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10 Things to do on Valentine's Day if You're Riding the Solo Train Home

Updated on February 14, 2015

So you find yourself single this Valentine's Day

You could sit home in your bathrobe with a pint or half gallon of Turkey Hill ice cream and watch marathon after marathon of yesteryears shows on Netflix with your cat or dog like you did last year, or you can wake up like it's just a typical Saturday and decide to make the most out of the day. Here's a list of 10 things that'll make you forget all about this multi-billion dollar cash cow of a sudo-holiday.

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Number 10

Wake up early and go down to the yoga studio you pass by frequently and say, 'you're going to stop in one day' and actually stop in. It'll stretch you out and open up some of the negative blockers you have holding you back. If anything, you'll feel more lighter. If yoga isn't your thing, then put on your running shoes and get out there and start moving. What happened to the NYE resolution about getting in shape that you forgot about the second week of January? This is your second chance. You don't have to run, just walk at a fast pace, tap on some music and get warmed up. It's a new day, it's a new you again.

number 9

Now that you've broken a sweat, its time to grab a light breakfast/brunch. This can be a tricky one since you may be running into couples feeding each other crepes while sitting on one side of the booth like high school freshman with their first crush. You want something healthy after your little work out so fast food is out of the question. You don't want to cook on your very best day, that's what we'll call this from here on out. Find a local coffee shop or a Starbucks if nothing local is close enough and order yourself your favorite beverage and a pastry or sandwich. Ask the barista what kind of specials they are offering. Find a quiet table and read the news, whether it be the physical paper you found on another table or the news app you have on your phone. My only suggestion would be to stay off of Facebook. You don't need to know who's getting the chocolates and diamonds, theres always tomorrow to get the scoop. Remember this day is all about you.

Number 8

By now you've burned some calories, ate some calories, time to go home and shower and put something pretty on cause you're going to go see an afternoon matinee. There's all this talk about Shades of Grey, but you don't need a boyfriend to see it. You can still take notes and use them later once you've nabbed yourself a cutie. If a movie doesn't work for you, then go get a massage. This is another circumstance where you might run into 'that' couple drooling over each other while waiting for there couples massage. It's okay though, you've got enough games on that iPhone of yours to keep you busy till it's your turn. Once you get in the room, music is on, hands are rubbing out all the stress you've taken on and you'll forget about everything that's going on.

Number 7

Lets say you had a significant other this year, how much money do you think you would spend on them between presents, food, drinks, possible hotel room? I think its time to take that money and head to the mall. What was that one thing you've had your eye on for some time but just haven't found the reason to splurge on yet? Well, today's the day. Go get that new Coach bag, or Hermés bag (if you got it like that). Not looking for something new? Maybe go get a spray tan and a new color and cut. Find some way to pamper yourself. You work hard, you deserve this.

Number 6

I'm hoping you have stayed off Facebook because you should be feeling pretty good by now. By now your flashing around something new, you're feeling pretty good. It's getting late in the afternoon and your thinking about dinner but there isn't a table open anywhere you want to go. What should you do? Grocery shop! Quickly get on the internet and find a recipe, nothing big or to fancy. It's only for you but make it a little special, since this is your very best day.


Number 5

Time to cook your sudo gourmet meal. Get everything prepared and get to business. Don't forget your cooking for one so keep that in mind when you are measuring. Now that everything is cooking, get out a nice plate, a wine glass and a couple taper candles to put on your table. Put a little effort in it, make it look nice. If you have linen napkins, today would be a great day to use one. Find that bottle of wine you've been holding onto and pop it open, pour a little in your glass and sip while you finish getting everything together. Now is a good time to start taking some selfies. Make sure you get your wine glass, new hair, tanned skin, bag, the food cooking, the beautiful table set up.


Number 4

Time to sit down and enjoy the meal you've just cooked from scratch. Pop on some music, light the candles. Take it all in. You don't need some holiday telling you being single is some kind of illness or some voided life. Look back on your day while you eat, you wouldn't have been able to pamper yourself like this if you had to worry about someone else. And lets be honest, no one knows how to pamper you like you.

Number 3

Now you've just eaten dinner, your full, your probably on your second (third?) glass of wine, call it a night or go get some desert? Let me suggest a cup of coffee and a shower. Your going out tonight, after all it's still Saturday night. Saturday night at the club is no place for lovers, it's a safe place for you tonght. Put that coffee on cause you're getting ready now!!

Number 2

Call up Uber cause you do not want to drive home tonight. You are looking fly, you are independent, you are your own person. Tonight, you're gonna let the world, or just the club, know who you are. Go flirt with everyone, buys drinks, take shots, dance till your out of breath. Circle the club and talk to everyone. Show them the crazy side of you that you keep hidden all the time. Close out the bar and wait for Uber, cause you're proudly going home alone.


Number 1

On the way home tell the driver some crazy made up story how you almost fought a drag queen who looked just like Beyoncé because she called your purse a knockoff. Add a lot of detail and make him believe it. When you get home, drink some extra water and reflect on your day. Would your day have been like this if you were spending it with someone else? Would you have rather been with someone else instead of this?

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all

— Oscar Wilde


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    • Julia Eppehimer profile image

      Julia Eppehimer 2 years ago

      These are some great ideas! It sounds like a fun day. My favorite is the fantastic excuse to splurge on yourself.