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Find Unique Christmas Gifts For Her At The Last Minute

Updated on December 11, 2013

Finding Unique Gift's For Her Can Be Tough....Especially when looking for last minute gifts!

Every year it happens like clock work. Department stores are flooded with buyers looking for unique christmas gifts at the last minute. At this point, gift options can be pretty slim and finding a gift that meets her standards might be tough. This is exactly when internet shopping comes to the rescue with tons of hot last minute christmas sales and no issues with finding the best products. In my opinion the best place for last minute shopping is Amazon hands down.

Personally, I have a prime account which qualifies me for free shipping on thousands of products. As a writer who is paid monthly I plan to do all of my shopping about a week before Christmas. You may be thinking "Amazon prime comes with a hefty price doesn't it?", this is where you're in luck! This year amazon strategically launched a free 30 day trial of their prime membership right before the holidays giving you the option of free two day shipping on their prime items, and incredibly discounted overnight shipping for only 3.99!

Helpful Hint: You can find the 30 day trial membership at the top left of the page by the amazon banner.

Women are unqiue and beautiful creatures so obviously they want to receive gifts that are just as unique and beautiful as they are. We seriously love when someone comments on something we own that we know no one else can get their hands on. With that being said let's explore some of the best unique last minute gift ideas for her!

A few helpful tips

- A little marketing tip: one way to find unique gifts for her that are in demand on amazon is to check out the "best sellers" in each category. If you're looking for someone tough to buy for wrack your brain a little and scrap together some of their interests then match them up with the right category's best sellers!

- To get the prime option for shipping you need to select the blue prime icon while searching for products. Don't find something you like and then find out that you won't get it in time because it isn't covered with prime!

For The Coffee Lover

Is the lady in your life an avid coffee drinker? These mugs are cute, stylish, and really affordable! If you're looking to spend more you could pair them with an espresso maker, coffee shots, and some gourmet brew (all of which you can buy in the same place by the way!)

Got A Creative Type You Need To Buy For?

This Q&A 5 year journal is such an awesome concept! It's not only an awesome concept it's really just awesome all together just look at the reviews for it. It takes the time of having to pick out your own writing topics completely out of the picture with writing prompts. This one's a real unique gift that's also incredibly affordable.

Need something for a beauty junkie or makeup lover?

You can spot these things about her easily just by looking at the detail she puts into her makeup. If you know a girl like this these brushes are perfect for her! Although they're a bit pricier than the previously mentioned items they're professional quality makeup artist brushes! She will love the flawless application and like the fact that you took the time to notice something that she enjoys!

Slippers Are A Must Have For Every Women

I have yet to meet a women who doesn't like slippers. They're comfortable and keep your feet nice and toasty in the winter. These are defenitely a step up on terms of traditional backless slippers and they're super cute as well!

Is she an apple or iphone junkie?

Amazon is a great place to buy unique phone accessories for the cell phone lover in your life. You can get her stylish cases, add on macro lenses, and wallets made just for her iphone or android!

Lastly, there is always jewelry lovers

If she is always wearing jewelry chances are it's a good shot. Bib necklaces are all the rage right now and amazon has tons of them for under $20. Pick her up a couple and give your jewelry lover something to brag about!


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