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15 Best Gift Ideas for a 50-Year-Old Woman

Updated on October 16, 2018
Teeuwynn Woodruff profile image

Teeuwynn enjoys shopping for friends and family alike. She likes finding interesting presents and ways to spice up the holidays.

Gifts for a Woman Over 50

Whether the present you are thinking of giving is for Christmas or her birthday or “just because,” you’ll want to make sure you get the 50-year-old woman in your life what she really wants. Whether she wants something cool to wear or the latest kitchen gadget or maybe to experience something she never has before, help make her birthday or holiday season a wonderful time with one of these thoughtful gifts.

Onlne Interior Design Package

Online interior design is all the rage right now. You don't have to pay for a designer to come into your home, take all your room(s) measurements, and then work up a proposal. Instead, you take the measurements and photos, along with taking quizzes and answering questions about your style and anything you'd like to keep in your room.

A basic touch up on a room can go for $79 or so and a full room makeover can go for $200 and up. If the client wants to, the service will buy the key pieces of furniture at a discounted rate for them.

Some of the most popular places to get these services from are Havenly, Laurel & Wolf, Decorist, and Home Polish.

This is a very thoughtful gift for anyone who likes to do home decorating, but might appreciate a little creative input.

Havenly mood board
Havenly mood board

Is a Design Package a Good Gift for a 50-Year-Old Woman?

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Meal Delivery Services

Meal delivery services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Sun Basket can be a fresh and fun present. When you give this gift, first the recipient will go online and pick what meals she wants to come for the week and on what days. All fresh ingredients will be delivered to her doorstep in a temperature controlled box. The box includes detailed directions with pictures and all ingredients needed for the number of servings ordered.

Once the box arrives, it’s time to cook. The pre-packaged amounts and detailed instructions make cooking easier than usual. These meal delivery services have a wide variety of meals available and go long periods of time before repeating any, making them a great, fresh, and healthy way to supplement regular meals.

Blue Apron box
Blue Apron box

Is a Meal Delivery Service a Good Gift for a 50-Year-Old Woman?

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Tile Mate and Slim Combo Pack

Do you know a woman who is always complaining about losing her keys or misplacing her purse? Well this might be just the right gift for her. The Tile Mate and Slim combo pack has two Tile Mates and two Slims in it. So, what do they do?

Tile Mates are small squares with holes in the middle that you can clip to your key chain, throw in a purse, or place or connect to other items. A Tile Slim is about the size of two credit cards stacked together. You can attach a Tile Slim to the back of a lap top or other slightly larger moveable item that might get misplaced.

Once a Tile is on an item, if you lose that item you can use your phone to try to find it. Walk around and if you get anywhere near the item, say a key chain, the Tile Mate will start to ring.

What's really neat is that, on the flip side, if you lose your phone, you can double press the button on a Tile to make your phone start ringing (even if it is in silent mode).

If your lost item is too far away, you can alert the local Tile community and other people with Tile on their phones can also look for your missing item. Nice! The combo pack costs about $46 to buy.

I use one of these on my key ring and another one on my remote control for the TV. That one gets used a lot! I've also used the feature to find my phone and my daughter's phone on several occassions and it works very well.

Tile Slim and Mate
Tile Slim and Mate

Is the Tile Combo Pack a Good Gift for a 50-Year-Old Woman?

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Charm Bracelet for 50-Year-Old

Charm bracelets are a popular gift item for many women. There are a lot of charm bracelets out there with charms aimed specifically at the woman who has just turned 50 or who is in her 50s.

These pretty bracelets, proudly proclaim the recipient's age, while still acting as a lovely piece of jewelry. If the woman you are considering getting a gift for likes bracelets this gift can be a great choice. I gave the bracelet in the picture below to a friend of mine for her birthday recently, and she absolutely loved it!

50-Year-Old Charm Bracelet
50-Year-Old Charm Bracelet

Do You Think a Charm Bracelet is a Good Gift for a 50-Year-Old Woman

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New Cell Phone

There are so many great new cell phones on the market these days. Everything from the iPhone X to the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, the LG V30 and more.

Most of the cell phones are harder to break, have sharper images, shoot better pictures and video, and have a wider array of features. The iPhoneX locks using face recognition so the only thing the recipient needs to do to unlock it is put her face in front of it. The LG V30 has a great headphone jack and wireless charging. While the Samsung Galazy S9 Plus has a front and rear camera for portraits, among other options.

Cell phones are quite expensive, so this would be a big gift for someone you really care about. This big and useful present would make turning 50 a lot easier for many women!

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Is an iPhone X a Good Gift for a 50-Year-Old Woman?

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Heated Wrap or Throw

A heated throw is a small blanket with wiring that warms up. It usually has several heat settings to help keep you warm any time you need it. A lot of women will appreciate have this type of throw to curl up with making it a thoughtful gift for many 50-year-olds. I got one for my mother and she uses it most nights when she sits down to watch TV.

Cozy throw to cuddle up in
Cozy throw to cuddle up in

Is a Heated Throw a Good Gift for a 50-Year-Old Woman?

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SOI. The Handbag Light

This light acts like magic in the bottom of your handbag. Just place it inside and as soon as it senses a hand moving around in the dark purse, the light turns on so you can see what you are looking for. The light only stays on for 10 seconds at a time, but that is usually plenty of time to find the item.

I have one of these in my purse and it has saved me worlds of time rummaging around in the bottom of my purse trying to find a pen or checkbook or something my kid is asking for. At $30, the SOI is well worth it.

Soi. The handbag light.
Soi. The handbag light. | Source

Is a Handbag Light a Good Gift for a 50-Year-Old Woman?

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Our Family Milestones Wall Art

There are various pieces of family milestone art available online. A lot of the pieces are very nice, and it's simply a matter of deciding which one most fits the recipient's style.

One thing you'll have to decide is if you can find the recipient's exact historical milestones on your own or if you'll need to get a gift certificate for this present so the recipient can fill in the entries. This second option is probably the safest, as there is probably less likely to be a mistake - which would be very awkward.

I have the family tree depicted below. It's a beautiful, sentimental piece of art and I like looking at it whenever I go by as it reminds me of my family, especially my children, and the generations that came before.

Lovely Family Tree
Lovely Family Tree

Is a Family Tree a Good Gift for a 50-Year-Old Woman?

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A Little Knotty Scarf

Knotty scarves are very in right now. They blow in the wind gracefully, are easy to tie around your neck, or let drape in front of you or even use to tie to a purse.

Knotty scarves are available in a variety of price ranges. Quality will usually go up with price, so if you are eyeing some lower cost scarves feel them, look for pilling and thread pulling, or other signs of poor quality. If you see that, don't buy the scarf.

Finally, as always, think about the recipient's taste in color and style before buying the gift. Does she wear scarves? Is the scarf you're buying the kind she likes to wear? Does the color look good on her?

I bought the Elyse Maguire scarf you see in the picture below for my mother and she thinks it's great. It has the added bonus of having two hidden buttons you can button to make the scarf hold in the perfect position.

Little knotty scarf
Little knotty scarf

Is a Nice Scarf a Good Gift to Give a 50-Year-Old Woman?

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Instant Pot

The instant Pot is a miraculous cooking device that works much like a pressure cooker only much safer and easier to use. This instant pot has 10 built in programs and is sized to feed 4-6 people. It costs $79.

If you are used to meats, potatoes, and other slow cooking items taking a long time to cook you’ll have to rethink the kitchen. Instant pots cook from 2 to 6 times faster than normal pots. They are also very good at infusing flavor into the food they cook.

We got an instant pot for Christmas this past year and now use it at least a couple of time a week. I used to have a crockpot. I might still have one. I don’t know as I haven’t had a reason to use it since we first got our instant pot.

Instant Pot
Instant Pot

Is an Instant Pot a Good Gift for a 50-Year-Old Woman?

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Buy an Experience

Buy a gift certificate for the two of you to go out on an experience together. The experience could be anything from going to a wine tasting to tandem skydiving. What matters is it's something she wants to try and that you think you'll have fun doing together. Make being 50 memorable!

A skydiving experience!
A skydiving experience!

Is Buying an Experience a Good Gift Idea for a 50-Year-Old Woman?

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Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick ($40) is a great way to gain access to thousands of TV shows, movies, and songs just by plugging in this little stick. If you have subscriptions, you can watch shows on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, SHOWTIME, NBC , CBS All Access, and more.

The stick also gives access to millions of websites like Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube as well as browsers like Firefox.

With the Amazon Fire Stick you can control content with the Alexa voice remote that comes with it. Just say, “Play Survivor” or “Launch Hulu” and Alexa will do it. You can also find movie showtimes, play music and even order a pizza(!) with the Fire Stick.

I have a Fire Stick on my TV and use it every week. Having easy access to the variety of subscriptions we have and music services at the call of my voice is fun and easy. Sometimes the Stick will crash, and that’s annoying, but I definitely find it worthwhile overall.

Amazon Fire Stick
Amazon Fire Stick | Source

Is an Amazon Fire Stick a Good Present for a 50-Year-Old Woman

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New York Times Custom Birthday Book

This beautifully bound custom book has the name and birthday of the recipient printed on the front. Inside, it has each of the New York Times front pages that have appeared on that person’s birthday from the day they were born until the day the book was ordered.

This book is a fascinating set of snapshots into history, made more personal since they connect to the recipient’s birthday. It’s a unique gift that costs $100 to make the 50-year-old woman in your life feel really special.

New York Times Custom Birthday Book
New York Times Custom Birthday Book | Source

Is a New York Times Custom Birthday Book a Good Gift for a 50-Year-Old Woman?

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Tickets to a Show

Taking into account the recipient's tastes and schedule getting her a pair of tickets to a great show is a wonderful gift. If you can get her into see Hamilton you'll undoubtedly be friends for life! But there are many other wonderful show experiences out there for your gift recipient and whoever she takes. (Ah! Ah! It doesn't have to be you.)

So whether it's a theater show, a Cirque du Soleil performance, or a rodeo, as long as it's what your friend wants to see then you have done right by your friend with your gift.

Do You think a Pair of Tickets is a Good Gift for a 50-Year-Old Woman?

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Other Gift Ideas for a Woman's 50th Birthday

© 2018 Teeuwynn Woodruff


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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      21 months ago from Ontario, Canada

      Well chosen gifts for 50 year olds, something they'll truly appreciate.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      21 months ago from Norfolk, England

      How ironic I should be reading this today. I had my 50th birthday just 3 days ago. I like the sound of Blue Apron. There's some really good gift ideas here. =)


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