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12 School Holiday Boredom Buster Activities that are Parent Friendly and Economical to do

Updated on October 3, 2012
Fishing is a fun holiday thing to do
Fishing is a fun holiday thing to do

School Holidays can be the best time!

I love school holidays! They're a break from usual routine. No school uniforms to iron or lunches to pack or homework to check. You can even sleep in a little... or am I only dreaming?

The one big challenge is what to do to keep the kids 'entertained'? Well don't stress. There are sooo many activities you can do. Here's a short list of 12 parent friendly and economical (won't break the bank) ideas to get you started.

Happy Holidays!

1. Teach the kids how to do 'French Knitting'. You can buy some brightly coloured wool or simply raid your 'craft box' for any scraps you may have. You'll also need some old cardboard toilet rolls and paddle-pop sticks sticky taped to the outside of the rolls and voila! You're ready to go.

2. Buy some scrap books from the supermarket or Two dollar shop and pull out all your old magazines and get scrap booking together. Craft glue works just fine and you can also incorporate stickers and glitter and any other adornments that take your fancy.

3. Take a train trip into the city and explore the local markets, museum and city sights. There are usually free shows and live entertainment during school holidays to enjoy.

4. Pack a picnic lunch and a football or frisbee then head off to the nearest river or lake with picnic areas. If you're not too far from the mountains, why not try one of the many bush walking tracks ... but remember to do a head count regularly so you don't lose anyone along the way.

5. Everyone contribute and write a story and then act it out. You could even make it into a move together. You just need a steady hand with the camera. Could make for great entertainment one evening. Just add popcorn, choccies and nibblies. Could be good enough to go into the family archives.

6. Buy some vegie or flower seeds and plant a garden together.

Try your hand at face painting
Try your hand at face painting

7. Get cooking together! What about the old favourites like toffees, chocolate crackles and Anzac biccies. You could even make your own family cookbook with everyone's favourite recipies.

8. Grab some sheets of cardboard or paper and pull out all the art supplies you have hidden away and make cards, maybe even Christmas cards, or try your hand at making handmade paper together.

9. Clear a table or some other suitable space and begin a jigsaw puzzle that everyone can participate in when they have some spare 'I'm bored' time or just when they're passing by and can add a piece or two to the puzzle.

10. Why not take on a family project of helping clean up Grandma and Grandpa's yard or whatever else they could use some help with. If Grandparents are too far away, what about helping out a neighbour or friend who could use an extra hand. Even washing the car together can turn out to be great fun especially if water is involved.

11. Set up a tent (see if you can borrow one if you don't own one) in the backyard and camp out for a day or two. If the weather is unfavourable, a cubby house in the lounge room will work just as well. Remember to tell stories of a night and have special treats for supper.

12. Have a giant clean up of your once 'precious' but now unwanted 'junk'. Everyone can contribute. Then organize a garage sale and any money you make could go towards a special holiday project or outing.

Hope you find some of these suggestions helpful.


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    • Marion Drury profile image

      Marion Drury 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Another great idea.