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5 Creative Cheap Valentines Day Date Ideas

Updated on January 4, 2011

So this Valentines Day you'd like to impress that special someone with a Unique date idea? However lets face it, not all of us are made of cash. Valentines day can get really expensive. However, if you don't have the funds, don't let it stop you. You're completely capable of creating the perfect date without taking out a second mortgage. All you've got to do is be creative, and show your inner romantic mushy center. Careful planning is also very important with each of these ideas. With one of these options below, you're sure to melt her/his heart.

5 Creative Cheap Valentines Day Date Ideas

1. Dine In A Different Country

This one sounds like a blast. However, you've got to know how to cook. Treat your date to a delicious meal from across the globe. Some of the best ones to go with are: Italian, Indian, or Chinese. Decorate the dining area to match the culture of the country you choose. Don't worry, your date won't think you're too weird if you start speaking in a different language. You've got to really be creative with this one, but it will be a blast. Turn the lights down low, an enjoy each other. Food is the way to all of our hearts. For an even better start to the date, blind fold them an lead them to the table.

2. Pitch A Tent

Everyone loves camping right? Well, maybe not everyone. But why not set up a tent in your backyard (or living room) and pretend you're doing the real thing! Make sure you've got really comfy blankets, and good snacks. Props if you can find some sort of grill to roast smores/dinner on. You can even tell each other scary stories around the camp fire. Imagine your dates surprise when they're presented with a "camping trip". This one will take some careful planning, but your date is sure to love it!

3. Romantic Picnic

Picnics are wonderful and romantic? Why not do it on the top of a building (or apartment complex), or even your living room floor! You could even have a picnic outdoors if the weather permits it. Just make sure its somewhere secluded and romantic. You better make some awesome sandwiches, an don't skimp on the food ideas. Set up everything creatively and cute, and watch your partners delight.

4. Cook for them!

This one is always a winner. It kind of goes with a few options above, but can differ quite a bit as well. Cook your date their favorite meal, or bust out your best dish. Make sure you supply wine, music, and candles as well. To be even more creative with this option, dress up as though you're going to a 5 star restaurant-- and ask your date to do so as well. Dine in luxury within your own home. This works especially well for you guys out there, by the way. Showing a woman you care enough to cook for them will really get them interested.

5. Bowl Your Way Into Their Heart

Bowling is such a fun thing for partners to do together. Let your competitive flag fly! If you want to be really cute-- create a personalized bowling shirt for them with tshirt paint. Go out an have a blast with them, and try not to be too interested in your score ;)

While I was writing out all of these ideas, all I could think to myself is how fun they all sounded. I plan to stay in this year for Valentines Day, an I think I'll use one of these 5 Creative Cheap Valentines Day Date Ideas. A good Valentines Day doesn't mean you need to go completely broke. All you have to do is enjoy your time together, and have a blast!


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    • Londonlady profile image

      Laura Writes 5 years ago

      The first one sounds really good! Hmmm...I'm feeling like something Brazilian would be just hot and just enough "out-there" to really impress. Thanks for this hub, voted way up :)