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3 Christian Christmas Poems

Updated on December 31, 2016


The Gifts

Be still this holiday,
slow down your hurried thoughts,
don't worry 'bout what you're getting
nor worry about what you haven't bought,

Accept the gift of silence
the gift of solitude,
Accept the gift of warmth
blanketing any room,

Accept the gift of family
with personalities abound
Accept the gift of snowflakes
enchantingly falling down.

Accept the gift of mealtimes
eaten whenever you so desire,
Accept the gifts of love
showered around a God blessed
crackling fire.

D.T. Alsup

Lets Do It Again!

We recited some Christmas scriptures
around the Christmas tree,
sang some old time carols
took selfies of you and me,

We ate and not hung the popcorn,
proudly placed the Nativity
underneath the tree
on grandmas hand me down
special Christmas tapestry.

Lets do it again next year!

D. Thorpe Alsup

Christmas Reminisce

Fa la la la la
la la la la

So many Christmas tunes make us smile
and feel so blessed.
I recall a short story,
where a youngster
closed his eyes to reminisce.

He thought
and without much delay,
a favorite Christmas tune came to mind.

He began to hum his happy religious melody.
No sooner than he returned the verse
he could smell the aroma
of fragrant citrus pine cones
filling the air.

"The weatherman said snow today"
he thought, "Oh i hope so,
oh i hope so."

A Christmas day without snow falling down
would leave me a little sad
but still happy recalling.

Recalling trying to beat anyone else
from leaving their boot prints first,
on the new snow laden ground
whenever i could.
This would bring me such delight.

I'd feel like I had
made my mark upon the world.
I could guide a grown up,
a boy or girl.

I'd be so glad to think they would use
the steps I'd made.
To have them come
one by one,
I'm flattered.

My prints could
draw them closer,
guide them safely from where i tread,
several country blocks straight ahead.

As the church mothers would say,
" You'll see the church's
exceptionally beautifully
decorated big white door,
with a hugh evergreen pine cone,
ribboned wreath."
Certainly a warm and welcoming sight.

Candles aglow
in all the stained glass windows.
Everyone's always welcome day and night.

I use to come just for the candy
from a Sunday school teacher or two,
or one of the Mother's in the congregation.

Now I come to fellowship,
to learn more about the blessed baby,
the man from Galilee,

to not play
but join in.
Sometimes I bring a friend.

So whether there is snow or not,
I'll be grateful that you
and I got,
a chance to spend another
Christmas together
worshiping Him.

Have a Hallelujah Christmas!
And a God filled Happy New Year!

Debbie T. Alsup

A Merry Christmas To You And Yours!

Thank you for visiting our hub. If you have any Christian Christmas poetry you would like to share, or any reminiscing comments of past Christmas holiday seasons, please do so here.

Christmas Reminiscing

Do you have any childhood Christmas memories that you love to recall or share?

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