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2nd Birthday Wishes Messages

Updated on March 21, 2014
Happy 2nd Birthday
Happy 2nd Birthday

2nd Birthday Messages

The 2nd birthday wishes are a bit tricky. The child is now two years old. He is now growing to be a toddler. What to write on his/her birthday card? The messages will be for other people to read because a child of two years of age will not be able to do so. So, you need to keep these words in mind. If you have not time enough to think and write such birthday wish messages then you do not have to worry. I have compiled some for you. If you like these, then do not forget to give a facebook like.

Short One Liner Messages for 2nd Birthday

  1. Happy birthday to the world’s cutest two years old!
  2. Wishing the happiest birthday for a little man!
  3. Oh little lady do you know how cute you look today? Enjoy the day!
  4. You are two now; welcome to the big, bad world.
  5. Happy 2nd birthday for a happy child!
  6. Oh little boy your happy days are about to begin.
  7. I want to see a smile in your face when you will be older after reading this!

7 Cool 2nd Birthday Wishes

  1. My gift for you is not that great, but the wrapping paper is excellent because I know that you would love the paper much more than the gift. Happy birthday to you!
  2. This card is for a special little person who is a joy to us everybody around and whose parents are the luckiest ever as I saw.
  3. It seems incredible that you have grown so much in so little time. Get ready for the woes and worries of the world. Till then, don’t bother. Just go and play, enjoy this part of your life. Happy birthday to you!
  4. In this special occasion I pray a very successful future for you. Happy 2nd birthday!
  5. I hope that after enjoying the sweet childhood you will be grown up soon to be a great person. Until then I will pray for you. Happy birthday!
  6. I know your smile. It clearly shows that who is the next Bill Gates! I wish a great birthday and a very bright future for you.
  7. I know you are two now and I also know that I am looking at the future superstar twenty years earlier.

A 2nd Birthday Party in Video

And More Messages...

  1. Today is the birthday of the little cuddly superstar. Happy second birthday to you!
  2. You have spent two beautiful years on earth in which we are toiling for many years. I know you are going to be a special someone and you will bring new changes on earth along with your friends. Happy birthday to you!
  3. Hey little man, what are you thinking now? Do you know how sweet you are? Take my best wishes for your birthday.
  4. Do you know that in only one year you have aged twice? I wish a happy birthday for the sweetest baby ever!
  5. Oh dear little man, you have spent two years in this earth! Grow quickly to make it more beautiful.
  6. I hope that the glow of your smile will erase away all our grown up worries. You will bring the sweetness of an innocence to this mean, bad world. Happy second birthday for you!

Happy Birthday Song

What Do You Think?

Do you have liked these 2nd birthday wishes? If yes, then please tweet it to your followers. Do you have more birthday messages ideas for a two-year old boy or girl? Feel free to share it with us. Write down your message for all of us to see. It seems that our readers are a bit shy. Nobody wants to share his or her own idea of a birthday message for a two- year old child. Or do you have a million dollar idea, eh?

Happy 2nd Birthday Card

Happy second birthday card
Happy second birthday card

Write Your Own 2nd Birthday Wishes Messages

If you have the spirit of writing some funny or just cool birthday messages for a small child on his / her second birthday then please write it down below in the comments box. Thank you in advance.

I think you know some cool messages. Everybody has his own choice of such things. So, why are you waiting?

A Cool birthday card
A Cool birthday card

More Birthday Wishes

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