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21st Birthday Party Invitations - Awesome Invites

Updated on October 15, 2011

For many people, the 21st birthday is a very special one. It is the last step where you are really no longer a kid and have finally reached full adulthood. Making the 21st birthday special is a big job, but the first task is finding 21st Birthday Party Invitations.

Unfortunately many party stores or card shops don’t offer a big selection of invitations for a 21st Birthday Party. This leaves you with three main options, you can: buy 21st birthday party invitations online, get free printable 21st birthday party invitations, or make your own twenty-first birthday invitations. We will discuss each of these options in a bit more detail.

Buying invitations for a 21st birthday online is the easiest method. If you put a lot of care into choosing a good design this can be a big hit too. There are invitations that have been created especially to celebrate a 21st birthday party and those are very nice, but that isn’t your only option. Many times a 21st birthday party will be serving alcoholic beverages, so you may consider an invitation with a alcohol theme. Another more unique idea is choosing a children’s party invitation that appeals to the person celebrating. Something like a Powerpuff girls birthday invitation, Hello Kitty birthday party invitation, or Spongebob Squarepants birthday party invitation would be cute and clever.

If you decide to look into free printable 21st birthday party invitations, you can find many of these online by doing a simple internet search.  Here is a link I found with many free printable Birthday Party Invitations.

The final option is the most flexible.  You can make homemade 21st birthday party invitations using supplies that you buy at the local craft store or on  You can often find neat stickers and premium stick-ons that make this a fairly easy project.  Find some 21st birthday themed scrapbook supplies and pre-folded cards and you are in business!

I hope these ideas make it easy to make or buy cheap 21st birthday party invitations!  If you decide to buy your invitations online I recommend because of the large selection they offer as well the high quality service and low shipping rates offered by this major online retailer.

Here are some more options to choose from, all available on , including some of the cartoon character designs mentioned above.  Best of luck in your search for the perfect 21st birthday party invitation.


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    • Bharatthapa profile image

      Bharat Thapa 6 years ago from NEW DELHI

      Great stuff, when i'll get married and my kids will turn 21 then i will definitely use your idea. lol =P

      No help, i am too old for 21 bad.

      Jokes apart...good work!! i liked it...keep up the good work!! chao.