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4 Special Occasions To Ramp Up The Fun With An LA Yacht Charter

Updated on May 9, 2015

Go aboard, get hands on or simply relax. Take in the harbor views, as you sail out to sea and raise a toast with friends. Watch the Vincent Thomas Bridge ebb into the distance, as the yacht you are on board cuts through the sea. Commemorate life, have a great time and create lifelong memories in a yacht without having to own or maintain it.

These are the experiences a yacht charter in LA can offer you. Several rental companies in LA and Orange County offer premium yachts for special occasions or simply for you to enjoy fabulous holidays. Sail out beyond one of the busiest ports along the Pacific Coast and admire the LA skyline or a gorgeous sunset.

Rent a vessel for a cruise around the spectacular Los Angeles Harbor or sail to the Channel Islands. You can also do as others do and cruise to Santa Barbara or the numinous and stunning city of Avalon in Catalina Islands. Many rental companies will organize yacht cruises with an itinerary tailored for your needs. Whether it is a wedding, a birthday or a corporate event, hosting it on a yacht will make the occasion exponentially more memorable.

1. Exchange wedding vows on a luxury yacht

Make your wedding day extra special by enjoying it on a yacht off LA harbor. Exchange wedding vows in the personal, stylish atmosphere of a wedding yacht and create a beautiful memory of the day in association with the splendid Los Angeles skyline, the blue sky, the aqua colors of the sea and possibly a striking and romantic sunset. Escape the attention you’ll get at hotels, clubs, golf courses and restaurants where people generally have their weddings. Instead enjoy the most special day of your lives on the pacific, as the boat gets gently rocked by waves.

2. Cut the cake on the water

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or which birthday you are celebrating - your twenty-first or the big fiftieth – celebrating it on a yacht, sailing along the coast of Los Angeles is an unusual way to ring in your birthday. Celebrate, party and have fun with your family and friends on a cruise or host your lively party on a pontoon – your family and friends are going to love it. Lease a yacht and sail out from Los Angeles Harbour and let your birthday be a day that for everyone on board to remember.

3. Impress during corporate events

Yacht rental in Los Angeles for corporate events present you an ideal opportunity to set the ball rolling with patrons, partners and clients for future business. It can make for an exciting and successful product launch event, sales meetings or training or some other event.

Impress the invitees with the location of the event on a premium yacht. The extraordinary ambiance will instill positivity in the invitees, promote creativity, and open channels of communication that are habitually subdued in the dreary settings of event halls and conference room . Another fantastic place for a cruise for an official corporate meeting is the Catalina Island. You are sure to impress your clients and will manage to sign the deal with the tranquil, scenic waters as the backdrop.

4. Cruise to Catalina Island

Escape to Catalina Island "26 miles across the sea" as the classic Four Preps' song goes, in your own private yacht for the day (or two). Los Angeles residents and cruise ship passengers love to get away from the constant flurry of Southern California to the gorgeous sanctuary where you can bask in the warm and comforting South Californian sunshine, go kayaking along the coast, explore breathtaking underwater caves and go scuba diving to wrecks of sunken ships, take a hike trails to the majestic canyons and walk on the virgin beaches and a lot more.

A ride on a yacht is a fantastic substitute to the ferry, letting you get to the island at a relaxed pace. You’ll find many anchorage or mooring spots at coves near the island. There are several mooring services available at the intriguing cities of Avalon and Two Harbors as well, for private boats only. Take pleasure in the romantic surroundings of a yacht cruise with the love of your life in Catalina Island or go for a short weekend break with the family, for an abundance of enjoyment under the sun.

Several LA Yacht rental companies will offer you the premium yacht that will make your experience as close to owning your own yacht as possible. Whether you have a preference for a small, compact motor yacht or a quintessential, classic sail yacht, or wish to hire a super yacht to host an impressive party, you will find the perfect charter for you with a look around. Cruise with a company that takes pride in the boats they offer you.

Browse the web, compare packages, and zero in on the charter that promises to help you plan the holiday you can live every moment of, and experiences that you will love forever, with a yacht charter in the Pacific waters off Los Angeles.


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