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36" Lighted Blue Sparkling Menorah Hanukkah Yard Art Decoration

Updated on June 1, 2014

This is one of the cute Hannukah decorations we ordered for our yard this year. We are planning to decorate for Hannukah since it will be a separate celebration this year in our family. Since it falls just after Thanksgiving it has given us as a Christmas and Hannukah family to celebrate early this year. We have always decorated our yard and now we have some inflatables for our family to enjoy for Hannukah too. Christmas isn't the only time for outdoor decorating.

The family will be coming from all over the country this Thanksgiving and will be staying at our house until Monday. This gives us a once in a lifetime chance to celebrate Hannukah with all of them this year. I can't wait and I have been preparing already for several week. I ordered my decorations early to make sure they would arrive on time and I didn't want to miss out of getting the ones that I wanted. I wanted them all but controlled my excitement by only ordering 4 inflatables.

We already have an extension cord on a spike that goes in the ground and has 4 outlets which will be enough power for all of them. We have some blue and white solar lights that collect power from the sun all day and automatically light up at dusk. I sure my husband will set the display up soon so everyone can enjoy it for as long as we can.

It you haven't decorated outdoors before it is easy since all you have to do is use the stakes that come with the display and pound them into the ground and stretch the tethers out to hole it upright. You only have to plug in the inflatable and the pump inside of the decoration does the rest. Easy to do and a beautiful way to decorate.

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More Ideas

Outdoor Decorating

Outdoor Decorating

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