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20 Gift Ideas for Father's Day or His Birthday

Updated on June 11, 2021
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Renz has been a blogger, writer and content creator for half a decade in the Philippines.

20 Things You Can Do To Make Dad Feel Special
20 Things You Can Do To Make Dad Feel Special | Source

Dance with My Father

Celebrating Father's Day

It's that time of the year again when we get the chance to celebrate a day for fathers! Since this only comes once every year, why not make the most out of it by making your dad feel extra special?

My inspiration in making this article is the song of Luther Vandross entitled "Dance With My Father". The feeling of losing a father is deeply conveyed through this song, and it makes me feel the pain every time I listen to the song. On a lighter note, it never fails to make me appreciate the fact that I still have my dad with me. So friends, do not waste the opportunity you have right now of being with your father. There will come a time that the only thing we can do is to live a life either full of regret or full of precious memories to cherish.

To somehow help you out in showing your love to your dad, here are my twenty (20) suggestions. Note that although these are intended for Fathers' Day, these may still apply in celebration of his birthday!

Father's love is simply incredible and precious!
Father's love is simply incredible and precious! | Source

Twenty Things to Do For Dad

Here are the twenty suggestions coming from me. There are some suggestions that may seem too cheesy, depending on where you are coming from. Hence, I leave everything up to you especially assessing if your dads will appreciate these things. Remember that each dad is different.

1. Wear a "I have the best dad" or "I'm with the best dad" shirt - this is an alternative of telling the public that your dad is awesome. Who doesn't like flattery, right?

2. Give him a "Best Dad" Shirt - in case you don't want to be the one wearing a shirt mentioned above, you may make your dad do it by himself. Since it will be coming from you, he'll treat if as if you are saying to him that he is really a great (i.e. the best) dad!

3. Give him a new sports equipment or accessory - most dads are into sports for exercise; hence it will be great to support him by providing him a new sports gear, accessory or equipment.

4. Treat him to a spa or massage - working all day will surely make your dad all-beat, so give him an opportunity for some relaxation!

5. Invite your dad for a drink - if you are already of legal age, it will be a good bonding to go grab some drinks. In case it's not your/his thing (or you are still a minor), go have some smoothies or milkshakes together.

6. Watch a sports game live with your dad - as mentioned, dads are most of the time into sports; hence, grant him his wish of watching a ball game (or any game) live with you.

7. Treat your dad with a humongous burger - yeah, it's food challenge time! Dare your dad to consume a giant burger under a time limit!

8. Forgive or apologize to your dad - if he had done wrong to you or vice versa, this day is a perfect day to reconcile! Just think about all the good times you spent together. Surely, both of you miss them.

Remember the days when your dad guides you in learning new stuff - like riding a bike?
Remember the days when your dad guides you in learning new stuff - like riding a bike? | Source

The Closeness Poll

Parents have a favorite son or daughter (although they say that they don't). This gives us a right to also have a favorite parent, so which one is yours?

Are you closer with your dad or mom?

See results

9. Give a car accessory - most guys are so into cars, and dads may not be part of the exceptions, so you may want to drop by some shops that sell car accessories! This is one of the practical gifts to give to your dad!

10. Pay for your dad's car wash - in connection with #9, you may also choose to pay for your dad's car wash instead (especially if you don't have much time to drop by the mall or any car accessory shops).

11. Buy your dad a new watch - a watch is a top accessory for most guys; hence, you dad will appreciate a watch from you. Luckily, there are a lot of affordable yet classy-looking watches.

12. Play a sport with your dad that you both love - sometimes doing things you were doing before brings a wave of euphoria; hence, go ahead and beat your dad!

13. Go fishing with your dad - regardless whether your dad is an avid fisher or not, it will be great for both of you to try something new together. Girls are no exception.

14. Go to a theme park, and ride any extreme rides with him - Relieve the youthful days of your dad by inviting him to ride something extreme. He'll definitely remember that moment. Oh, check your dad's health first before planning to do this.

15. Give him a new fountain pen - these pens are not for signature purposes only. They can be great for regular stuff too! I'm sure your dad will love to have one!

16. Insert a greetings page on the newspaper - if your dad reads the newspaper daily, it's a great opportunity to surprise him with a written greetings! You may even imitate the format of the newspaper to make it more striking!

17. Prepare a coffee for your dad - it is as simple as that, but in case you don't know how to (or you are lazy to prepare it yourself), go buy one from a coffee shop and just pour it to his favorite cup. By the way, this suggestions works only if your dad is a coffee drinker.

18. Invite him to a good restaurant and let the whole family tag along - a great blessing for most fathers is seeing the whole family happy and whole! Plus, everyone gets to pig out!

19. Prank your dad - although this may work for handful of dads only, you can make the day extra memorable if you prank him with something - assess the level of prank appropriate for your dad. Prepare to be scolded if things go wrong.

20. Watch a sunset with your dad - if you are tight on the budget, you may just want to invite your dad to watch a sunset, and have some catching-up with him.

Whatever happens, just enjoy the day with your dad and make him feel special!
Whatever happens, just enjoy the day with your dad and make him feel special! | Source

Don't mind the suggestions!

Actually, these suggestions are just a guide in case you are clueless as to what to do for your dad. However, it actually is simple - just spend the day with him and make the guy feel extra special! After all, that is the entire purpose as to why we are celebrating Fathers' Day!

Happy Father's Day to your dad and to all dads out there!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Renz Kristofer Cheng


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