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2013 Collection: unforgettably unusual Father’s Day greetings and ads

Updated on June 14, 2013

Last Father’s Day I shared some unusual greeting cards and ads themed around the holiday. Since it is quickly approaching that time of year again I thought to post some more from my collection. Several of these are kind of old, others new, but all of them rather humorous. I hope you enjoy them as much as I like collecting them, and I wish a very happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s, step-dads, granddads and other men that have, in their loving way, enriched a child’s life.

Greeting cards

This first card reminds fathers that even during their infancy the impressions we make on our children last a long, long time.

Then there are those impressions that come best with a fire hazard warning.

Sometimes frank honesty is the best way to go.

Other times the tried-and-true sentiments are called for.

A reminder here that no matter how strange or embarrassing your father's fetish might be, he still deserves recognition.

This card is either a testament to breaking gender barriers or the photographer and writer were on separate planets the day it went to print.

Remember men, no matter how homely or hirsute you may be, there's a woman out there somewhere grateful and willing to pass your genes along.

Even if your dad would never win Father of the Year, it doesn't hurt to acknowledge his contributions to your upbringing.


There are few things men love as much as firing up the ole grill, and this meat seller clearly knows what one of those few things are.

A timely reminder that we need tougher restrictions on organic produce?

A place for those men amongst tights.

If you respond to an ad like this one, my advice is to make sure they've been de-wormed and that their shots are up to date before purchasing.

Hopefully the bags and earrings are marked-down, too.

The only thing worse than an ad with epic grammatical failure is one that succeeds at it by giving a racist feel.

Those unforgettable Father's Day tourism ads.

Before seeing this ad I thought the Scots were known just for their haggis and inventing the game of golf. But advertising can be so very educational!

While in Virginia, be sure to visit the Red Square Restaurant, home of the world-famous Bolshevik fried oysters and Josef Stalin's signature vodka grits!

This last ad shows us how committed the Catholic Church is to modernizing itself. You would never have seen a nun wearing such a flattering habit like this when I was a kid!

This hub ©June 14, 2013 by Beth Perry


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