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10 Doctor Who Gift Ideas

Updated on December 10, 2021

My Top Ten Favorite Doctor Who Gift Ideas

Here are some great Doctor Who gift ideas and I'm sure any Whovian (fan of Doctor Who) would love any one of these gift ideas. I know I would, whether it's for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, or for no reason at all! If I happen to be on your gift list here are some ideas for you. Doctor Who is the longest running Sci-fi TV series on TV and has had millions of fans watching it's episodes through the years. This year marks the 50th anniversary of it's start date, November 24, 1963 and there are many unique and fun collectibles and toys out there to help us celebrate.

Don't you just love this picture of the 11 Doctors? Next year there will be a twelfth addition to this group of distinguished time travelers. The picture? It's from Wikipedia where you can find lots of information on this iconic alien time traveler.

#1 The Best Ever Doctor Who Gift Idea

Doctor Who Limited Edition Blu-Ray Set

I think the best Doctor Who Gift is the gift that keeps on giving ... and in this case I think a DVD collection will keep on giving fans of the Doctor the ability to watch the episodes over and over again. Give your Whovian the entire collection of Doctor Who episodes on DVD. This set will bring a smile to the face of any Doctor Who fan.

It Only Does Everything

— The Ninth Doctor

#2 Doctor Who Titans 50th Anniversary Vinyl Figure Master Case

Doctor Who Titans 50th Anniversary Vinyl Figure Master Case

This set contains each of the 11 Doctors and would be prized by many Doctor Who collectors. This set has a total of 80 figures and is available at Entertainment Earth.

900 Years Of Time and Space And I've Never Met Anyone Who Wasn't Important

— The Eleventh Doctor

Doctor Who Glass Ball Ornament

This Christmas ornament has all the Doctors on it. It would be a wonderful gift for any Whovian at Christmas time. This is a must have Christmas tree decoration for any fan of this iconic Sci-fi TV series.

Don't Forget These Ornament Ideas!

We're All Stories In The End, Just Make It A Good One Eh

— The Eleventh Doctor
Doctor Who: Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Giftset
Doctor Who: Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Giftset
Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set - It's all about Doctor Who.


— The Daleks

Well, have a drink with the help of this TARDIS ice bucket. It's a unique and useful idea for the Doctor Who fan on your list... or if you are like me, you will buy yourself one of these handy dandy ice buckets in the shape of our favorite time machine.

Time And Relative Dimensions In Space - TARDIS

Cutest Doctor Who Snack Recipe - Adipose - All These Doctor Who Ideas Made Me Hungry

I found these sweet little Adipose figures on several web sites.  They are easy to make and perfect for a Doctor Who movie treat.  Don't eat too many, they are sweet!
I found these sweet little Adipose figures on several web sites. They are easy to make and perfect for a Doctor Who movie treat. Don't eat too many, they are sweet!

It's actually not a recipe, but whatever you call it, this Doctor Who snack idea is the cutest one I've ever seen. It's made with big marshmallows, mini-marshmallows, and a black edible pen. The Adipose are just one of the many enemy races we met during the 50 year run of the Doctor Who episodes, and they are very cute. Let's not even talk about the fact that they are made up of human fat - yuck! But do look at how cute these little characters are ...

Bow Ties Are Cool

— The Eleventh Doctor

Keep your savings in this TARDIS smart safe. How does this smart safe work? This bank will be the guardian of your secret stash - all you have to do is download an app from your smart phone and it's door will open. This TARDIS also has a blinking light.

You Were Fabulous And So Was I

— Doctor Who (The Ninth Doctor)

#6 The Remote Control Talking Dalek

I can't think of anyone who doesn't enjoy playing with remote control toys and Doctor Who fans will get a kick out this character - it's a Dalek, right out of the BBC epsiodes. And this Dalek talks!

You can find the remote control Dalek in several different colors, just like those metal bad guys on the show. This one needs some AA batteries and it's remote needs a 9 Volt to run.

No Power In The Universe Can Stop The Daleks!

— Dalek Supreme

Feel like your favorite Doctor, villain or TARDIS, dressed up in a warm bathrobe. You can have double the fun in one of these Doctor Who character bath robes. Put it on and settle in to watch the latest episodes.

Well, It Seems To Be A Question Of The Right Hand Fighting The Left, Doesn't It Brigadier?

— The Third Doctor

The Lost Episodes Of Doctor Who - 1964-1965

These are the famous "lost episodes" of BBC's Doctor Who on audiobook. The BBC got rid of early episodes of the Doctor to make more room and now you can hear these episodes with these audiobooks.

Marvellous. Absolutely.

— The First Doctor

#9 Need A Dalek Themed GIft Idea


The Daleks were once members of a civilization called the Khaleds. They were mutated by an evil doctor (DAVROS) and turned into these cyborgs whose only goal is to exterminate the human race. If you need a Dalek themed gift idea how about these cute tumblers?

We Would Destroy The Cybermen With One Dalek! You Superior In Only One Respect.

— Dalek Sec

A collection of Doctor Who merchandise including a robe, a fridge, a journal, a lunch box, a light and everything a Time Lord in training might need.

There's No Point In Being Grown Up If You Can't Be Childish Sometimes.

— The Fourth Doctor

Watch Doctor Who

Doctor Who Characters

  1. The Doctor - 12 of them (the 12th Doctor has been introduced)
  2. The Companions - friends and helpers of the Doctor
    • Rose Tyler
    • Amy Pond
    • Martha Jones
    • Ace
    • Donna Noble
    • Leela
    • Kamelion
    • River Song
    • Peri Brown
    • Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
    • Wilfred Mott
    • Jack Harkness
  3. The Monsters And Villains In Doctor Who -
    • The Master
    • The Daleks
    • The Cybermen
    • The Weeping Angels
    • Sharaz Jek
    • The Family of Blood
    • Prisoner Zero
    • The War Chief
    • The Ood
    • The Sontarans
    • The Silence
    • The Zygons
  4. The TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimension In Space - A time travel machine used by the Time Lords from the planet Gallifrey.

10 TARDIS Gift Ideas

The TARDIS is the most recognizable time travel machine in the world ... and in the Whoniverse. If your Doctor Who fan likes the Tardis, here are some great gift ideas for you. Take a look at some of the fun merchandise I found while surfing the net. There's a Snowy TARDIS babydoll pajama, a levitating TARDIS, a TARDIS Towel, a TARDIS Rug ... well, just take a look for yourself!


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