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I Love My 125 Piece Club Pack Shatterproof Mermaid Blue Christmas Ornaments

Updated on February 19, 2015

The best way to decorate a Christmas tree is to first choose a theme. A color theme or an item theme such as all angel or snowmen. The 125 piece is a perfect assortment of Christmas ornaments to begin to create a color theme. There are many selections of colors available just like this one. They are available for a good price and the selection comes with different shapes and sizes. There are even assortment with mixed color available.

I think this is an excellent way to get started with a color theme for a Christmas tree. This is also a great selection for people who are just beginning to make a collection of Christmas decorations for their trees. I like to start with a basic color and built on the color. For a blue theme start with the blue assortment and use white and silver accents. I like angels and have a white angel for the topper of my Christmas tree.

This idea works for any color theme first choose the main color, then select accent colors. Some beautiful color selections with a modern twist are pink, lime green and white or silver, or chocolate brown, and gold, and purple, lime green, and silver. Each year you can build up you collection by add special ornaments, a theme selection perhaps rocking horses, or a selection of large bows in an accent color.

These large assortment sell out very quickly. My rule for Christmas ornament selection is if you like it so does someone else, it will probably be sold out the closer it gets to Christmas. Buy early place your order today!

Create a Theme

Create a Theme

Decorating A Christmas Tree

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