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2013 Halloween Costumes

Updated on October 12, 2012

Halloween is one of the most exciting of all the holidays of the year. This spooky day may not have any significance to many people, which is why it is enjoyed by most. It is not a holiday where we think of being alone, heartbroken, home sick, etc. This is a holiday where everyone gathers with their friends to have fun. This is the holiday where you can be anyone or anything you want and not be judged. Guys get to wear wacky costumes and girls get to be sexy and creative with a variety of different costume ideas every year. For kids, this is the time of the year where parents allow them to indulge in the sweets they aren't allowed to eat every day. But for the adults, it's all about the costumes and the partying together with friends.

Ladies, aren't sure what costume to go for this year? Take a look at some of this year’s sexy and fun costumes!


Sexy Pirate

Will you be a bad pirate or a good pirate? You get to decide while wearing this sexy pirate costume with a corset top that will give you the voluptuous look you want. Pair this with fishnets and knee boots and you will take over the party as you walk in.

Sexy Gypsy

Show off your belly dancing skills in this seductive gypsy costume. With the high slit skirt, you can mesmerize your crowd. Give them a little dance and show a little skin while keeping the rest hidden for the imagination. Make your eyes dark and mysterious and have fun with this great costume.


Cat Woman

Show your feline side in this sexy body suit and mask! Be mysterious and seductive. Purr your way at your next Halloween party and show your curves with this cat woman jumpsuit. Wear your knee high boots and sexy red lipstick and be the envy of the party.



Who doesn’t dream of being a sexy burlesque dancer? OK, maybe not everyone, but if you do this is your chance to be one. With this ballerina inspired burlesque costume you be a hit this Halloween. Wear it with a bob hairstyle wig and a black derby hat and your look will be complete. If you want to give a little performance, then just take some time to practice as this feather skirt will make your every move show.


Fellas don’t you worry, we have some suggestions for you as well. Go crazy, wild, and have a good time in these costumes.


Make your childhood dream come true and be one of your favorite superheroes. Fly high like Spiderman and fight all the bad costumes while out in town. Show your muscles in this shiny jumpsuit that will give you the powers you need to have fun like The Amazing Spiderman!


Rescue Snow White from the evil witch in your Huntsman costume. Every damsel in distress needs a man to save her from evil. Make the ladies line up to take pictures with you in this fun costume from the Snow White and the Huntsman movie.



Show your Halloween spirit in this zombie look. Zombies are big this year as we see more movies and TV shows giving us great zombie ideas. This is your chance to be part of the Walking Dead. With this Groom Zombie look, you can get your lady to be the bride and have fun together as a couple.



If you are looking for a fun, yet more modest look for this Halloween, this is perfect. Think Scarface and the1920’s and show the ladies your tough, sexy side with this gangster look. Don’t forget your suspenders, cigar, and fedora style hat to complete the look.


Remember, Halloween is around the corner. Don’t wait around for the last minute to buy your costumer because you will be left behind wearing a Crayola costume. Nothing wrong with that, but if you are looking for something different and unique, then start your search now.

Don’t forget to say “trick or treat” at the door!


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