook a special meal, like lobster! Put some effort into it, your other half will really appreciate it. Pick out a romance on Netflix or iTunes and cuddle up and enjoy a good movie.

9. Proposal:

I know proposing isn't the greatest on holidays but it's Valentines Day. Love is in the air! I think it would be so romantic if you are on a romantic trip and your love proposes to you. It would be so amazing to do it on Valentines Day. I am sure you will never forget that one.

10. Single Ladies:

I was once single and would always plan to do something on Valentines Day. I mean, who would want to be alone on this love day. I would have the girls over for a sleepover and we would enjoy games, food, and each others company.

I hope I have given some of you some ideas for Valentines Day!


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