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10 Modernly Creative Ways To Celebrate Halloween

Updated on October 12, 2019
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Beth Perry enjoys collecting amusing and unusual announcements, articles and greeting cards from around the world.

Halloween is regarded by many (including me!) as the most fun time of the year. It isn't unusual for fans to rack our brains trying to think up new ideas on how to celebrate this beloved holiday. Some people, however, don't seem to have any trouble at all in the creativity department. These inspiring people have a natural bent for coming up with fresh and exciting ways to observe the occasion each and every year. Whether it be using discarded items that are just lying around the home or by utilizing their personal talents in novel directions, these folks are experts at devising fun ways to make Halloween a very memorable occasion.

The following ten ideas are either delightful revamps to older traditions or totally contemporary concepts. If you are hard-pressed on finding modern ways to liven up your own Halloween festivities, one of these ideas may be just what you've been looking for!

1. Pet Adoptions

Halloween can be the ideal time to welcome a new addition into our lives and home. You need companionship; the abandoned or rescued pet needs affection, care and a feeling of security. But as this announcement hints, before bringing that fur baby home be sure to have everything adequately prepared and ready to make their stay a safe one for both life and limb.

2. New twists to the old Haunted House events

If you are bored with the typical Haunted houses, forests, woods, groves and graveyards, here's a concept: turn your home into a haunted showcase. This is an especially attractive idea if you have a tight budget and can't afford all the artificial cobwebs and grapes needed to peel into "eyeballs". Just do what these guys did and let visitors discover the true, spine-chilling horrors you live with every single day!

3. Record a hauntingly spook-tacular gospel album

Anyone who thinks Halloween is contradictory to Christian beliefs just hasn't listened to this album yet. A praise to both horror and Jesus in one unforgettable audio masterpiece. Thank-you Jesus, thank-you Lord of the Underworld!

4. Offer Haunted Items

Inspired by the popularity of the Annabelle film series, we are seeing more and more people offering up their beloved haunted dolls for an enthusiastic public. Here is an example of one such purported haunted doll someone has selflessly parted with. If you're looking for that perfect scary gift at Halloween, this may just be it. And don't worry - all the proof you need this doll is a legitimate bargain is stated right there in the description...cough, cough, ahem.

5. Get yourself a cursed object

If a ghost-possessed doll isn't your cup of tea at Halloween, you can always go for something cursed. This beer glass is one of those demonically sound investments.

6. Attend a dramatic horror reading

Few things conjure forth the ole goosebumps like a baritone-voiced actor reading gothic horror classics. But for those with weak hearts, it may be advisable to avoid listening to any story by a Golden Book author.

7. Knock boots in a pumpkin patch

A crisp breeze in the autumn air. Starlight shimmering in your lady's hair. The sting of bristly pumpkin vines under your bare skin. The wail of the siren as the deputy arrives. Who says Halloween can't be romantic?

8. Teach your kids to be responsible pet owners

If you think your child is ready to learn how to be a responsible pet owner, many experts will suggest starting them out with small, easily maintained animals: turtles, snails, hermit crabs, ravenous cannibalistic fish...

9. Bobbing for fish

Apple bobbing is a time-honored Halloween tradition, but for some it's also a time-worn tradition. The difficulty involved in snaring floating apples with your teeth can cause quite an inconvenience for denture wearers. For others it can also be a downright boring game. So how about this year trade in those stale apples for something more lively? You know, like catch-of-the-day lively. Biting into a cod or bass won't freshen your breath like an apple will, but as the owner of this tavern surely knows, this is why customers get a lemon wedge on the rim of their glasses.

10. Confuse your readers

Nothing says shoddy media practices like placing the wrong photo beside your headline caption. Unless some readers just can't tell the difference.. and then I guess we can call that practice Joke's on you, buddy; just like Congress I still get a paycheck!


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