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100 Thoughtful Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes for Sister

Updated on October 2, 2018
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Ansel has been writing online for more than eight years. His passions include books, philosophy, and music.

A sister is irreplaceable. She gives you reason to be happy and shares your good times and bad. You may take your sister for granted, but sooner or later you realize she is the best friend in your life who nurtures every little aspect in your life. She makes every moment in your life seem special. In the darkest moments of life she helps you shine bright. A sister is the perfect friend in your imperfect life. She laughs with you and cries with you. She feels the pain and suffering you feel and embalms you with deep love and care, and yet, at times we find silly reasons to argue or fight with her. When there is nobody to listen to you, it’s your sister that listens to you all you pour out. Truly, God made sisters for a reason, and that reason is you.


How to Write Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes

And so it’s your sister’s birthday and you want to make her feel special with your choicest words. While you may want to write a thoughtful birthday wish or a birthday message for your sister, your excitement leads you to a loss of words. Your mind may go blank when it comes to penning thoughtful words for your sister. If you feel this way, be assured you are not the only one; many individuals hit a wall when it comes to writing birthday wishes or birthday messages. It’s never easy to pen words about a person that means the world to you. Remember, you are likely to fumble with words only with people that are special to you. However, when your heart dictates, the words in a birthday message for your sister become thoughtful and meaningful.


Do not hold back when you write a birthday message for your sister. You have to realize it’s her birthday and your words of love and encouragement will mean the world to her. You can write something funny or something sentimental depending on your equation with your sister. You can create magical moments for your sister on her birthday with a short and sweet birthday wish or a long birthday message that encapsulates different aspects of your sister.


If you want to write a long birthday message for you sister, express every sentiment about her clearly. You can send your sister a birthday E-card or a birthday text message, or wish her on a social network; however, if she means the world to you make her birthday nostalgic by sending your birthday wish or birthday message on a greeting card along with flowers. Nostalgia never dies, and your sister knows that well.

The lines below showcase a diverse expression of funny and creative birthday messages, quotes and birthday wishes you can choose from to make your sister feel special.


100 Thoughtful Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes for Sister

  1. Through our childhood I have discovered nobody compares to you. You will remain special in my life. Have a Wonderful Birthday Sis!
  2. You are special to me in every sense. I am lucky to have you. Happy Birthday Dear Sister!
  3. I am truly blessed to have a loving and understanding sister like you. Have a memorable day. Happy Birthday Dear Sis!
  4. Thank you for being a guide and best friend. I am what I am because of you. Have a Wonderful Birthday my Loving Sister.
  5. Since childhood you have pampered me with every little thing I need. You truly are what sacrifice and love means. I love you Sister. Wish you a Happy Birthday!
  6. My Dear Sister, it’s your special day, your birthday. On this day I’d like to wish you a joyful and exciting life full of surprises. Have fun and flash that smile.
  7. Hey Kiddo, You mean everything to me. Cherish every moment of your life as you celebrate your birthday Sis!
  8. You are an adorable sister and truly my best friend. I pray all your dreams come true. Have a wonderful Birthday Sis!
  9. You are precious to me. Thank you for making my life exciting with your presence little sister. Be blessed with love, joy and peace. Happy Birthday!
  10. I may not say much to you and interact with you, but the truth is I cannot do without you. Thank you for being the buzz in my quiet life. Have a blast on your Birthday Sis! Love Ya.
  11. To the most caring and fun-loving person I have ever known. You understand me better than I do, and I love every bit of you. Happy Birthday Sis!
  12. I am truly blessed to have a loving and caring sister like you. You deserve the best. Have an awesome Birthday!
  13. Life becomes meaningful when you are around. Thank you for being a sister and best friend in my life. Have a blast on your Birthday!
  14. I know we fight and argue a lot. But I also know you are the loveliest person to be with. Happy Birthday Dear Sister!
  15. You make my world a better place when you are around. You are the coolest sister and friend to have. I love you Sis. Happy Birthday!
  16. I know you eat my share of chocolates on the sly, but it’s these little moments about the mischievous you that make me happy. Happy Birthday Naughty Sis! Have an awesome time.
  17. Although you have taken all the good looks in the family and left us with nothing, I yet love you little sister. And oh, Happy Birthday!
  18. It feels great to have a cool, smart and fun-loving sister like you. Happy Birthday Sister! Have an unforgettable day.
  19. I feel privileged and blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for looking over me every moment. Happy Birthday Sister!
  20. Happy Birthday Sis! You should know, you are the reason I smile. Thank you for the joy and laughter you bring in my life. Have a blast, it’s your day.
  21. To the most generous and caring girl I’ve known, my Sis. Have an Unforgettable Birthday!.
  22. Hi Sis, Have loads of fun on your birthday. Stay Blessed and keep smiling.
  23. You’re the best gift in our lives. Happy Birthday Sister!
  24. You’re the most amazing person I’ve known. You are always there for me every time I need someone. It means the world to me. I feel privileged with you in my life. Happy Birthday Sis! Go easy on the tequila Shots!
  25. To My Loving Sister, You are the sunshine in my life. Thank you for spreading love, joy and cheer in my life. Happy Birthday.
  26. To My Mischievous Little Sister, Be the way you are, full of surprises. You make my life beautiful. Have a Fun-filled Birthday.
  27. You bring happiness in our lives. Happy Birthday Sister! Enjoy your day.
  28. Here’s wishing the cutest and chirpiest little sister a Happy Birthday! Have fun.
  29. You have been my partner in crime in everything we have done, but you are going to have to get this getting older thing done all by yourself. Count me out. Happy Birthday! Have a blast.
  30. To the most loving Soul I’ve known, my Sister. You deserve more. Happy Birthday!
  31. You fill the void in my life with your cheerful ways. Thank you for being there always Sis. Have a blast on your Birthday!
  32. To all the insects that have freaked you, Cheers! Happy Birthday, Love Ya Sis!
  33. Nobody can heal me emotionally, except you. I love you sister! Wish you a Happy Birthday
  34. Here’s to let you know, the silliest things we have quarreled over are the happiest moments in my life. I love you Sis. Happy Birthday to You!
  35. To the most stylish and glamorous girl I’ve know, you’ll be a headturner forever. Love Ya. Happy Birthday Dear Sis!
  36. Thank you for all the hugs, they made me what I am today. Happy Birthday Sister! You mean the world to ME.
  37. You are the perfect friend, philosopher and guide in my life. Thank you for enriching my life. Wish you a Happy Birthday Dear Sis!
  38. To the cutest and wittiest person I’ve known. Wish you a Happy Birthday Sis!
  39. It’s your special day. Cherish life forever. Wish you a Happy Birthday Sister!
  40. To the naughtiest prankster in the World, Wish You a Happy Birthday Sis.
  41. I find plenty of reasons to be excited and happy because of you. Continue to be the sunshine in my life. I love you Sis, Have fun on your Birthday.
  42. When I feel down all I do is think about you to feel rejuvenated. Thank you for being the most caring and understanding person in my life. Love you Sister. Happy Birthday.
  43. Heartfelt wishes to the kindest and most understanding person in this world. Happy Birthday Sister!
  44. I’ve never feel left out when you are around. You’ve stood up for me in my darkest hours. There’s nobody in this world like you. Wish you a Happy Birthday Dear Sister!
  45. I am thankful, and feel privileged to have a sister who is my best friend and mentor. Have a wonderful Birthday Sis!
  46. You inspire me to do better. Thank you for being the inspiration and motivation in my life. Wish you a Happy Birthday Sis!
  47. I’m proud to have an understanding and exceptionally talented sister like you. Continue to raise the bar. There’s no one like you. Best Wishes on your Birthday!
  48. We may not find time to spend with each other frequently, but deep down I know how much I love you. Thank you for being what you are, gentle, kind and loving. Wish you a Happy Birthday Sis!
  49. Thank you for adding color in my life and making it meaningful. Wish you a Happy Birthday Sister.
  50. I am blessed and thank the Lord for a kind and understanding sister like you. You know me like no one else does. Thank you for being the star that shines bright in my life. Wish you a Happy Birthday Sister.
  51. The things you say and the things you do make me feel brand new. Thank you for reinventing me time and again. I love you Sis. Wish You a Happy Birthday!
  52. I have had the strength and courage to face every storm in my life because of you. Thank you for being in my life. Sis, Wish you a fun-filled birthday full of joy and Happiness.
  53. I’ve had it easy because you took upon you my hard times. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made. You’re truly exemplary of what a sister means. Love you sis, Wish you a Happy Birthday!
  54. No one understands me like you do. I’m among the privileged few to have a sister like you. Happy Birthday Sis!
  55. Nothing can compensate the love of a sister, it’s priceless!. I’ve emerged a winner because of you. Thank you for your understanding and support Sis. Have a Blast on your Birthday!
  56. Hi Sis, You are the sunrise in my life, shine on forever. Wish you a Happy Birthday!
  57. I remember our childhood days when we used to fuss and fight about everything. After all those years we yet do, and honestly it’s so much fun being that way. We share an unbreakable bond. Wish You a Happy Birthday Sis!
  58. We’ve seen it all together. And every chapter in my life has found meaning because you were in it. Thank you. Happy Birthday Sister!
  59. All the compliments in the world are not enough to describe you. You are unique and special in every sense. I love you! Have a great Birthday.
  60. Today I am a responsible person because of you. Thank you for your advice sis. I love you. Wish you a Happy Birthday!
  61. Happy Birthday Sis!. You are truly a remarkable woman. Thank you for being caring and understanding to my needs. Take Care. Have loads of fun.
  62. You are the diamond in my life that will shine on forever. Sparkle on dear Sis and have a blast on your Birthday!
  63. My dreams have become reality because of you. Thank you for helping chase my dreams. Wish you a Happy Birthday Sis!
  64. On this special day as I raise toast to my sister who taught me everything, I reflect upon the wonderful times we have spent together since childhood. Thank You Sister! Have a wonderful Birthday!
  65. Everything you have done for me has made me emerge new. Thank you sister! Happy Birthday.
  66. Hi Sis, while we haven’t met each other in a while, I want you to know that I love you and miss the childhood days we spent together. Happy birthday To You.
  67. You are my idol and inspiration. Your strength and determination to achieve and accomplish makes me want to be like you. Wish you a Happy Birthday Sister!
  68. You took away my sadness and filled it with love. You will always be happy because happiness with find you. You are the love of my Life! Happy Birthday Sis!
  69. You’re the only person that knows me in and out. I am among the privileged few who have a sister that is helpful, understanding and kind. Happy Birthday Sister!
  70. Hey Beautiful Sis! You make my life easy because you are in it. Have a blast on your Birthday!
  71. You never gave up on me, and here I am today shining bright. Thank you sister for showing me the way. Loads of love and kisses on your birthday. Enjoy!
  72. You bring Joy, Love and Happiness in my life. Thank you for being a friend and mentor Sis. Wish you a Happy Birthday!
  73. Happy Birthday Sister! May your day be filled with love, joy and excitement. Have a blast and go easy on the birthday cake.
  74. I’ve sent you a pillow to remind you of the pillow fights we used to have when we were little. And although I did end losing most pillow fights and crying, I found that warmth and consolation in your share of chocolates. You are my sister, you are my guardian angel. Thank you Sis! Wish you a Happy Birthday!
  75. Hey Sis, you are the treasure that will always be with me. Love You Dear Sister! Happy Birthday to You!.
  76. To the smartest girl I’ve known, you have a charm like no other. Happy Birthday Sis!
  77. Hi Sis, You are the most incredibly charming woman I have known. The way you have handled your personal life and professional life is exemplary. Have a whole lotta’ fun on your Birthday.
  78. I feel proud of what you have achieved in your life. We may not find time to talk to each other regularly, but let me tell you I love you and am there whenever you need me. Wish you a Happy Birthday Sis!
  79. To have a compassionate and understanding sister like you is a Blessing! Thank you adding color and meaning to life. Have a blast on your Birthday Dear Sis!
  80. To the most happening and adorable little sister in the whole world, Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true!
  81. I know you will be looking into the mirror minutely to see if you can find that grey hair. With grey hair or without grey hair you will always remain my cute and adorable sister. Happy Birthday Sis!
  82. You have made me laugh and forget my troubles when I was down. Thank you for being such a gem. Love you always. Wish you a Happy Birthday Sis.
  83. You are the person that taught me about loving and caring selflessly. My biggest inspiration is you. Enjoy Your Birthday Sis!.
  84. To the funniest, craziest and trendiest sister, you make our life purposeful and meaningful. Have a blast on your Birthday!
  85. Of all the things we have shared together, the most memorable is our life. Love you sis! Have loads of fun on your Birthday!
  86. Dear Sister, I’m not good with words, but all I know is I am the luckiest guy to have a calm and understanding sister like you. Here’s wishing you a happy and joyful birthday.
  87. You have given so much to this world and I know you will continue to do so because you are unique in every sense. Have an awesome birthday Sis!
  88. I consider myself lucky to have an amazing sister like you. Lots of Love and loads of Kisses on your Birthday. Have fun!
  89. To have a sister who is kind, generous and compassionate is a blessing. You are the loveliest person I have known. Happy Birthday Sis!
  90. When I stopped believing, you gave me hope. You took away my negativity with your acts to kindness and compassion. I love you sis, and I always will. Have a very Happy Birthday!
  91. You are an embodiment of kindness and caring. I hope I turn out like you. Wish you a Happy Birthday Sister!
  92. All the mischievous things we have done together! I cannot imagine my life without you. Thank you for the good times. And, I know you will be there for me every time I need you. Happy Birthday Sister!
  93. A true friend is hard to find, but a sister like you is impossible to find. Live it up to the fullest Sis. Have a wonderful Birthday!
  94. You sheltered me since childhood, and you do it even now. Thank you Sister for always being there. I don’t know where I’d be headed if it weren’t for you. I love you, and I always will. Have fabulous Birthday!
  95. To have a sister with character and substance makes one feel special. Your love and kindness is incomparable. Lots of Love and Blessings Dear Sister. Happy Birthday to You!
  96. We are poles apart with our likes and preferences, but one thing’s for sure; we cannot do without each other. Love you sis…always! Happy Birthday!
  97. I don’t know what it is to feel down and out because of you. You sacrificed your life for my sake. Thank you sister, you are an angel in disguise. Happy Birthday to You!
  98. The inner strength I have is because of you. You selflessly devoted your life for me. Thank you Sis! Have a wonderful birthday!
  99. I have learnt compassion, kindness and forgiveness from you. Thank You! I love you a lot Sis! Happy Birthday!
  100. Birthday wishes to the Sister with the cutest dimples. Your smile is infectious and your presence calming. Enjoy your day and keep smiling.

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