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4 Personalised Gifts for the football fanatics in your life

Updated on December 31, 2015

With just over five months to go before the end of the season, the football fan in your life is bound to be glued to their seat from now until the final whistle blows on the last game of the year.

Whether they’re cheering on the mighty Red Devils of Manchester, the roaring Blue Lions of Chelsea or any of the countless teams fighting for Championship glory this season, they’ll be wearing their colours with pride and cheering on their hometown heroes with gusto.

Yet whilst you may not have much interest in the ‘beautiful game’ yourself, there’s still a way you can be a part of their lives when your favourite football fanatic rolls up to the sofa, stadium or local pub to support their team.

With customisable clothing, sporting goods and a vast selection of household essentials, these four personalised gifts for the football fanatics in your life come with the kind of high quality production and low cost printing you’d expect from Branddis.

Ready? Let’s kick off.

Circular luggage tags

Coming in at just under £11, these circular luggage tags make the ideal personalised gift for those football fans who’ll travel to any lengths to see their heroes in action. Is your friend or loved one heading off to the European Championships in the New Year? Perhaps they are already saving up for a once-in-a-life-time trip to the next World Cup in 2018?

Wherever they’re going, you can be sure they carry their team’s colours everywhere by uploading logos, designs or photos to these stylish and highly durable personalised luggage tags.

How to Personalise a Suitcase

Sports Shirts

With affordable t-shirt printing on a range of personalised male and female clothing, you could come up with just about any design and style that suits you and your friends or family best. Yet when it comes to creating your own gift for your favourite football fanatic, I recommend these beautifully designed sports shirts that can be customised with numbers, text or even images. Who knows, they may even make the perfect gift for your local five-a-side team or those patient souls who sit on the sidelines to cheer them on!

Personalised Teddy Bears

Does the football fan in your life still have a long way to go before they’re treading the hallowed turf at Wembley? Don’t worry, until then, we’re sure they’d be more than happy to spend their time with these gorgeous mumbles teddy bears, the perfect personalised gifts for kids.

Ideal for football crazy kids, these soft, plush bears come in both baby pink and blue, and can be tailored with football club logos, or perhaps the number of your son or daughter’s favourite player.

If your future football star supports a team that wears neither red nor blue, you might prefer to keep it neutral with lovely personalised plush teddy bears

Personalised Hoodies

Let’s face it; it can get pretty chilly out there during football season, especially if your footy fan is going to be in the stadium for 90+ minutes. With this unisex hoody, you can really let them know how much you care about them and their passion by ensuring they’re not only kept warm during those winter games, but they look the part too.

Available in over 40 colours with the option to add your own text, graphics and photos, Branddis’ unisex hoodies are the pitch perfect gift for the diehard football fan in your life.

To create your own personal gifts today, visit


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